Model FG3C
3MHz Sweep/Function Generator
Square, Triangle, Sine Waves,
TTL and CMOS Pulse Outputs
0.3Hz to 3MHz Range
Linear or Logarithmic Sweep
Amplitude or Frequency Modulation
Built-in 150MHz Frequency Counter
with 6 digit LED Display
Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) Input
Switchable 20dB Attenuator
Signal Polarity Invert Button
Variable Duty-Cycle
Variable DCV Offset
FG3C Specifications
Frequency Range
Attenuator (knob)
Attenuator (button)
DC Offset
Duty-Cycle Control
Range Accuracy
Sine Wave
he FG3C is a low cost sweep/function
generator which features outstanding
versatility, performance and five available signals. The signals available include
sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, TTL
pulses and CMOS pulses. The FG3C
provides linear or logarithmic sweep of any
of the selected signal outputs and performs
either amplitude or frequency modulation
with internal or external modulating frequencies. Duty-cycle control allows the 50%
duty-cycle of output signals to be changed to
any desired value. This produces short duration pulses or sawtooth (ramp) signals. An
invert button allows you to quickly change
the polarity of the signal.
Its built-in, LED digital display frequency counter eliminates the need to connect an
external counter to verify frequency settings.
In addition, the LED counter can be used as a
stand-alone counter for measuring external
signals up to 150MHz. A voltage controlled
frequency (VCF) feature allows you to vary
the frequency as a function of the VCF input.
A switchable 20dB output attenuator is available where low signal levels are needed.
The FG3C is housed in a modern case
with a dual-purpose carrying handle-tilt stand
for both portable and bench-top applications.
The instrument comes complete with test
leads, Operator’s Manual (Multi-lingual:
English, Spanish, French and German), spare
fuse and a removable power cord.
Triangle Wave
Square Wave
Rise or Fall Time
CMOS Output
Rise or Fall Time
TTL Output
Fan Out
Rise or Fall Time
(at 23ºC; ≤70%RH)
0.3Hz to 3MHz (7 ranges)
>10Vpp (into 50Ω load)
50Ω ±10%
<-5V to >+5V (into 50Ω load)
80%:20%:80% to 1MHz;
Continuously variable
±5%, +1Hz (@ 3.0 position)
≤1%, 0.3Hz to 200kHz
THD <35dB below fundamental in all ranges
(Specification applied from
MAX. to 1/10 level)
<0.3dB, 0.3Hz to 300kHz; <0.5dB,
300kHz to 3MHz;
≥98%, 0.3Hz to 100kHz; ≥95%,
100kHz to 3MHz
±2%, 0.3Hz to 100kHz
<100ns at maximum output (into 50Ω load)
4Vpp,±1Vpp to 14.5Vpp
±0.5Vpp adjustable
20 TTL load
Input Voltage
Input Impedance
Output Voltage
-10 to +10, ±1V (100:1)
To set the voltage between 0 to 2V
as per diff. freq.
Sweep Operation
Switch selector
100:1 ratio maximum, adjustable
0.5sec. to 30sec. adjustable
Lin./Log. switch selector
Amplitude Modulation
0 to 100%
Modulation Freq.
400Hz (INT), DC to 1MHz (EXT)
Carrier BW
100Hz to 3MHz (-3dB)
EXT Sensitivity
≤10Vpp for 100% modulation
Frequency Modulation
0 to ±5%
Modulation Freq.
400Hz (INT), DC to 20kHz (EXT)
EXT Sensitivity
≤10Vpp for 10% modulation
Frequency Counter
Switch Selector
0.3Hz to 3Mz Internal;
5Hz to 150MHz External
Time base accuracy ±1 count
Time Base
±10ppm (23ºC,±3 ºC),
after 30 min. warm-up)
10nHz (1Hz range); 1kHz (100MHz range)
Input Impedance
1MΩ /150pF
≤35mVrms (5Hz to 100MHz)
≤45mVrms (100MHz to 150Mhz)
Display: 6 digit; Green LED, 7.6mm (0.3inches) high; Power Source: 115VAC or 230VAC, ±15%; 50/60Hz;
Operating Env: For indoor use. Altitude up to 2000M., 0ºC to 40ºC, 80%RH; Storage Env: -10ºC to 70ºC@70%RH;
Size: 243W x 93H x 292Dmm; Weight: 2.2kgs. (4.8lbs); Safety Approvals: EN61010-1, Cat. II, Pollution degree 2;
Warranty: One Year
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