the mole
technical rider
1 x Allen & Heath XONE:92/XONE:62, Function One FF-6000, Rodec MX300MK3, Vestax PMC-500 or Urei 1620
2 x Technics SL 1200/1210's
2 x Pioneer CDJ1000 or equivalent
Extra set of turntable needles
High quality sound system
2 x high quality monitor speakers (with adjustable levels) placed on the right and left side of the dj
2 x Technics SL 1200
1 x Rane TTM 56 or Vestax PMC 8pro mixer
1 x 16 channel line mixer sweepable mids and a minimum of 2 aux sends with pre fader capability - Midas Venice 160,
Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro or Allen and Heath MZ3 14:4:2 preferred
Physical setup
- Table with enough place for the equipment and 2 laptops.
- If 2 or more tables are required, equal height is preferred.
- Preferred table height is 39 inches
- Minimum 1 monitor. To be placed on the right side of the artist if only one is available. Head height preferred.
Technical setup
At least one power supply at the table.
Total output will be 1 stereo mix from the line mixer.
The stereo mix from the dj mixer will be input into the line mixer so if there are other djs or artists using the dj setup
before or after then this needs to be taken into account.
If at all possible a monitor volume control would be greatly appreciated.
Problems, questions, and/or comments please contact Colin +49 176 762 364 48
the mole (wagon repair / montreal, ca)
contact :: :: fon: +49 30 4401 - 3662 :: fax: -2790 ::
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