NEC Quick Reference-Trifold Double Sided

NEC Quick Reference-Trifold Double Sided
Telephone Features
To make outside calls
1. Lift handset or press Speaker
2. Dial 9, or press pre-programmed line key
3. Dial your number
Placing calls on hold
1. Press your red Hold button and hang
up. The Loop, IN/OUT or Line key will
2. Press flashing Loop, IN/OUT or line key to
retrieve call
Placing and retrieving call in System Park
1. To Park a call, While on an outside call
press one of the Park location keys
2. To Retrieve the call, Press the appropriate
park key
Transferring calls, Blind
1. While on an outside call, press Transfer Key
and dial extension number.
2. After dialing the extension, hang up.
Transferring calls to voice mail
1. While on an outside call, press the Transfer
button and then press VMsg button on
2. Enter Mailbox number to transfer to.
3. Hang up to transfer.
To Make an Internal Page
1. Dial 701 and the page zone (1-64), or press
the programmed Page key
To do a Meet Me Page
1. Press the Meet Me page key while the page
is going on, or if you do not have a Meet Me
button or you are using an analog extension,
dial 763
Placing conference calls
1. Make your first call and press Conf. button
on display once. The call will be holding.
2. Place your next call, either outside or an
internal party, once the party answers press
Add on the display.
3. Continue adding parties both internal and
4. Press Begin and all parties will be joined
with you.
Do Not Disturb
1. To set, press DND key.
2. dial 1 for external calls, 2 for internal calls
and 3 for ALL calls
3. To cancel, press DND key
4. Dial 0
To Change Intercom Signaling
1. To change to Voice signaling (hands-free)
dial 721
2. To change to Ring signaling (signal) dial
Using the List Key
1. Press the List key on the display, you will
see Redial and CID
2. Redial will give you the last 10 numbers you
3. CID will give the last 10 external calls you
4. Use the arrow key to move up and down
until you find the number
5. Lift the handset or press speaker to place the
Voice Mail Features
First Time Setup of your Mailbox, Complete steps
1 through 5
1. Press the VMsg soft key
2. Record your Name
a. Press More> soft key
Press RcNam soft key
Press Rec to record your name
Press Done soft key when are
e. Press Lstn to listen to the
recorded name.
f. When finished, press Back soft
3. Record your Greeting
a. Press Greet soft key
b. Press Gr1 to record greeting 1
c. Press Rec soft key to record
d. Press Done soft key when
e. Press Lstn to listen to the
f. When finished, Press Back soft
4. To setup Security Code (Password)
a. Press More> soft key
b. Press Setup soft key
c. Press Code soft key
d. Dial your security code (4
e. Press NoReq soft key to enter
the code only when not calling
from your station
f. Press Req soft key if the code is
require anytime you access the
g. When finished press # to return
to main menu.
5. When finished hang up
Accessing Voice mail
1. From your phone – Press Vmsg button on
2. From another phone – Press Speaker or
pickup handset and dial 3000. Enter your
extension number.
3. From remote location – Call office, press #
and your mailbox number. For security
purposes you will not be prompted for the
mailbox number. You can also dial your
direct number (DID) when your greeting
starts press ## and your extension number.
Listen To Messages
1. Press VMsg and press Lstn in display to
play message.
2. Press 3 or Del in display to delete the
3. The message will be deleted when you exit
your mailbox. You can also press 5 to listen
to messages
To Record Mailbox Greeting
1. In display, press VMsg,
2. Greet, choose Gr1, and press Rec.
3. You can also press 4 at the main prompt to
record a greeting.
To Record Mailbox Name
1. In display, press VMsg, More>, Name, and
2. You can also press 76 at the main prompt.
To Enter Security code (Password), Needs to be
done for security
1. In display, press VMsg, More>, Setup,
2. Enter Security code and press OK.
3. You can also press 67 for mailbox options
and then 7 for Security Code.
To Leave a Message in Someone else’s Mailbox
1. In Display, press VMsg, LvMsg, and
leave message.
2. Press Done when finished. Enter
mailbox extension to send message
to, press # or Send to send the
message. Press Cont to send
message. You can also press 77 at
the main prompt to send message.
NEC SV9100
Voice Mail
User Guide
For Service call
619-449-8900, Option 1
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