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MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
(Cat. No. 2727-T7B30D1F)
The MobileView Tablet 750 includes the capability to automatically
update its operating system and application firmware by means of an
utility built into the device. MobileView firmware updates will be
provided in order to enhance program functionality as well as to
integrate program fixes.
The latest Flash update image files will be available
on the Allen-Bradley web site:
“Flash” firmware refers to the ability of the Tablet
chips to be updated “in a flash”—without physically
replacing any components such as ROM chips. The
flash firmware update is completed by using a
standard communications software program.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Update Requirements
The following items are required in order to perform the firmware
update for the MobileView Tablet 750:
• MobileView Tablet 750.
• An Allen-Bradley 2727-TRC1 serial cable.(1)
• A computer running either Microsoft ® Windows 98, Windows
NT, or Windows 2000 Professional with a free serial (COM) port.
• Microsoft HyperTerminal(2) (or an equivalent terminal emulation
program capable of performing XModem downloads at 115,200
or higher baud rates).
• The flash firmware image file.(3)
Update Procedures
Perform the following to update your MobileView Tablet 750.
Backup Data on Tablet
Anything in RAM will be lost.
Before updating your Tablet, it is strongly recommended that you
back up any data and user-defined settings. Information about saving
registry settings, application files, and data is provided in your
MobileView Tablet 750 User Manual, publication 2727-UM001B-EN-P.
(1) The cable is used for serial communications between the PC and the MobileViewTablet 750.
(2) HyperTerminal is normally installed on your Windows-based computer as part of the operating system. For
more information, see your Windows operating system User’s Guide. Note that you may also use another
standard Windows-hosted telecommunications program to perform the update, if desired.
(3) Flash firmware files provided by Rockwell Automation are of the form NKmvX_X_X_X.bin
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Connect the Serial Cable
1. Attach the small end of the serial cable (Allen-Bradley catalog
number 2727-TRC1) to the RS-232 port on the bottom panel of
the MobileView Tablet.
RS-232 Port
Reset Button
For more information about port locations on the
MobileView Tablet, see your MobileView Tablet 750
User Manual, publication 2727-UM001B-EN-P.
2. Connect the larger end of the serial cable to a serial port on your
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Power Off the MobileView Tablet
Use the stylus to depress and hold the reset button for at least five
seconds, the MobileView Tablet’s screen backlight and battery
indicator LEDs will turn off.
Reset Button
Start Windows HyperTerminal on Host PC
1. Click on the Windows Start button and select Programs,
Accessories, Communications, and HyperTerminal folder from
the menu.
If HyperTerminal is not installed, select Settings,
Control Panel from the Windows Start menu. Next
select Add/Remove Programs and click on the
Windows Setup Tab. Click on the Communications
options and then the Details button. Locate and
place a checkmark next to HyperTerminal in the list
of installed options. Click OK. Note that you will be
prompted for the Windows installation CD to
complete the installation.
2. In the HyperTerminal folder, locate the Hypertrm.exe icon and
click twice.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
3. Enter a name in the Connection Description box
(e.g., MobileView T750 Flash Update).
4. Click OK.
Configure HyperTerminal Communications on Host PC
You must now configure the connection HyperTerminal to
communicate with the MobileView Tablet.
Selecting the COM Port
1. In the Connect To box, select the COM port used to connect the
PC with the Tablet.
In most cases this will be COM1. Click OK.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Configuring the COM Port
In the Bits per second box, select 115200, 230400, or 460800.
The higher the baud rate, the faster the transfer of
the image file to the Tablet. For standard COM ports,
the highest baud rate supported is 115,200 bits per
second (BPS). Note that some vendors sell extra high
speed communications ports that support baud rates
up to 921,600 BPS. Expect roughly a 20 minute
transfer time for 115,200 baud; 10 to 12 minutes for
230,400 baud; and 5 to 7 minutes for 460,800 baud
(MobileView Tablet maximum rate).
You must select at least 115,200 Bits Per Second;
lower baud rates are not supported.
2. Leave all other settings (Data Bits, Parity, Stop Bits, Flow
Control) at their defaults.
3. Click OK.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Configure MobileView Tablet Serial Communications
You must now configure the Tablet’s serial port used to communicate
with the host PC. This is done by using the Navigational, Program and
Enter buttons on the front of the Tablet.
Battery Status LEDs
Navigational Arrow
Next, Previous, Plus
and Minus buttons
Start/Enter Button
Table A Configuring the Baud Rate
Baud Rate
Button Combinations
Up arrow, •, and enter buttons
Up arrow, ••, and enter buttons
Up arrow, •••, and enter buttons
Simultaneously press and hold the up arrow and appropriate Program
Button, and, while both buttons are down, press and hold the Enter
button, until only the right most battery LED is lit. This indicates that
the Tablet’s baud rate is set and the Tablet is ready for a flash update.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Perform the Flash Update
Before actually transferring the flash firmware image
file to the Tablet, you should make sure it is stored in
a location accessible to the host computer.
Once communications are successfully established between the Tablet
and the host PC running HyperTerminal, the HyperTerminal screen
will present a Command List as shown below.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
If the Command List does not appear on the
HyperTerminal screen, you should first confirm the
baud settings and port configuration of
HyperTerminal and then check the cable
connections between the Tablet and the host
computer. Next, close HyperTerminal and then
reopen it. If this does not resolve the problem, reset
the Tablet and make sure you press the
button-combinations as shown in Table A. If you still
cannot see the Command List after performing these
steps, contact Rockwell Automation for additional
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
1. Type “U” and press Enter.
After pressing Enter, the HyperTerminal screen will
respond by showing a series of ‘C’ characters
immediately below the command prompt. You will
have a total of about 45 seconds to perform
steps 2 through 5 before the communications link
will time out.
If the transfer times out, simply repeat these steps.
2. Select Transfer from the menu bar and then select Send File.
3. Select the 1K Xmodem protocol from the Protocol drop-down
4. Click on the Browse button and select the flash firmware update
file to send to the Tablet. The flash firmware update file format
is a .bin file (NKmvX_X_X-X.bin).
5. Click on the Send button to begin the update.
Transfer Status
HyperTerminal will next display a transfer status window, indicating
the elapsed time, time remaining, and cps throughput.
Transfer times will vary on the baud rate selected.
For 115,200 baud, expect about a 30 minute transfer
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
Transfer Complete
When the transfer is complete, the HyperTerminal screen will look
similar to the following:
Once the transfer is complete, the Tablet will automatically restart.
Select Disconnect from the Call menu or close the Hyperterminal
Window to terminate the connection.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
MobileView™ Tablet T750 Flash Update
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Technical Product Assistance
If you need to contact Rockwell Automation for technical assistance,
please review the Troubleshooting information in your MobileView
Tablet T750 User Manual, publication 2727-UM001 first. Then call
your local Rockwell Automation representative. Rockwell Automation
phone numbers appear on the back of this publication.
Publication 2727-GR001A-EN-P - September 2001
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