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Some things get better
with age.
I’ve been with Cargill for 25 years, and not a day goes by that
I don’t learn something new. I read the papers. I check the farm
report. And I always listen to the customers. I keep learning so
I can keep helping your farm grow.
My name is Paul.
I am a Certified SolutionPro.
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New Products
Take guesswork
out of welding
iller Electric Manufacturing Co.
has introduced what it calls
“the simplest wire welder in
the industry” with the new Millermatic 140 with Auto-Set.
The new machine requires the
operator to set only the wire diameter and material thickness; the
Auto-Set technology handles wire
feed speed and voltage.
Auto-Set works with C25 gas
(75% argon, 25% carbon dioxide)
and either 0.024- or 0.030-inch solid wire. A key-chain guide on material thickness is included with the
welder to help the user determine
the thickness of the material they
are welding.
The Millermatic 140 is available with and without Auto-Set and
replaces the Millermatic 135 as the
company’s basic 115 VAC wire welder for metals as thick as C\zn inch.
The 140 with Auto-Set provides
an easy-to-use chart and a manual
mode that allows the operator to
manually set a wire’s feed speed
and voltage for broader applications.
RETROFIT PRECISION: John Harrison (left) is the inventor of the Smart
Nozzle system on the sprayer belonging to Howard Harrison (right). The
system is a product of Harrison Ag Technologies of Mobridge, S.D.
Smart Nozzle spoon-feeds through sprayer
arrison Ag Technologies has introduced its Smart Nozzle system that uses
a computer to control individual nozzles on a spray boom through GPS
tracking and mapping.
This is a first-of-a-kind system that controls all the nozzles on a large
land-based spray vehicle, and can be retrofitted to most self-propelled and
pull-behind sprayers.
It cuts costs up to 15% by applying less chemical.
For more information and a video of Smart Nozzle in action,
model lineup
ase IH has added
NEW LINEUP: The Pro 140 is one of eight new
Tier 3 power to
midrange Maxxum tractors available from Case IH
eight new Maxxum for 2007. The new tractors offer Tier 3 engines from
models in the 90- to
90 to 125 horsepower.
range, and claims better fuel economy and more power options for the 2007
The new Maxxum line offers 4.5- or 6.7-liter Case IH engines in the models that fall just below the Magnum and Puma series in size, says Tom Dean,
marketing manager for Case IH’s midsize tractors.
Five new Maxxum Pro models — the 110, 120, 125, 130 and 140 — sport
four-valve-per-cylinder, common-rail electronic fuel injection. The electronics provide for a 25-horsepower boost for PTO and transport loads.
Other Maxxum Pro features include mechanical front drive, deluxe cab,
pressure flow compensating hydraulics, electronic draft control and an automatic end-of-row function.
For more information, go online to
MILLERMATIC 140: The new
Millermatic 140 replaces the
company’s popular 135 wire
welder with new technology that
allows the user to set only wire
diameter and material thickness
for proper welding setup. The
Auto-Set technology automatically
sets the machine’s voltage and
wire feed speed
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March 2007
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