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Agilent L4450A 64-Bit Digital I/O
with Memory and Counter
Data Sheet
• LXI compliance includes built-in
Ethernet connectivity
• Fully-featured graphical web
• 64 bi-directional digital I/O bits with
programmable polarity
• Variable thresholds from 0 V to 5 V
• Handshaking protocols
• Source/sink current up to 24 mA
• 128 kbytes pattern memory
• Two 10 MHz counter channels
• 20 MHz divide-by-n clock
• Software drivers for most common
programming environments
64-bit Digital I/O offers highperformance digital I/O wherever your
application needs it
digital patterns up to 10 MHz. The configurable handshaking protocols can be
used for a wide variety of applications.
The Agilent L4450A is a high-speed
64-bit digital I/O instrument that is LXI
Class C compliant. With its small size
and Ethernet connectivity, the Digital
I/O can be placed wherever your application needs it.
In addition, the two 10 MHz counter
channels can be used to count events,
frequency, period, duty cycle, pulse
width and totalize.
The Agilent L4450A has 64 bidirectional lines configured as eight
8-bit channels. Each 8-bit channel has
programmable polarity and thresholds
up to 5 V. The 128 k of memory is
useful for simulating and capturing
Using this LXI instrument, you’ll get all
the benefits of an Ethernet connection,
built-in instrument web interface, standard software drivers and more. The
LXI standard is supported by multiple
vendors, enabling lower cost of test
with accelerated test integration and
Digital inputs and outputs for your
most complicated digital applications
The L4450A can be used to simulate or
detect digital patterns. It has eight 8-bit
digital I/O channels with handshaking,
pattern memory, two 10 MHz counters
with gate functions, and a programmable clock output.
Digital input/output
The digital I/O bits are organized into
two banks of 32-bits. The I/O bits can
be configured and programmed as
inputs or outputs in 8-bit channels.
The digital outputs can be configured
as active drive or open drain outputs
with a user supplied 10 kΩ pull up. User
supplied pull-up resistors for up to 5 V
outputs are also acceptable. The digital
inputs have programmable thresholds
up to 5 V for compatibility with most
digital logic standards. The on-board
pattern memory can be used to select
and output digital stimulus or bit
stream patterns, or to capture external
digital data. Each bank has independent
memory and directional control so
that one bank can output data while
another captures data. The memory
can be divided up to 64 kbytes per 8-bit
The memory can be allocated as follows:
Memory on
channels 1 & 2
Memory on
channel 1
Channel 1/5
(bits 7:0)
(bits 39:32)
32 kbytes
64 kbytes
64 kbytes
Channel 2/6
(bits 15:8)
(bits 47:40)
32 kbytes
64 kbytes
Channel 3/7
(bits 23:16)
(bits 55:49)
32 kbytes
Channel 4/8
(bits 31:24)
(bits 63:56)
32 kbyes
The digital channels also have:
• Internal alarming for maskable pattern match
• Variable active high drive output
from 1.65 V to 5 V or open drain
• 1 hardware pattern interrupt per bank
• Variable input thresholds from 0 V
to 5 V
External trigger capabilities make it
easy or you to time and synchronize
measurements and other events. This
can help you determine when to begin
or end an acquisition.
• Configurable handshaking protocols
including synchronous and strobe
• Programmable polarity
• Source or sink up to 24 mA
Frequency counter and totalizer
The two channels can be used to count
digital events, frequency, period, duty
cycle, pulse width and totalize. The
counter/totalizer also includes:
• Programmable gate functionality
• Programmable input thresholds
levels 0 V to 3 V
System connections you can trust
The L4450A comes with 2 heavy duty
78-pin Dsub connectors that allow for
simple, reliable connection options.
Each connector uses 30 micro-inches
of gold to ensure a repeatable, accurate
measurement. Other connection
options include:
• Detachable terminal blocks with
strain relief
Figure 1. L4450A 64-bit digital I/O with counter.
• Low-cost, standard 78-pin Dsub connector kits and cables
Ethernet connectivity enables simple
connection to the network and remote
access to measurements
• Mass interconnect solutions
The Ethernet interface offers highspeed connections that allow for
remote access and control. You can
set up a private network to filter out
unwanted LAN traffic and speed up the
I/O throughput, or take advantage of
the remote capabilities and distribute
your tests worldwide. Monitor,
troubleshoot, or debug your application
remotely. Ethernet communication also
can be used with the support
of LAN sockets connections.
The optional GPIB interface has many
years of proven reliability and can be
used for easy integration into existing
The L4450A ships with the Agilent
E2094N I/O Libraries Suite, which
enables connections for Agilent and
non-Agilent modular and traditional
instruments. This makes it easy for you
to configure and integrate instruments
into your system.
Fully-featured graphical web
interface makes it easy to set-up and
troubleshoot your tests from anywhere
in the world
The built-in web interface provides
remote access and control of the
instrument via a Java-enabled browser
such as Internet Explorer. Using the
web interface, you can set up, troubleshoot, and monitor your instrument
from remote locations.
• View and modify instrument setup
• Configure I/O channels, patterns and
• Read and write I/O channels
• Load and step digital patterns
• Define handshaking and memory
• View error queue
• Get status reports, current configuration, firmware revisions, and more
Figure 2. The Web interface makes it easy to set up, troubleshoot and monitor your test remotely.
Additionally, since the web interface
is built into the instrument, you can
access it on any operating system
that supports a web browser without
having to install any special software.
Password protection and LAN lockout
are also provided to limit access for
additional security.
Software for most popular
programming environments
Full support for standard programming
environments ensures compatibility
and efficiency. You can use direct I/O
with the software you already have
and know, or use standard IVI and
LabVIEW software drivers that provide
compatibility with the most popular
development environments:
• Agilent T&M Toolkit for Microsoft
Visual Studio.NET and Agilent VEE
• National Instruments LabVIEW,
LabWindows/CVI, TestStand, and
Switch Manager
• Microsoft C/C++ and Visual Basic
High-performance switching wherever your application needs it
Power button
Status LEDs
Easy connection options
with terminal blocks,
standard 78-pin cables or
connector kits
Optional GPIB
External trigger to
synchronize events
Built-in Ethernet
Product specifications
Digital input/output characteristics
Eight 8-bit channels: 8 bits wide,
input or output, non-isolated
1.65 V – 5 V 1,2
24 mA 2
Iout (max)
Handshake lines
Frequency (max)
10 MHz 3
ILoad (max)
trise + tfall (typ)
400 mA
6 ns 5
1.65 – 5 V 2,4
I out (max)
24 mA 2
Frequency (max)
10 MHz
Maximum frequency
10 MHz (max) 50% duty cycle
Maximum count
2^32 – 1 (4,294,967,296)
Maximum input frequency
10 MHz (max), rising or falling edge
Gate input
20 MHz – 10 Hz configurable divide-byn 24-bits, programmable on/off
Counter function characteristics
Totalizer function characteristics
System clock generator characteristics
1.65 V – 5 V 2
I out (max)
24 mA 2
100 ppm
1. Configurable by 8-bit channel
2. Lower current drive at lower voltages
3. From memory with handshaking
4. Configurable by bank
5. 5 V, 50 pF load
Product specifications (continued)
Data out of memory to LAN or GPIB
(Data transfers rate with 1000 channel blocks)
LAN (w/ VXI 11)
Readings with timestamp
Readings with all
format options ON
Internal, external, software, or on monitor channel alarm
Scan count
1 to 50,000 or continuous
Scan interval
0 to 99 hours; 1 ms step size
Channel delay
0 to 60 seconds per channel; 1 ms step size
External trig delay
<2 ms. With monitor on <200 ms
External trig jitter
<2 ms
Digital inputs
Digital in maskable pattern match or state change frequency and
totalize: Hi limit only
Alarm on channel
Alarm evaluated each reading
Alarm outputs
2 TTL compatible
Selectable TTL logic Hi or Lo on fail
5 ms (typical)
128 kbytes for digital patterns
5 instrument states with user label in non-volatile memory
Scan triggering
General system specifications
Power supply
Universal 100 V to 240 V ±10%
Power line frequency
50 Hz to 60 Hz ±10% automatically sensed
Power consumption
15 VA
Operating environment
Full accuracy for 0°C to 55°C
Full accuracy to 80% R.H. at 40 °C
Storage environment
-40°C to 70°C
Dimensions (H x W x L)
40.9 x 212.3 x 379.3 mm
1.61 x 8.36 x 14.93 in
3.7 kg, 8.2 lbs
Safety conforms to
CSA, UL/IEC/EN 61010-1
EMC conforms to
IEC/EN 61326-1, CISPR 11
3 years
Product specifications (continued)
Agilent connnectivity
software included
Agilent I/O Libraries Suite 14 or greater (E2094N)
Minimum system requirements
PC hardware
Operating system
Intel Pentium 100 MHz, 64 Mbyte RAM, 210 Mbyte disk space
Display 800x600, 256 colors, CD-ROM drive
Windows 98 SE/NT/2000/XP
Computer interface
Standard LAN 10BaseT/100BaseTx
Optional IEEE 488.2 GPIB
Software driver support for programming languages
Software drivers
IVI-C and IVI-COM for Windows NT/2000/XP
Compatible with programming tools and environments
T&M Toolkit
(requires VisualStudio.NET)
National Instruments
Measurement Studio
Switch Executive
Visual Studio.NET
Visual Basics 6
1 Load I/O Libraries Version M for Windows NT support or version 14.0 for Windows 98 SE support
Related literature
Ordering information
L4450A 64-bit Digital I/O with
memory and counter
Includes User’s guide on CD, power
cord, and Quick Start package
Option GPIB
Adds GPIB interface
Option 0B0
Deletes printed manual set, full documentation included on CD ROM
Option ABA
English printed manual set
Other accessories
Data sheets
5988-6302EN, Agilent VEE Pro
Rack mount kit for L4400 series instruments-racks 2 instruments side-by-side
with sliding tray
5989-1441EN, Agilent W1130B T&M
Toolkit 2.1 with Test Automation
Note: when using the L4400 series rack
mount kit, use the Y1139A solder cup
connector kit rather than the 34921T
terminal block.
For additional information please visit:
Connection Options
Select terminal block for discrete wiring, cables or connector kits. Cables
and connector kits require 2 per instrument.
Terminal block for
34950A and L4450A 64-bit Digital I/O
1.5 m 78-pin Dsub, M/F twisted pair
with outer shield cable – 300 V
3 m 78-pin Dsub, M/F twisted pair with
outer shield cable – 300 V
Solder cup connector kit with female
78-pin Dsub
5989-1439EN, Agilent E2094N I/O
Libraries Suite 15.5
A personalized view into the information most relevant to you.
AdvancedTCA® Extensions for Instrumentation and Test (AXIe)
is an open standard that extends the AdvancedTCA for general
purpose and semiconductor test. Agilent is a founding member of
the AXIe consortium.
LAN eXtensions for Instruments puts the power of Ethernet and the
Web inside your test systems. Agilent is a founding member of the
LXI consortium.
PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) modular instrumentation
delivers a rugged, PC-based high-performance measurement and
automation system.
Three-Year Warranty
Agilent’s combination of product reliability and three-year warranty
coverage is another way we help you achieve your business goals:
increased confidence in uptime, reduced cost of ownership and
greater convenience.
Agilent Advantage Services
Accurate measurements throughout the life of your instruments.
Agilent Electronic Measurement Group
DEKRA Certified ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System
Agilent Channel Partners
Get the best of both worlds: Agilent’s measurement expertise and
product breadth, combined with channel partner convenience.
For more information on Agilent
Technologies’ products, applications or
services, please contact your local Agilent
office. The complete list is available at:
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