MT-300S: Music Player
MT-300S Music Player
A simple, fun, and effective way to
improve your playing
The Roland MT-300S Music Player lets you practice
and play along with a wide variety of songs on commercially available music files. This system provides all
the functions you need for effective practice, including
adjustable tempo control and repeat functions to focus
in on trouble spots. You can even arrange music files
using the Music Player’s many editing functions, creating and saving your own original music files.
Introducing your personal
music partner...
A digital Music Tutor that’s
as easy to use as a CD player!
The MT-300S is one of the best ways to improve your
practice, enhance your performance, or just have fun,
and it’s extremely easy to use. Just turn it on, insert a
music file disk and press Play. Now you’re ready to start
learning and playing thousands of popular titles, adjusting
tempo and key, soloing instrument parts and more!
Not just for piano, the MT-300S is also a
great learning partner for a variety of
acoustic instruments, including the flute
and violin.
The MT-300S produces a broad two-octave range of reference tones for the easy tuning of wind and string instruments. And the MT-300S is completely portable, sporting a
convenient carrying handle. With its internal amplified
stereo speakers, the MT-300S is always ready to help you
with your music lessons — any time, any place.
All the features you need to make your
lessons fun and effective.
Adjustable tempo and repeat functions let you choose the
best pace for practice. Special metronome functions let you
keep count with standard metronome tones or fun tones
like dog and cat sounds and a human voice count. There’s
even a bouncing ball on the LCD display that gives you a
visual rhythm reference.
Play along, sing along!
Just plug a microphone into the MT-300S, mute the melody
part and you have an instant karaoke machine! Of course,
the MT-300S also features key change and echo functions
to enhance your karaoke sessions, and it even “translates”
the lyrics found on Standard MIDI Files for display on its
built-in LCD or on an external monitor or TV screen when
using the optional LVC-1 Lyrics Video Converter.
Create your own original music files!
The MT-300S features an ensemble sound with up to 16
parts. You can change instruments for each part and add
new parts using an abundance of built-in instrument voices
and rhythms. Record and piece parts together one at a
time; it’s never been easier to compose your own music,
and perform it in your own style. Once recorded, your
tracks can be edited at the note and tone level any time,
making the creation of your own original music file a virtually effortless process.
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MT-300S Music Player cont.
Roland’s Music Players, using music performance data
stored on floppy disks, provide you with very effective
lessons as well as an ideal way to practice.
Play back a song to get an overall feel for the music.
Press the track button to pick up the part of the
arrangement you want to perform.
Tempo can be freely adjusted. Start slow, then pick up
the pace as you get better.
You can repeat any bar as many times as needed.
As your skills increase, you can mute the instrument
part you want to play and perform as part of an ensemble.
•Sound Source: Conforms to GM/GS •Max. Polyphony: 64 voices •Tones: 369 variations (incl. 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set)
•Effects: Reverb, Chorus •Metronome: Volume: 10 levels Beat Pattern: 11 types Sounds: 4 types Time Signature:
2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 •Composer: 5 (ism)/16 tracks Edit: Copy, Quantize, Delete,
Insert, Erase, Transpose, Part Exchange, Note Edit, PC Edit Rhythm Pattern: 30 types •Disk Storage: Disk Format: 3.5”
FDD (2DD/2HD) Songs: Max. 99 songs Note Storage: Approx. 120,000 notes (2DD), Approx. 240,000 notes (2HD)
•Display: Large custom LCD Lyrics (for SMF): Yes •Rated Power Output: 10W x 2 •Speakers: 10 cm x 2
* Specifications and appearance e subject to change without notice.
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