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Personal sound amplification product with Linx DSP provides 4 preset environment management filters
and a program select volume control that provides situational hearing solutions for hard to hear sounds
and difficult listening environments.
WHEAT RIDGE, CO (February 20, 2013) – Able Planet Incorporated, a world leader in both active noise
cancellation headphones and personal sound amplification products announced today the nationwide
launch of its Personal Sound™ amplifier, PS1600BTE. Extending its line of award-winning Personal
Sound™ amplifiers, the PS1600BTE is currently available at, and the product will roll out
to leading eCommerce sites, select US retailers, as well as, local Audiology practices over the next 6
Personal Sound™ amplifier PS1600BTE is the first ever behind the ear amplifier with Linx DSP . The
hardest to hear sounds are in the high frequencies. And, many people, even those with normal hearing,
struggle to hear in noisy environments. LINX DSP, a proprietary Hear the Difference technology,
enhances speech intelligibility with preset environmental filters that alter frequency response and amplify
hard to hear sounds, while reducing background noise. Personal Sound™ amplifiers enhance
communication in noisy environments, and improve listening enjoyment, even at low volumes. The small
size and behind the ear design is highly invisible and is held secure by an over the ear sound tube that
ensures a comfortable fit for extended wear.
Personal Sound™ amplifier PS1600BTE has multichannel processing, 12 bands, noise reduction, an
adaptive feedback manager and 4 preset Environment Management™ programs that alter the frequency
response, amplification and noise reduction to accommodate for varying listening environments. The
program select volume control enables the listener to "switch" between environmental programs to select
the one that optimizes the listening experience, and the toggle button provides for easy volume
adjustment to safe listening levels. Personal Sound™ amplifier PS1600BTE is powered with a Type 10A
battery that is commonly found in retail stores and online at
“Hearing abilities are like fingerprints and everyone is unique,” said Able Planet CEO Kevin Semcken.
“Struggling to hear in noisy places, like on an airplane, in a crowded restaurant, or at your local pub is
common to people with all levels of hearing abilities. Even hearing clear speech on the TV can
sometimes be difficult. Having difficulty hearing in certain situations does not mean you need to incur the
expense of a hearing aid. When hearing becomes a challenge, simply put in your Personal Sound™, and
you’ll Hear the Difference .”
About Able Planet
Expert in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences, Able Planet was founded on a hearing technology
that enables people with profound hearing loss to distinguish hard to hear sounds, many of whom have
reported to be able to hear new sounds for the first time in their lives. Over the past 7 years, the
company has become a leader in audio and communication devices through the development of products
and technologies that not only address hearing impairments, but are also preferred by experts in
consumer audio. Today, Able Planet designs and manufactures products that enhance sound quality,
clarity and speech intelligibility for all people. And, while the company continues to focus developments
on products that connect people with hearing loss to the world of sound, it is equally as motivated by
technologies that help preserve hearing for those with normal hearing. All Able Planet products are
based on proprietary Hear the Difference technologies.
CONTACT: Michael Zucconi, Able Planet,
10601 W. I-70 Frontage Rd N - Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 | 1-877-266-1979 |
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