FIRMWARE CHANGE LOG New Features / Improvements / Bug Fixes Model: Version: Release: AC Ryan Tab 9.7 ACR‐VT97710 1.0.1 2012‐10‐20 Important note: We recommend that the tablet DC‐in power is plugged in and charging before proceeding with the firmware update. Please also ensure that power is not interrupted during the flashing process. Flashing procedures: 1. Check your current firmware version by going to Settings > About tablet, under Build number 2. Unzip the firmware package that you have downloaded 3. Connect the tablet to your PC via USB cable and then choose to ‘Turn on USB storage’ when prompted 4. Copy the file ‘update.img’ to the root directory of your tablet’s internal memory 5. After the file is copied, tap on ‘Turn off USB storage’. The system will then prompt you that a new update file is found and if you would like to update 6. Tap on the ‘Install’ button to proceed with the installation 7. After the update, when the system is booted up it will ask if you would like to remove the update package from its internal memory. It is recommended that you choose yes to remove it Please be patient after the tablet is updated and booted up for the first time. It may still be updating in the background and may respond slowly or not at all. This is normal and we recommend using the tablet after a minute or so. Version change log: Build number 4.0.4 ACR 20121015.T97 Version1.0.1 What’s new in this release 1. Improve battery level feedback, the Android system now reports the battery level more accurately 2. Optimized turning on from sleep mode now takes about 1 second 3. Includes ‘Online update’ function under Settings > About tablet Please see note below. Note:  Online update function is still in development and may not be working correctly now. Build number 4.0.4 ACR 20120922.T97 Version1.0.0 This is the initial firmware release 
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