Air Live | WL-5460AP v2 | (Reset procedure of WL-5460APv2)..

(Reset procedure of WL-5460APv2)..
Q: Why can't I get into the web management , even I press the reset button to reset
WL-5460APv2 to factory default setting?
A:After you reset WL-5460APv2, the IP address of WL-5460APv2 should be
If you could not get into the web management, It might mean the reset procedure
does not proceed successfully.
We recommend please follow the followings to proceed the reset procedure again:
1.) Please power on the WL-5460APv2v2. As WL-5460APv2 is powered, the Status
LED is on.
After WL-5460APv2 finished boot procedure, the Status LED turns off.
2.) Then please press the reset button , the Status LED will twinkle, and please press
the reset button over 10 seconds to reset.
3.) Please release the reset button and wait a while until the Status LED turns off , it
means WL-5460APv2 finished boot procedure.
4.) Please connect PC to LAN port1 of WL-5460APv2 and configure the IP address
of PC in the same subnet with WL-5460APv2 .
For example : Please set the IP address of PC is , and the
Subnet mask is
5.) Please open the cmd window and input command: arp –d . The command will
clean the arp table.
Please input the command “arp –d” several times until it shows “the specified
entry was not found”.
6.) Then please open the browser and key in to login web
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