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Memory (Upper RAM Slot)
Replacement Instructions
Be sure to follow the instructions in this sheet carefully. Failure to follow
these instructions could result in damage to your equipment and may void
your warranty.
Replacing memory in your computer requires seven basic steps:
• Turn off the computer.
• Open the computer.
• Remove the heat shield.
• Remove the RAM you are replacing.
• Install the replacement RAM.
• Replace the heat shield.
• Close the computer.
Note: A video version of the installation instructions is available at
Tools Required
• Jeweler’s flat-blade screwdriver
• Phillips screwdriver
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
Static electricity, a normal and natural phenomenon, builds up on your body
as you walk around. You experience an electrostatic discharge (ESD) when
you touch an object and feel a spark. ESD can cause damage to the
internal components of your computer.
To avoid ESD damage, read and follow all instructions. If a grounding wrist
strap is included with your replacement memory, refer to the instructions
included for how to ground and use the strap.
About Memory
Your computer comes with a minimum of 64 megabytes (MB) of
synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) installed in a
RAM slot on the bottom of the processor module. On the top of the
processor module is another RAM slot you can use to add additional
memory to your PowerBook.
RAM Specifications
The expansion slots on the top and bottom of the processor module can
accept up to a 2-inch SDRAM card that meets the following specifications:
• small outline-dual inline memory module (SO-DIMM) format
• 16, 32, 64, 128, or 256 MB
• 144-pin
• PC-100 Type RAM
SDRAM from earlier PowerBook models cannot be used.
Maximum RAM Configurations
The maximum amount of RAM you can install in your PowerBook is 512
MB, using 256 MB DIMMs in both the top and bottom RAM slots. To install
RAM in the bottom RAM slot, refer to the document called “Memory (RAM)
Replacement Instructions.”
2 - PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot)
Removing RAM From the Upper RAM Slot
Warning: Always turn off your computer before opening it to avoid
damaging its internal components.
Place your computer on a clean, flat surface.
Shut down your computer, remove the battery from the expansion bay,
and disconnect the power adapter, modem, and any other cables
connected to the computer.
Warning: The internal components of your PowerBook may be hot.
If you have been using your PowerBook, wait 30 minutes after
shutting down your computer to let the internal components cool
down before continuing.
Make sure that the keyboard locking screw is not in the locked position.
Your new PowerBook comes with the keyboard unlocked, so unless you
or someone else locked the keyboard, you can skip this step.
PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot) - 3
Release the keyboard by pulling down on the keyboard release tabs
(located to the left of the F1 and F9 keys) until the top portion of the
keyboard pops up.
Lift the top portion of the PowerBook keyboard up slightly near the top
row of keys and pull it back far enough to release the small tabs that
hold the bottom of the keyboard in place.
4 - PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot)
Flip the keyboard over and lay it on the palm rests.
Touch a metal surface inside the computer to discharge any static
Important: To avoid electrostatic discharge, always ground yourself
by touching a metal surface before you touch any parts or install any
components inside the computer. To avoid static electricity building
back up in your body, do not walk around the room until you have
completed your installation and closed the computer.
With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws that secure the internal
heat shield.
Heat Shield
Lift up the internal heat shield.
PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot) - 5
10 Release the existing RAM expansion card at the two snaps so the card
pops up. Then pull the expansion card out of the expansion slot.
Warning: When removing or installing the RAM card, do not touch
its connectors. Handle the RAM card only by the edges.
30 o
6 - PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot)
Installing Replacement RAM in the Upper RAM Slot
Locate the empty RAM expansion slot.
RAM Expansion Slot
Hold the RAM expansion card at a 30-degree angle. Line up the notch
in the card with the small tab in the RAM expansion slot. Then push the
RAM expansion card into the expansion slot.
Warning: When removing or installing the RAM card, do not touch
its connectors. Handle the RAM card only by the edges.
30 o
Note: You may feel some resistance. If you are having trouble
inserting the card, try pushing one side at a time.
PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot) - 7
Gently push the RAM expansion card down until the two snaps on
either side of the card lock into place.
Insert the internal heat shield.
Important: When replacing the internal heat shield, make sure it does not
cover the plastic tabs for the hard disk and optional AirPort Card. The
plastic tab for the processor module should be placed under the heat
Heat Shield
AirPort Card Tab
Hard Disk Tab
Module Tab
Press down on the bottom portion of the heat shield to secure it and
then replace the screws.
PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot) - 8
Flip the keyboard over and insert the small tabs at the bottom of the
keyboard into the openings in the PowerBook case.
Pull down on the keyboard release tabs (located to the left of the F1
and F9 keys) and then press down on the top portion of the keyboard.
Let go of the keyboard release tabs to secure the keyboard in place.
Replace the PowerBook battery or plug in the power adapter.
Warning: Never turn on your computer unless all of its internal
and external parts are in place and it is closed. Operating the
computer when it is open or missing parts can damage your
computer or cause injury.
10 Restart the computer.
PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot) - 9
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PowerBook (FireWire) Memory (Upper RAM Slot) - 10
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