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Tech specs
Azur 540C V2 CD player
The multi-award winning CD player
This multi-award winning CD player
employs an updated DAC in the form
of a WM8740, proprietary data reclocking which reduces jitter to a
minimum, a specially designed
Cambridge Audio servo solution and
premium laser optics. There is a
new toroidal transformer for lower
noise and less waveform distortion,
a revised display (LCD) which offers
two levels of brightness and a highly
ergonomic navigator style remote
To allow seamless integration
with multi-room entertainment
systems, a Control Bus input and
output have been fitted, as has an
IR emitter input.
A custom designed, acoustically
damped chassis minimises
resonance, ensuring sonic
Technological prowess doesn't
detract from the model's sleek looks
and the robust aluminium-fronted
casework gives the 540C an elegant
Azur 540C V2 specifications
Frequency Response:
10Hz to 20KHz +/- 1dB
D/A Conversion:
Dynamic Range:
> 95dB
Channel Separation:
> 80dB
Correlated Jitter:
< 260ps
Digital Outputs:
Optical and Coaxial
Max. Power Consumption
17 Watts
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm):
430 x 310 x 70
Dimensions (W x D x H) (in):
16.9 x 12.2 x 2.8
4.6 kg/10.1 lbs
Cambridge Audio, Gallery Court, Hankey Place, London, SE1 4BB, England
© 2005 Cambridge Audio Ltd Issued: October 2005
Cambridge Audio’s policy is one of continuous
improvement. Design and specifications are
therefore subject to change without prior notice.
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Azur 540C V2 CD player
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