Evolution 222
Stereo Preamplifier
Getting Started
The owner’s reference for this
product, including a detailed
description of features, technologies, and warranty is available on
the web at: www.krellonline.com
Thank you for your purchase of the Krell Evolution 222 Stereo Preamplifier. The Evolution 222 features Krell Current Mode circuit topologies, Krell CAST technology,
and a robust power supply for exceptional audio performance. A thoughtful suite
of menu options ensures that the Evolution 222 can be customized for the greatest
ease of operation.
Please contact your authorized dealer, distributor, or Krell if you have any questions
not addressed in the owner’s reference.
The preamplifier’s front panel provides power on, input and zone selection, level
control, menu functions, and status display. The rear panel allows connection to
audio sources, power amplifiers, AC power, and other system components.
The remote control provides power, preamplifier, level control, navigation and
customization functions, CD and DVD player controls and menu configuration.
Do not place the preamplifier where it could be exposed to dripping or splashing.
Do not remove or bypass the ground pin on the end of the AC cord. This may cause radio frequency interference (RFI) to be introduced into your playback system.
The ventilation grids on the top and bottom of the preamplifier must be unobstructed at all
times during operation. Do not place flammable material on top of or beneath the component.
Turn off all systems’ power before connecting the preamplifier to any component.
Make sure all cable terminations are of the highest quality, free from frayed ends, short circuits,
or cold solder joints.
Save all packing materials. If you
need to ship the Evolution 222
in the future, repack the unit in
its original packaging to prevent
shipping damage.
1. Open the shipping box and remove the top layer of foam. You will see these
1 Preamplifier chassis
1 IEC connector (AC power) cord
1 Remote control
2 AAA remote batteries
1 T-10 Torx wrench for remote
1 Quick Setup Guide
2. Carefully remove all items from the shipping box.
3. Place the preamplifier in a safe location and remove the protective plastic wrapping.
We recommend that you place the preamplifier on a firm, level surface, away from
excessive heat, humidity, or moisture. The preamplifier requires at least two inches
(5 cm) of clearance on each side and at least two inches (5 cm) of clearance above
to provide adequate ventilation. Installations inside cabinetry may need extra ventilation.
The Evolution 222 preamplifier has superb regulation and does not require a dedicated AC circuit. Avoid connections through extension cords or multiple AC
adapters. High quality 15 amp AC strips are acceptable. The use of AC line conditioning devices is not recommended. The features provided by these devices are
already on board the Evolution 222.
This product complies with the EMC directive (89/336/EEC)
and the low-voltage directive (73/23/EEC).
Krell Evolution 222
Figure 1 The Evolution 222 Front Panel
Front Panel
1 Power
Use this to switch the
preamplifier between
stand-by and operational modes.
2 Infrared emitter
This transmits infrared
commands to a programmable remote control, such as the
Universal Krell Touch
Screen Remote.
3 Display
This provides channel
status messages, including input selection,
volume level, balance
offset, and menu selections.
4 Infrared sensor
This receives commands from the remote
Figure 2
The Evolution
222 Remote
control. Make sure this
is not obstructed.
5 Menu button
Use this to access the
menu functions of the
Evolution 222. For
more information, see
Customizing the
Evolution 222, in the
owner’s reference.
6 Enter button
Use this to configure the
menu functions of the
Evolution 222. See
menu (5).
8, 9, and 10 Input
Use these to select the
corresponding rear
panel input that is connected to a singleended (S-1, S-2, S-3),
balanced (B-1, B-2), or
CAST (C-1, C-2) analog
source. The display (3)
shows the selected
input and volume level.
7 Stand-by/Power LED
This preamplifier and
power supply LED illuminates red (stand-by)
when the Evolution 222
is plugged into a standard AC wall receptacle.
The LED illuminates blue
(operational mode) when
the power button (1) is
11 Tape input selector
Use this to select the
tape input that is connected to an analog
tape source. The red
LED illuminates when
the tape input is selected. The display (3)
shows: TAPE and the
main volume level.
Remote Control
B Amp Sel key
Use this to select the
meter range of the
power meter scale on
the front of a Krell
Evolution One amplifier.
Keys labeled 1 to 14
have the same function
(and callout number) as the
front panel controls.
Keys labeled A through J
are unique to the remote control, and are
described below:
A Amp Pwr key
Use this to activate Krell
amplifiers connected to
your system.
Krell Evolution 222
pressed while the
Evolution 222 is in
stand-by mode.
C Bal(ance) keys
Use along with the level
keys (14), to balance left
and right output levels.
D Transport keys
These keys are functional with all Krell CD and
DVD players.
E Menu key
Use this to enter CD or
DVD player menus.
F Direction keys
Use these keys to navigate CD and DVD
12 Mute button
Use this to mute the
preamplifier output. To
unmute, press the mute
button again. The red
LED illuminates when
mute is selected.
13 Phase button
Use this to invert the
absolute polarity of the
main output. The red
LED illuminates when
phase is selected.
14 Level control knob
Use this knob to
increase or decrease
system volume level or,
with the remote control’s
balance keys, to adjust
the balance. The level
control knob or keys
also select menu
options that customize
the Evolution 222.
G Select key
Use this to make selections from CD and DVD
H CD key
Press this to make the
transport keys operate
Krell CD players.
DVD key
Press this to make the
transport keys operate
DVD players.
J Title key
Use this with CD or DVD
player menus.
The remote is shipped
with two AAA batteries
that have to be installed. Use the supplied
Torx wrench to remove
the battery panel, then
install the batteries.
This product is manufactured in the United States of America. Krell ® is a registered trademark of Krell Industries, Inc., and is
restricted for use by Krell Industries, Inc. its subsidiaries, and authorized agents. Krell Current Mode™ and Evolution CAST™ are
trademarks of Krell Industries, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are registered to their respective companies.
© 2006 by Krell Industries, Inc., All rights reserved.
Figure 3 The Evolution 222 Back Panel
Back Panel
17 Tape input
This single-ended input
pair is for use with a
tape source.
18 C-1 and C-2 inputs
The two CAST inputs
have 4-pin bayonet
connectors, for use with
Krell CAST-equipped
15 Balanced inputs: B-1
input devices.
and B-2
These XLR balanced
19 Tape output
analog source input
This single-ended outconnectors are wired
put pair is used for
as follows:
recording the selected
input source.
Pin 1 Ground
Pin 2 Non-inverting
20 Main outputs
Pin 3 Inverting
The Evolution 222 is
16 Single-ended inputs:
S-1, S-2, and S-3
There are 3 singleended analog source
inputs with RCA connector pairs.
equipped with one balanced XLR output pair,
one single-ended RCA
output pair, and two
CAST output pairs with
4-pin bayonet connec-
Customizing the Configurable
Evolution 222
AC Mains
Balance (channel)
Balance (input trim)
Display, Info
Input Level Trim
Input Name
Input Phrase
Input Trigger
IR Out Control
Link Control
Mute, Output Trigger
RC-5 Control, Recall
RS-232 Control, Save
Theater Mode
Volume Display
tors (for use with Krell
CAST-equipped amplifiers).
21 CAN link
These RJ-45 link connectors are connected
in parallel. They are
used to operate preamplifier channels in linked
mode. See CAN Link, in
the owner’s reference
for more details.
22 RS-232 port
This port receives messages from a computerbased control system,
providing integrated
control of all preamplifier
functions. For details,
see the developer's reference: RS-232 Port:
Sending Commands
and Interpreting Data.
The menu button or key (5)
allows you to configure
functions. Enter the menu
to view the list of configurable functions.
Select a configurable function to view a submenu of
the list of options that configure the function. You can
configure some options as
well, if a second submenu
appears when you select
an option.
Navigating the preamplifier
menu is straightforward and
consistent throughout, using
4 functions and the menu
option BACK.
5 Menu Button or Key
To enter the menu,
press the menu button
23 RC-5 in
This remote connector
is used with third-party
remote control systems
that provide RC-5 (IR)
data via a wired connection. A stereo tip,
ring, sleeve 1/8” mini
connector is used in the
following configuration:
Tip = RC-5 data
Ring = +5 V
Sleeve = GND.
24 12 VDC in/out
(12 V trigger)
There are 2 outputs and
one input that send and
receive 12 VDC power
on/off (trigger) signals to
and from other Krell
components, and other
devices that incorporate
a 12 V trigger. This
allows other compo-
or key. Once you are in
the menu, you can
press the menu button
or key to exit the menu.
14 Level Control Knob
or Up and Down Keys
Use the level control
knob or the up and
down keys on the remote control to scroll
forward and backward
through the menu hierarchy. Each menu list is
a continuous loop.
6 Enter Button or Key
Press this button or key
to select a function or a
configuration option,
and confirm a selection.
nents to be turned
on/off, or to/from standby, through the remote
For more information,
see Input Trigger in the
owner’s reference.
25 Phono power port
This is for connecting
the preamplifier to a
Krell KPE phono stage.
See the KPE owner’s
reference for more
26 IEC power cord
This is for use with the
provided AC power
cord. Plug the other end
into an AC Mains supply
capable of supplying
the correct AC voltage
and current for the
power supply.
Select back to scroll
backwards through the
menu hierarchy, or to
exit a menu option without confirming that
For more information on
menu configuration, review
the Owner’s Reference on
the Krell website at
Navigate to Downloads/
Current, then select the
Evolution 222 from the
product list. The publication
list for the Evolution 222
3 Front Panel Display
The display shows the
active function and configurable options.
Krell Evolution 222 3
Connecting the
Evolution 222
to Your System
Position the preamplifier where you intend to use it in your system.
Krell recommends using its
proprietary Krell CAST system
for unparalleled sonic performance for connections
between the preamplifier and
other CAST-equipped components. Krell CAST uses flexible
interconnecting cables that
can be drawn through tight
spaces and concealed.
The Evolution 222 also offers
balanced operation. This not
only minimizes sonic loss but
is also immune to induced
noise, especially for installations using long cables.
2. Connect the outputs of your source equipment to the appropriate CAST (18),
balanced (15), single-ended (16), or tape inputs (17) on the Evolution 222.
Operating the
Evolution 222
After the Evolution 222 is connected to your system and to AC power, and the front
panel display has stopped scrolling, begin operation:
1. Neatly arrange and organize wiring to and from the preamplifier and all components. Separate the AC wires from any audio cables to prevent hum or other
unwanted noise from being introduced into the system.
3. Connect the main outputs (20) on the Evolution 222 to your amplifier’s inputs.
4. Connect the supplied AC power cord to the IEC power cord receptacle (26)
of the preamplifier.
5. Plug the other end of the AC power cord into AC power. The display (3) scrolls
through EVOLUTION 222 SOFTWARE VERSION, and the stand-by/power LED (7) illuminates red, indicating that the Evolution 222 is in stand-by mode. When the
scrolling stops, the Evolution 222 is ready to be powered on.
Use only the power cord provided with the Evolution 222 to make the connection to AC
power. Operation with a power cord other than the one supplied by Krell can induce noise,
limit current, or otherwise impair the ability of the preamplifier to perform optimally.
1. Press the power button (1) on the front panel, or the remote control power key.
The standby/power LED turns blue. The display shows the factory default input:
S-1, and level: -inf. The Evolution 222 is now in the operational mode.
2. With the preamplifier output muted, or the volume fully attenuated, select a
source manually using the front panel input select buttons (8, 9, or 10) or the
remote input select keys. Start playing the source. Use the level control knob
(14) or the remote level keys to set the volume to a comfortable level.
3. To return the preamplifier to the stand-by mode, press the power button (1) or
remote power key. (We recommend leaving the Evolution 222 in the stand-by
mode when it is not playing music.)
Channel Balance
The balance function allows adjustment of the left and right balance. The options
are: CENTER, L .5-5 dB <, R .5-5 dB >.
1. Press the preamplifier menu button (5), then use the level control knob, or the
remote control up and down keys to select: BALANCE.
2. Press the enter button (6) or remote enter key. The display shows the default
mode: CENTER.
3. Use the level control knob, or the up and down keys, to select the desired balance option from 0 to +5 dB in .5 dB increments, left or right.
4. Press the enter button or key to confirm the selection. The display reads:
5. Press the menu button to exit the menu.
Evolution 222 Preamplifier
Krell Evolution 222
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