Version Changes

Version Changes
U NI L OGIC 1.14.62
JULY, 2015
This is a Service Pack for version 1.14.44, which includes the bug fixes and
features described below.
Service Pack: Bug List and features included in UniLogic 1.14.62
This Service Pack includes the following bug fixes:
In certain cases, adding or editing tags occasionally caused UniLogic to crash.
VNC: includes minor bug fixes.
Alarm Summary and Alarm Status Viewer: if a user was scrolling through a list of
active Alarms and an Alarm activate, the view jumped back to the beginning of
the list.
HMI Slider: when using the arrows to scroll values, the value did not stop within
the Minimum/Maximum values.
This Service Pack includes the following new features:
HMI ‘Click ‘
A new HMI Action, Click, activates when the screen element is pressed and
You may now add descriptions to individual Inputs and Outputs.
List of
Use this to color a rectangular screen
section, and then change colors
according to a variable value.
Change Summaries for Previous Versions
UniLogic 1.14.44 UniStream OS 1.14.7, July, 2015
UniStream’s Alarm system, designed in accordance with ISA ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009
guidelines, provides an efficient method of boosting your application safety level.
Easily accessible from the Solution Explorer, UniLogic provides a broad range of Alarm features,
allowing you to configure Alarms to accommodate different application and alarm types.
The Alarm Banner, displayed on
your HMI screens, alerts operators,
enabling them to open the Alarm
Summary list of events, view status,
acknowledge and clear Alarms, and
read countermeasure
The Alarm banner may be displayed
full-size as shown, with a scrolling
window showing active alarms,
or may be minimized to a button.
The HMI Toolbox now includes a new widget: the Alarm Status Viewer. This allows convenient
Alarms management.
The manager can view
Alarm status, enter
Comments, Shelve, and
Disable Alarms.
Alarm events are logged
to the controller’s SD
card. You can extract and
view these logs via the
UniStream Data
Converters Suite utility
Alarms Log to Excel.
All components of the
Alarms system:
Alarm names, alerts, and
countermeasure instructions,
enjoy multi-language support in all languages including Asian languages.
The components of the Alarm system are a powerful aid to machine builders and automation
engineers with applications requiring higher levels of adherence to security standards
The UniLogic user
interface now supports
the following
English, French,
Chinese, Russian,
and Turkish.
Populate Data
The new Recipe feature, located on the Solution Explorer, enables you to:
Create a recipe data file
Enter the data either directly in UniLogic, or via Excel
Use the new Ladder function Load DTI from Recipe File to import the
data into a DTI Data Table
Note that:
The data from the Recipe will overwrite any existing data in the DTI
Recipes and their
data are downloaded
as part of the
project into
the controller’s
flash memory.
SD Browser:
HMI Widget:
The SD Browser widget enables an operator to transfer files from the SD
card in the UniStream panel to a storage device (DOK, memory stick)
plugged into a UniStream USB port, from the user application.
Formerly, this could only (and can still) be done via UniApps
Bugs: fixed as of this version
HMI Screenshots:
Improve Load Time
Two new buttons, “Take screenshot" and “Select All Dynamic
Elements” were added to the UniLogic HMI editor ribbon.
To use these features to improve screen load times:
• Design your screen, placing the HMI elements as desired.
• Click the Screenshot button to save the screen as a single graphic image.
• Click Select All Dynamic Elements,
and press Ctrl +C, to copy
all of the variable
elements on the page.
• Import the saved single image
screenshot as the background
image of a new screen
• Press Ctrl +V to paste the
dynamic elements onto the page.
This allows the page to load
a single image (the screenshot)
instead of many images, thereby
improving load times.
The Screenshot feature is
also handy for documenting
your end user application.
New PC
Utilities Suite
Use our new convenient UniStream Data Converters Suite to perform quick and
easy data conversions:
UniStream and Vision Trend files to PDF
UniStream Data Table files to Excel
Excel file to a UniStream Data Table file
UniStream Trend file (Data Sampler)
file to Excel
UniStream Alarm log to an Excel
You can download the UniStream Data Converters Suite
from the Unitronics website:
When you install this and future versions, the Installation program will ask you to
join the UniLogic Programmer Experience Improvement Program
The program is intended to help Unitronics understand and anticipate the needs of
the programmer.
When you participate, we collect basic, anonymous information about the UniLogic and UniStream
features you use.
These reports are sent to Unitronics and can help us to improve the features our customers use most
often, determine feature development goals, improve the overall user experience, and create solutions
to common problems.
Participation is voluntary, and you may opt out at any time via the UniLogic Help menu. No personal
information or source code is collected. Unitronics is committed to helping protect your privacy. Our
privacy policy statement explains the data collection and use practices for the UniLogic Programmer
Experience Improvement Program reports that will be sent to Unitronics if you participate in the
Our privacy policy may be viewed at:
This version also included a number of improvements to the Ethernet/IP
The number of supported Ethernet/IP nodes was increased to 16.
The minimum RPI (Requested Packet Interval) was decreased to 4ms.
The buffer size was increased to a maximum of 496 bytes.
Additional Features and Improvements
Buttons sensitivity was fine-tuned, reducing the possibility of false entries
Play Sound
"Play repeatedly" option was added under Play Sound in the Global Actions.
Tags, Online
Tag format (Hex, Dec, etc.) can now be changed during Online mode, within the
Tags Grid
Search Ladder
Right-click menu now allows you to search for Ladder Elements in the Ladder
Note regarding UniLogic 1.14.33
The release of version, 1.14.44 includes a French language file update for the UniLogic
Interface Language feature, an improvement from version 1.14.33.
Bugs: fixed as of version 1.14.44
This version included minor bug fixes:
Double right-click on the Elements ToolBox item sometimes elicited a double-click
reaction from the element.
Import from Excel: Schedule, Can Sniffer and Modbus request / descriptor tags could
not be deleted after import, unless project is saved and re-opened.
Web Server port configuration was sometimes not retained.
Firmware Manager did not show any firmware, if the username on the computer
contains non-English characters.
Trend XY: Selecting a Sampler with only one feed now gives a compilation error.
Data Sample: the number of Samplers was not shown (was left blank) on the Sampler
preview information.
"Remove unused tags": running this on rare occasions caused UniLogic to crash.
Web Server: In certain cases projects containing several page modules were used, only
compiled one module, sometimes resulting in error 404 or 'Web Server not configured'
pages when surfing to the Web Server
UniLogic 1.13.9 UniStream OS 1.13.5, March, 2015
UniLogic enables you to easily set up and exchange data with remote
devices via EtherNet/IP. You set up EtherNet/IP communications by
entering parameters into a simple configuration grid. No ladder
programming is required.
A single UniStream controller can function as both an:
• EtherNet/IP I/O Scanner (Master)
• EtherNet/IP I/O Adapter (Slave)
A single controller can contain multiple
node definitions for both Scanner and Adapter.
You simply define the data tags that
the UniStream controller will use to exchange data during an EtherNet/IP session, and a time
interval (RPI) that determines the data exchange rate.
Explicit Messages
UniStream does not currently support explicit messaging. This
functionality will be supported in a future version.
Multiple UniLogic
version support
UniLogic now enables you to keep the current UniLogic version when
upgrading to a new one. Keeping the previous version enables you to use
older UniLogic versions to use with older projects.
Starting from this version, when upgrading the UniLogic version, you can
select ‘Keep a copy of the old version’ as shown below.
At the end of the installation process, shortcuts will be placed on your
"Unitronics UniLogic” links to the newly installed version
“Unitronics UniLogic (or whatever your previous version
may be) links to the previous version.
The oldest UniLogic version that supports this feature is 1.12.20.
module: Counter
and Scenario 3
The UID-0808THS module offers a new configuration: Counter and
Scenario 3. This scenario enables you to use the changing state of the
high-speed counter to trigger the scenario. Use the counter value to
control the output state by determining:
The initial number of pulses required to activate the output.
The number of pulses that must elapse before the output is deactivated.
The number of pulses that must pass until the cycle repeats.
Panel ‘Mirroring’
via VNC
You can now use a UniStream panel that is not installed with a CPU to
function as a mirror, showing the HMI displays of a remotely located
UniStream controller.
Simply open VNC Client on the ‘mirroring’ panel and enter the connection settings of a remote
panel + CPU. Next, under CPU Control, select Ignore CPU events.
This enables the panel that is not connected to a CPU to function as a VNC client, and prevents the
display of CPU messages.
New System Tags
System tags (read-only) are now provided for CPU IP address and Panel
address in the System>General struct.
Bugs: fixed as of this version
This version included a few minor bug fixes.
UniLogic 1.12.20 UniStream OS 1.12.7, February, 2015
Hardware Configuration
This new Uni-I/O™ analog module comprises 8 13-bit analog input
The supported input ranges are 0-10v, 0-20mA and 4-20mA.
New 3G Modem
A new 3G modem, the Cinterion EHS6T, is now supported by UniStream.
The modem can be selected from the Modems menu in the Solution
I/O ‘Configs’
'Configs' enable a controller to run the application if it has a physical I/O
configuration that is different from the full I/O Configuration in the
Configs are Hardware Configuration profiles that are downloaded into the controller with the
project. Via UniApps, the end-user selects
the Config profile that matches the actual
modules that are snapped onto the
controller, or that are connected via shortor-long-range I/O expansion kits.
The application will run according to the
selected Config without error--even if the
application uses data tags of I/Os that
belong to the full I/O configuration, but
that are not part of the selected Config.
module: Counter
and Scenario 2
The UID-0808THS module offers a new configuration: Counter and
Scenario 2. This
scenario enables
the user to use
the HS counter
as the
trigger for the
HMI Video Widget:
Video Streaming
You can now stream video from a network camera (Ethernet) that
supports the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) and the video
formats listed below. This allows you to easily integrate a network
camera and display its video stream output on the UniStream panel.
Supported video format is MPEG-4 Visual, part 2, AVC/H.264.
UniStream can now function as an SNMP (Simple Network Management
Protocol) Agent and communicate with an SNMP server.
In addition, the Ladder Toolbox function SNMP Trap Send, enables
UniStream to send SNMP Trap messages to an SNMP server. UniStream
supports SNMP Versions 1, 2, and 3; the programmer can select which
version of the protocol to use.
VNC: New
Password Levels
A View Only access level was added to the VNC feature. The
programmer can now set password protection for two VNC access
levels, Full Access or View Only and thus guarantee two classes of
access rights.
The Webserver editor now supports the same beautifully polished Linear
and Circular gauge widgets offered by the HMI editor.
This enables a remote user to watch running application values via an
Internet browser, as if they were viewing the gauges on the HMI panel
New COM Ladder
Ping a remote device
via Ladder.
Use the new Ladder function
TCP Server Disconnect.
Additional Features and Improvements
Force I/O
You can now access and force I/O status.
• Via UniApps > Memory > Tags > I/O Tags, selecting
the I/O module, and selecting Inputs or Outputs.
• Via OnLine
Test Mode.
Message Box
HMI Elements that offer Actions now have a new property,
Message Box.
This enables you to create a popup message that opens when the user
touches the element.
The message can ask the user a question,
or give instructions and warnings.
You can select icons, include buttons
in the Message Box and use them
to drive actions.
Invoking UniApps now raises a popup menu that offers you the option
of entering UniApps or taking a Screenshot, which is automatically
stored on the SD card.
The popup menu also opens when switching from UniApps back to the user application
Trend graphs now have
an icon that the user
can press to take a
screenshot of a Trend
Data Tables
Images for
Binary Values
You can now use images to represent binary values, even if the binary
tag is part of an array.
Format Display
You can now select different formats to display values.
The following no longer require the PLC to reset at download:
HMI Selection
When the user edits values via the panel, the selected format will be
represented in the range shown on the keyboard.
MODBUS – Adding or editing MODBUS to an application
Downloading Data Tables
Editing Operands
The scrolling sensitivity of the
selection wheel has been improved
and new
scroll buttons aid in fine tuning.
In addition, the wheel will now open
to display the last selected value
(not the first value in the list).
Installation Note
OS version 1.12.7 requires applications written with UniLogic 1.12.20 or higher. If you have
installed OS 1.12.7 BIN files and receive a message stating Invalid User Application, either:
• Download a blank application written with UniLogic 1.12.20
• Update your existing application by opening it with UniLogic 1.12.20, and then
downloading it
Bugs: fixed as of this version
Find value in DT
Insert string to string
Excel, Export Operands: if a struct name contained illegal characters, [ ] : \ / ? and/or
exceeded 31 characters length, export failed. UniLogic no longer allows the creation of
struct names that are not supported by Excel.
HMI Variable, Password Box: when an end-user entered characters and then returned to
the password field, the characters could be viewed.
Export/ Import Ladder/HMI Module to Library: in certain cases, import was not successful.
Data Tables
- At Download, operand values would be initialized.
- Export/Import from Excel: If a table was exported with values, edited in Excel and then
imported, the new values were not preserved, but were overwritten by the values that
existed in the table at export.
UniLogic 1.8.51, UniStream OS 1.8.9, October 2014
Hardware Configuration
USP-156-B10: 15.6” HMI panel
This quality HMI panel
measures 15.6”.
In terms of I/O and COM module
capacity, it is identical to the
UniStream 10.4”.
Uni-I/O™ Wide
The UID-W1616R offers 16 pnp/npn inputs, and 16 relay outputs.
All I/Os are isolated.
This is the first member of the Uni-I/O™ Wide family, a new line of I/O modules that are
compatible with the UniStream™ control platform. ‘Wide’ modules are 1.5 times as wide as
standard Uni-I/O™ modules, and comprise more I/O points in less space.
Up to two wide I/Os may be
snapped onto the back of the
UniStream 7”.
Standard-sized I/Os and Wide
I/Os may all be included in a
single configuration
I/O Module
UIS-08TC is a standard-sized Uni-I/O™ module.
It provides 8 thermocouple inputs supporting the following input types and
ranges: J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, C, and Voltage.
Web Server +
Web Page
The powerful, built-in Web Server enables multiple users to simultaneously
access webpages within a UniStream controller. Web page access may be
controlled by password, permitting users to view and/or edit data via any
browser and from any smart phone or tablet.
Designing web pages in the editor is as easy as building HMI pages, and requires no knowledge of
HTML. The programmer drags and drops elements from the Toolbox onto the web page, and
customizes them via the element properties.
The drag & drop interface has the same look-and-feel as the HMI Editor.
CAN Layer 2
The CAN Layer 2 functions enable you to support any CANbus protocol,
according to the CANbus V2.0 standard.
A UniStream controller can both send and receive standard messages with
11-bit identifiers, as well as extended messages with 29-bit identifiers
UniCAN, Unitronics' proprietary CANbus protocol, enables fast data
Via UniCAN, a Unitronics' PLC can
exchange data with up to 60 other
networked PLCs.
UniCAN Communications are
determined by configuration rather
than programming.
UniCAN also enables easy data transfer
between UniStream and Vision
CANbus Sniffer
The embedded CANbus Sniffer enables you to easily monitor CANbus
communications and boosts your troubleshooting capabilities.
UniStream controllers now support a BACnet to MODBUS Gateway device,
available as GW-BAC1.
Use the UniBACnet Configurator, located under the new Tools tab on the UniLogic ribbon, to
create a configuration file for the BACnet to MODBUS Gateway. Download this file to the GW-BAC1
in order to set up communications between a UniStream controller and BACnet slave devices.
Additional New Features
Key board Features
Touching the magnifying glass adjusts the size
of the keyboard
Keyboard Title
This new HMI property is now included in HMI
elements that allow data entry, enables the
programmer to customize the title bar of the
virtual keyboard
Data Tags
Grid editing: click directly in
the Tag table and enter values.
Data Tables
You can now set the display format for
Int32, UInt, and Timer by
right-clicking and making a selection.
Improved Language Switching: No need for HMI restart.
UniApps, Display & Audio:
Improved Display Brightness Range: 0 - 100
Decreased loading time
Bugs: fixed as of this version
Trend Run Button was not always refreshed when Sampling was turned on and off
following file deletion
Rapidly switching Trend pages sometimes caused an HMI crash
HMI Elements:
IP Address:
- was not initialized with its linked string operand power-up value
- did not always reset the value of the attached IP tag
List: A 'Selection Changed' bit of List element was set at each screen reload, if the
selected index was different than '0'
Numeric Box: Hex values were shown in lower-case on the display, but in upper-case
on the editing keyboard
Calculator: The numerals entered could exceed the calculator’s field
Operands: the Back button returned to the first page instead of the previous page.
Data Tables
Multiple and/or heavy Data Tables were not always displayed correctly
No part of a Data Table name was shown if the DT was not wide enough
Rapid scrolling through Data Tables sometimes caused an HMI crash
UniLogic 1.7.62, UniStream OS 1.7.11, June 2014
Use the HMI Video Player widget to play MPEG-4 video files on the HMI
screen (MPEG-4 Visual, part 2, AVC/H.264).
The widget properties enable you to display video controls that enable the user to
start, stop, and adjust the volume.
You can set the video to
autoplay, and play it in a loop.
Note that the video is not visible
via VNC.
This new HMI widget enables
you to display a .pdf, and allow
the user to page through it and
adjust the Zoom level.
Use the Gauge widgets to display a variable value. Gauges are available in
different shapes and styles. Use the gauge properties to customize the values
and appearance of the gauge.
I/O tags to
Find &
You can now export I/O Data Tags into Excel, edit them, and then
import them back into UniLogic via Import Export on the PLC ribbon.
The Find (Ctrl + F) and Find & Replace (Ctrl + H) utilities on the Edit tab
enable you to quickly find and find and replace any tags that in your
New Trend
Widget: XY
Data Table
In addition to the standard Trend graph widget, where the X axis is time,
you can create a graph using the XY Trend widget. This enables you to
define units such as millibar or degrees for the X axis.
You can now adjust the Column width of Data Tables, either by entering a
value or manually adjusting them.
Create File,
Insert into
email Body
After building a message, you can append it to a file it via the Append
Buffer to File Function. This enables you to create .csv, .txt, and .bin. files.
You can use .txt files as the body of an email.
The high-speed I/O module struct, UID-0808THS, now offers a Reset
Counter bit that you can use in your program to initialize the counter value.
The new keypad is attractively divided into fields. Navigate between the
fields via arrows.
The EXF-RC15 is a stand-alone high-speed Remote I/O Module. It offers 9
digital inputs, 4 digital transistor outputs, and 2 relay outputs. Three
inputs can be set via wiring and software to function as high-speed
counters/shaft-encoders. The four transistor outputs may function as
high-speed PWM/PTO outputs.
You can include the EXF-RC15 by using files that are ported between
VisiLogic and UniLogic.
Bug Fixes
Numeric Box HMI element: Certain issues with the decimal point placement have been fixed.
UniLogic 1.6.66, UniStream OS 1.6.13, April 2014
Hardware Configuration
I/O Module
UIS-04PTN provides 4 RTD inputs supporting PT100, NI100, NI120, and
UAG-XKPLxxx: New Long Range Local Expansion adapter.
(Available with 6 or 12 meter [20 or 40 feet]cable)
You can
Short or
Expansion Adapters to connect a UniStream™ controller to a row of I/O
modules located on a DIN-rail.
Daisy-chain up to 5 Local I/O Expansion Adapters to one controller to
further increase the number of I/O modules up to 85.
Additional Features
This version supports 10 new languages: Ukrainian, Romanian,
Hungarian, Georgian, Slovenian, Slovak, Serbian, Latvian, Lithuanian,
Estonian, Filipino and Swedish.
In addition, you can edit Language strings directly in the Language
You can also export a Language file, translate or edit it in Excel, and
then import it back into the project
Data Tables:
Direct Edit
Within UniLogic, you can now click on a Data Table cell to directly enter
or edit values.
This version also supports Export and Import from Excel
HMI Screen
You can select whether to Show Hourglass in a Screen's
Properties to display an hourglass during screen transitions.
Displays now load faster.
When you download a project, UniLogic now checks to see if the
firmware in the controller is compatible with the UniLogic version.
In addition, the PLC tab on the program ribbon offers Firmware
Management tools:
The Firmware Manager which locates all firmware files on your
Update Firmware, which connects to the Unitronics website and
downloads any new firmware releases.
When you select Ethernet PC-PLC Communications, you can use IP
Favorites. This is a global file that is available in all of your UniLogic
HMI Editor
This version supports a number of new features:
Apply Layout: Select multiple HMI elements of the same type/
list of text/range, and then right-click to apply font, font
alignment, and other attributes.
Copy & Paste of object now retains the object’s location.
Changing font properties causes all future elements to use the
new setting.
Duplicate Screens via right-click on the screen in Solution
Actions now offer a System Sound Library.
When you establish PC-PLC communications, UniLogic will continue to
Keep last
Communication use the last communication channel you used, whether via Ethernet or
USB, for as long as that channel is valid. You can change the channel
by selecting Communications from the PLC tab on the ribbon.
New Ladder
This version includes a number of new Ladder functions:
Reset Numeric
Set Date/Time from Ladder
Copy Byte
String compare 8-16-32
Find and replace in array/buffer
Swap: 16/32 bit tags
Swap Array/Buffer
Data Tables
Indexed Data Tables (DTIs) offer new Ladder functions:
Find Value in DTI Column
Finds a value in a column and writes the row index number into
a data tag.
Copy Array to Column in DTI
Copies an array, or part of an array, into a specified column in a
Data Table column.
Copy DTI Column into Array
Copies data from a Data Table column into an array.
Copy Column to Column in DTI
Reads data from one DTI column and writes it into another
column. The columns may be in different Data Tables.
Write value to DTI Column
Writes values into a column in a DTI. You can use it to initialize
a column.
Find Values in DTI Row
Searches a range of rows for data that matches the current
contents of a struct.
In addition, you can find all locations where a Data Table is referenced
by right-clicking the Data Table in the Solution Explorer.
Toggle Online
Test Mode
Press F9 to toggle OnLine Mode on and off.
This button enables you to use the value of a register to display variable
text within a button, and to drive multiple Actions via the button.
on Screen
A new system tag, Keyboard Bit is ON when the keyboard is displayed on
the UniStream Panel. Keyboard Bit is located in the System> General>
Top of
A new icon enables you to jump to the top of the region you are editing.
As of this version, project media Audio files will download to SD card.
at Download
When you check Retain, you have the option of entering an Initial
If you:
Note that in older projects, audio was stored in Flash memory. When
these projects are edited in this version and up, any previous audio
files will continue to be stored in Flash; however any added audio files
will download to SD card.
Enter a value, that value will be downloaded with the application
first time the tag is downloaded to the PLC.
Do not enter a value; the tag value will be initialized to 0 the
first time the tag is downloaded to the PLC.
Note that if you change a tag's Data Type, the tag will be initialized to
0 at download.
You can use the members of the struct of COM Modules, the CPU RS485
port or the struct of the USB port (set to Serial Communications) to
monitor incoming strings for terminators such as length, silence, and ETX
Known Issue
Only one .gif may be placed on a screen. If there is more than one, UniLogic will display
a compilation error.
UniLogic 1.5 Rev 3, UniStream OS 1.5.0, February 2014
Timer Preset Value Retained
Starting from this version, modified Timer Preset Values are retained whether they are
edited via HMI entry or Ladder code.
Ladder Coil Element Modified
When viewing Ladder code at certain resolutions, some users had trouble differentiating
the Contact elements from the Coil elements. The Coil element has been modified to
make the difference clearer.
MODBUS Slave Action Text
Previously, the options were Read and Write. The options are now Read Only and
Read/Write. Note that the actual functionality is unchanged, only the text has been
Hardware Configuration - High-speed Counter Block: Capture Counter
When you configure a High-speed block, setting the High-Speed Type to Counter And
Scenario 1 shows a new property, Capture Counter. Use this to record the value of the
high-speed counter in the other Block into a data tag in the I/O module’s struct called
Caught Counter Value.
This means that activating:
Capture Counter in Block 1 will record the counter value in Block 2 into the tag
B1-SC1: Caught Counter Value, as shown in the next image.
Capture Counter in Block 2 will record the counter value in Block 1 into the tag
B2-SC2: Caught Counter Value.
Bug Fixes: Fixed in the Current Version
COM Module UAC-02-RS2, Modem
In certain cases, the Modem port setting did not work.
UniLogic 1.4 Rev 3, UniStream OS 1.4, Rev 1, January 2014
HMI Element Numeric Box: New
Text After
Timer Format
Number of Digits to Display
Leading Zeros
Convenient Special Characters
for Text After
HMI Timer Box Widget
Time and Date widgets now
include Timer.
Schedule Widgets
Use the HMI schedule widgets to display Schedule times from the Schedule struct.
You can also enable a user to enter Hour time data.
Data Tables: HMI Widget Editing Mode
Four new parameters enable you to:
Highlight the selected row
Record the column and row of the current
Record which array member is currently
Remove Unused Tags
Click this on the PLC tab to remove
unused Global and Timer tags.
Passwords: View Typed Characters
You can reveal the just-typed characters in:
UniLogic Password Manager, by clicking the ‘eye’ icon.
In UniApps, by touching the ‘Eye’ icon.
UniApps: Improved SD Browser Interface
The browser now offers a slider and colors for easier navigation.
Save as XP
Use this option if you have
written your project on a PC
running Windows 7, but want
to ensure that it can be edited
on a PC running Windows XP.
This services the Known Issue
Windows Versions and
UniLogic Project Issues
documented in the previous
version, UniLogic 1.2.5.
Bug Fixes
Turkish Regional Setting
When Format settings (typically Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region> Region and
Language> Format) were set to Turkish (Turkey Format), certain actions such as Delete
or Copy caused the program to close.
Struct/Array Editing Issue
When the user created a Struct or Array, edited the entity name, and then saved the
project, the struct or array would not load or compile correctly.
UniLogic 1.2.5, UniStream OS 1.2.2 December, 2013
Chinese Support
HMI Text
Elements now
support Chinese
Download without Reset
Certain program changes will no longer require reset after download.
Mouse: Plug-and-play
Plug a mouse into a panel USB port to operate the screen via mouse.
Use Formula to build mathematical
expressions, save them, and use them
throughout your program.
New HMI Element: Password Widget
You can insert a Password HMI widget that requires operators to enter a password via
the controller's keyboard. When the user touches it, the virtual keypad appears, enabling
the user to enter the password. Via HMI Actions, you can drive a number of tasks
according to the result.
FTP Client/Server
Configure a UniStream controller as FTP Server and/or Client. Use the Ladder elements
COM>FTP to receive and send files.
VNC Client: New HMI Action
Enable UniStream controllers to access other UniStream controllers.
Use the HMI action Load VNC Connection to display another UniStream controller screen
on its screen.
New Touch Events System Operands
“Touched Bit” is ON while the
touch screen is actually being
High-Speed I/Os: Embedded Scenarios
New scenarios make it
easy to select the
configuration for your
Simplified OS update from UniLogic
From this version on, UniLogic diagnoses when the UniStream OS is outdated. UniLogic
then prompts you to plug a USB stick into your PC to download an updated OS, which
you can then install into the controller.
Update from the Web
The Help tab contains new
options for updating BIN and
Help files
Ladder/HMI Library—Reuse your work
UniLogic now includes a global library that is accessible from the Solution Explorer. Any
Ladder Function and HMI Screen you place here will be available for use in all UniLogic
MODBUS via Ladder Utility
By default, MODBUS is set to run operations periodically. You can now run operations
according to Ladder function, using the Ladder element MODBUS Aperiodic (Ladder
RS485 via Panel or via
the CPU
You can configure the serial
port on the CPU:
To run MODBUS, via the
To run Serial
communications for
serial devices via the
VNC Server: supports multi clients
VNC server now supports multiple clients, such as smartphones.
UniApps Download Signature History
View the download
history by accessing
out> UniLogic Apps
Remote I/Os: Now supports up to 8 adapters
UniStream can now support up to 8 to 8 EX-RC1 expansion adaptors; each adaptor can
support up to 8 I/O modules.
UniPics: Expanded
UniStream’s free
graphic library has a
number of new
Export/Import Module
Right-click on a Ladder Module and select import or export it with all functions, or an HMI
module to import or export it with all of its screens.
Bug Fixes
Display Initial Values for Display
When entering an HMI screen, there was a short delay before the Image elements
refreshed to show the actual state.
Issues relating to tags have been fixed.
Known Issues
Windows Versions and UniLogic Project Issues
The UniLogic installation uses different databases:
Windows XP uses SQL 2008
Window 7 and up use an internal database.
This causes issues when porting complete UniLogic projects, individual Ladder functions
(UDFBs), and HMI screens:
Opening a project that was written in Windows 7 (or later) in Windows XP will cause
UniLogic to shut down.
Trying to upload a project into XP that was downloaded using Windows 7 (or later)
Importing Ladder functions and HMI screens that were written in Windows 7 (or
later) in Windows XP will cause UniLogic to shut down.
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