Edimax | ES-5816PHG | Gigabit 16-Port PoE+ Web Smart Switch

Gigabit 16‐Port PoE+ Web Smart Switch
The Edimax ES‐5816PHG is a 16‐port gigabit rack‐mount switch with 16 PSE/PoE ports. It is designed for sturdy network connections in medium to large network environments. Its standard 19‐inch rack‐mount brackets allow for perfect integration with the most widely used mounting systems on the market. Th
he Edimax ES‐5816PHG is truly a superb choice to boost your network environment’s performance and efficiency.
Complies with the IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE+) Staandard
The ES‐5816PHG features 16 IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE+) ports, which supplies up to 30 watts of electricity per port It can convert standard 90 260V AC electricity into low volltage DC electricity to power IEEE 802.3at/af
port. It can convert standard 90‐260V AC electricity into low‐vol
ltage DC electricity to power IEEE 802 3at/af compliant compliant
network accessories via existing LAN cables. With PoE detection
n capability, the ES‐5816PHG is able to verify whether the connected device is IEEE 802.3af compliant. In the event that a PoE device is not detected, only network data will be transmitted through the LAN cable. The ES‐5816PHG can be useed with different PoE products, such as access points, network cameras, or VoIP devices. It is the best solution for network envvironments where power outlets are difficult to access.
Compliant with Cat 5 Ethernet Cables for Higher Cost Efficiencyy
The ES‐5816PHG can transmit both power and network data viaa Cat 5 Ethernet cables. With the ES‐5816PHG, no special networking cables or power adapters are necessary for PoE
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plications. The ES‐5816PHG reduces the difficulty, time, and li ti
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cost of establishing a sturdy network environment.
Features Power Budget UI for Easy Management of PoE Device
The ES‐5816PHG features an innovative power budget UI that allows IT managers to monitor the power consumption on each PoE port as well as the total power consumption of those devicees connected to the ES‐5816PHG. IT managers can easily monitor the whole PoE network and assess the total power usagge before adding new PoE devices to the PoE network architecture. The power budget UI also features a remote on/offf function for each PoE port. When one PoE device hangs, the IT manager does not need to unplug and plug the network line m
manually. Simply by clicking the power on/off button, the IT manager can reset the PoE device remotely in seconds.
Smart Tools for Improved Network Efficiency
The ES‐5816PHG features smart QoS/CoS and network monitoring tools that allow for improved network efficiency. Its security and management features include bandwidth control aand VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging and port‐based VLAN). Through its web‐based interface, an administrator can set up VLLANs to segregate traffic, prioritize mission‐critical data with pipelines. In addition, the ES‐5816PHG also supports Rapid QoS, and configure link aggregation settings to create fat traffic
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Spanning Tree to detect and break unintentional cabling loops w
within the network. All of these features offer extra protection on the network edge. Best of all, the password‐protected configguration interface can be accessed remotely.
IEEE 802.3 10BaseTT
IEEE 802.3u 100BasseTX
IEEE 802.ab 1000BaaseT
IEEE 802.3z 1000BaseSX/LX
IEEE 802 3x Flow Co
IEEE 802.3x Flow Co
IEEE 802.3af PoE
IEEE 802.3at PoE
IEEE 802.1x Port‐based Network Access Control
IEEE 802.3ad Link A
IEEE 802.1d Spannin
ng Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1w Rapid SSpanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1p Class off Service, Priority Protocols
RJ‐45 Gigabit Ports: 16
SFP Open Slots: 4
MAC Address: 8K
Buffer Memory: 500
0K Bytes
Jumbo Frames: 9.6K
Transmission Metho
od: Store and Forward
Smart Features
Smart Features
VLAN: 32
Tagged VLAN: 32
VLAN ID: 1~ 4094
Trunk Groups: 8
Quality of Service: u
up to 4 queues
IGMP Snooping
MAC Filtering
Rate Limiting (Ingre
ess rate and Egress rate)
802.1x Port‐based N
Network Access Control
Management: Port Mirroring, Password‐protected Access, Port Settings, Web‐base Managem
ment, Graphic User Interface
Transmission Media
10BaseT Cat. 3, 4, 5
100BaseTX Cat. 5 UTP/STP
1000BaseT Cat. 5E U
Per Port: Link/Act PoE: Act/Status
Per Port: Link/Act, P
P Act/Status
Per Unit: Power
100~240V/AC, 50~6
130 Watts (Max)
440 × 330 × 44mm(L x W x H)
0 to 40℃
‐20 to 90℃
0 to 90℃
10 to 90% RH (non‐condensing)
FCC Class A, CE
Led Indicators
Led Indicators
Power Requirement
Power Consumption
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
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