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Curriculum Vitae: Helena Skyt Nielsen
Department of Economics and Business
Aarhus University
Fuglesangs Allé 4
DK-8210 Aarhus V
Phone: +45 87 16 55 53 /+45 29 21 69 71
Address: Terosevej 19, DK-8541 Skødstrup
Born: 16th August 1971
Nationality: Danish
Children: Hjalmar (1999), Hannibal (2000),
Halfdan (2007), Harald (2009)
Ph.D. Economics, Aarhus University, April 1999
M.Sc. Economics, Aarhus University, May 1996
M.Phil., University of Sussex, June 1995
Professor, Aarhus University, 2007- present
Associate Professor, Aarhus University, 2002-2007
Assistant Professor, Aarhus School of Business, 1998-2002
1. Journal articles
Ciliberto, F., A. Miller, H. S. Nielsen and M. Simonsen, “Playing the Fertility Game at Work: An
Equilibrium Model of Peer Effects.” Forthcoming in International Economic Review.
Joensen, J. S. and H. S. Nielsen, “Mathematics and Gender: Heterogeneity in Causes and
Consequences.” Forthcoming in Economic Journal.
Koch, A., J. Nafziger and H. S. Nielsen, “Behavioral Economics of Education.” Forthcoming in
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.
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School Peers and Student Outcomes.” Economics of Education Review 45: 1-13.
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safety of stimulants in children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - A nationwide
prospective cohort study" Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology 24(6): 302-310.
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Parents’ Relationship Stability and Labor Supply.” Social Science and Medicine 88: 30-38.
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Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and other psychiatric disorders – A Danish
register-based study.” Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology 23(7): 432-9.
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Career Choice.” Economic Inquiry 50: 39-61.
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Enrollment: Evidence from a Government Grant Policy Reform.” American Economic Journal:
Economic Policy 2: 185-215.
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with Emphasis on Marginalization and Self-employment.“ Journal of Population Economics 22:
Nielsen, H. S. and M. Svarer (2009), “Educational Homogamy: How much is Opportunities?”
Journal of Human Resources 44: 1066-86.
Nielsen, H. S., N. Smith and A. Celikaksoy (2009), “The Effect of Marriage on Education of
Immigrants: Evidence from a Policy Reform Restricting Marriage Migration.” Scandinavian
Journal of Economics 111: 459-488.
Joensen, J. and H. S. Nielsen (2009), “Is There a Causal Effect of High School Math on Labor
Market Outcomes?” Journal of Human Resources 44: 171-198.
Diaz-Serrano, L., J. Hartog and H. S. Nielsen (2008), “Compensating Wage Differentials for
Schooling Risk in Denmark” Scandinavian Journal of Economics 110: 711-731.
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Capital Investment.” Labour Economics 14: 971-986.
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Enterprises.” Journal of Development Economics 84: 310-329.
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Positive Assortative Matching?” Review of Economics of the Household 3: 253-275.
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Journal of Economics 144: 43-74.
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Drive the Family Gap?” Scandinavian Journal of Economics 106: 721-744.
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Assimilation? An Extended Framework for Analysing Immigrant Wage Gaps.” Empirical
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Indian Journal of Labour Economics 45: 479-96.
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Andengenerationsindvandrernes uddannelse.” (Integration over Generations: The Education of 2nd
generation Immigrants) . Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift 140: 35-58.
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Sweden: Observed or Unobserved Characteristics.” Journal of Population Economics 14: 455-471.
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Letters 61: 115-120.
Jensen, P. and H. S. Nielsen (1997), “Child Labour or School Attendance? Evidence from Zambia.”
Journal of Population Economics 10: 407-24.
2. Chapters in books
Nielsen, H. S. and M. Rosholm (2001), ”The Public-Private Sector Wage Gap in Zambia in the
1990s: A Quantile Regression Approach.” In: B. Fitzenberger, R. Koenker and J. A. Machado
(eds.), Economic Applications of Quantile Regression. Physica Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany.
Bevelander, P. and H. S. Nielsen (2004), “Declining Employment Assimilation of Immigrants in
Sweden: Observed or Unobserved Characteristics.” In A. Constant and K. Zimmerman, eds., How
Labor Migrants Fare. Springer Verlag.
3. PhD thesis
Nielsen, H. S. (1999), Investment in Human Capital in Zambia. Ph.D.-thesis 1999-3. University of
Aarhus, Denmark.
4. Unpublished Working Papers and Work in Progress
Landersø, R., H. S. Nielsen and M. Simonsen, School Starting Age and the Crime-Age Profile.
Revision requested by Economic Journal.
Joensen, J. S. and H. S. Nielsen, Peer Effects in Math and Science. SSRN.
Andersen, S. C., L. V. Beuchert, H. S. Nielsen and M. K. Thomsen, The Effect of Teacher Aide in
the Classroom: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
Beuchert-Pedersen, L., M. K. Humlum, H. S. Nielsen and N. Smith, the Short-term Effects of
School Consolidation on Student Achievement
Nielsen, H. S., The Effect of Economic Incentives on a Father’s Child Leave: Evidence from a
Reform of Leave Schemes.
Nielsen, H. S. and A. Vissing-Jørgensen, The Impact of Labor Income Risk on Educational
Choices: Estimates and Implied Risk Aversion.
5. Miscellaneous
Andersen, S. C., H. S. Nielsen and M. K. Thomsen (2015), Brugernes reaktion når det offentlige
øger serviceniveauet: Resultater fra et lodtrækningsforsøg på skoleområdet. Forthcoming in
Andersen, S. C., L. V. Beuchert, H. S. Nielsen and M. K. Thomsen (2014), 2L Rapport:
Undersøgelse af effekten af tolærerordninger.
Nielsen, H. S. (2012), Et Økonomisk Perspektiv på Uddannelsesindsatser. In Jubilæumsskrift – De
Økonomiske Råd 1962-2012, pp. 159-169.
Nielsen, H. S. (2009), Hvad er effekten af uddannelse? Rapport til Region Midtjylland.
Humlum, M. K. and H. S. Nielsen (2009), “Mindre SU – mere studiearbejde.” AKF Nyt 1: 16-17.
Nielsen, H.S., N. Smith and A. Celikaksoy (2007), ”Uventet positiv sidegevinst af 24-års-reglen.”
AKF Nyt 3: 6-8.
Nielsen, H.S. (2007), ”Opskriften på en fed løncheck.” AKF Nyt 2: 6-8.
Nielsen, H. S.(2003) ”Opgørelse af kønforskelle i ledigheden hos nyuddannede.” Debat og
kommentarer. Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift 141 (4): 243-259.
Nielsen, H. S., M. Verner and N. Smith (2003), “Velfærdssamfundet og de langsigtede
ligestillingsperspektiver.” Kvinden og Samfundet 119 (4): 7-13.
Nielsen, H. S. (2003), Immigration and the Public Sector in Denmark. Book review in
Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift 141: 130-132.
Nielsen, H. S. (2002), The Integration of Non-Western Immigrants in a Scandinavian Labour
Market. Book review in Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift vol. 140: 83-84.
Nielsen, H. S. (2002), “Uddannelsesvalg og den sociale arvs betydning – med særlig fokus på
efterkommere.” AMID WP#11/2002, Aalborg University.
Hummelgaard, H., L. Husted, H. S. Nielsen, M. Rosholm og N. Smith (2002), “Uddannelse og
arbejde for andendgenerationsindvandrere” AKF&CIM Rapport.
Canagarajah, S. and H. S. Nielsen, eds., (2001), Child Labor and Schooling in Africa: A Case Study
of Ghana, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire and Zambia, HDNet, World Bank: Washington D.C.
Nielsen, H. S. (2001), Diskrimination- eller bare assimilation?” Information om Indvandrere 5: 5-7.
Nielsen, H. S. and M.Rosholm, “Incidence of Unemployment: Identifying Quits and Lay-Offs.”
CLS WP 97-15.
Honors and awards
Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing, Economics of Education Review, 2013.
Young Researcher’s Award 2005 (DKK 100,000, the Danish Independent Research Council ‘Ung
The Tietgen Award 2003 (DKK 100,000, given to young researchers within Economics and
Business for significant publication activity)
Edith og Valborgs Fond 2003 (DKK 50,000, shared with M. Simonsen and M. Verner for the paper
“Does the Gap in Famliy-friendly Policies Drive the Family Gap?”)
IZA research fellow 2004- present
Trygfonden’s Centre for Child Research (PI: Michael Rosholm). Trygfonden 2013-2018, DKK60
RCT – the Danish co-teacher experiment (co-PI: Simon Calmar Andersen). Ministry of Children
and Education 2012-2013, DKK 3.0 mill
ADHD – the lives of children, families and peers (PI: Marianne Simonsen). Danish Research
Agency 2011-2015, DKK 5.6 mill
CSER - Centre for Strategic Education Research and Competence Building (PI: Niels Egelund).
Danish Research Agency 2010-2014, DKK 40.5 mill
FSE Unit - An Economic Analysis of the Impact of the Scandinavian Welfare State on Danish
Firms (PI: Michael Rosholm) Danish Research Agency 2009-2013, DKK 10.0 mill
Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital (PI: Helena Skyt Nielsen) Danish Research
Agency 2006-2009, DKK 3.0 mill
Education as a Risky Asset (PI: Helena Skyt Nielsen) Danish Research Agency 2003-2006, DKK
3.1 mill
The Economics of Youth and Immigrant in the Danish Labour Market (PI: Helena Skyt Nielsen)
Danish Research Agency 2000-2002, DKK 1.0 mill
Invited keynote talks
Mainz Summer School “Self-regulation and the economics of education”, 2015 (scheduled)
6th International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education (IWAEE), 2015 (scheduled)
Bilkent Summer Workshop, 2014
Editorial service
Editor-in-Chief, Labour Economics, 2014-present
Guest editor, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Special Issue on Behavioral
Economics of Education, 2014-2015.
Guest editor, Labour Economics, conference volume EALE 2012
Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2012-2014
Associate Editor, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2009-present
Member of the Executive Committee of EALE, 2014-present
Scientific committee (EALE 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, ESPE 2012)
Research councils (Norway, Sweden and Finland)
Referee (Demography, Economic Journal, Economics Letters, Industrial Labor Relations Review,
Industrial Relations, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal
of the European Economic Association, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Health Economics,
Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Public Economics,
Labour Economics, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Oxford Economic Papers,
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, World Development and many others)
Other professional service
Member of the Danish Council for Independent Research | Social Sciences, 2013Member of the Tax Committee, appointed by the Minister of Finance, 2008-2009
Member of the Steering Group for Development of High-Quality Register Data in Denmark,
appointed by KOR, 2005-2014
Board member, Institute of Local Government Studies (AKF), 2005-2006
Board member, Female Economics Researchers in Aarhus (FERA), 2004-2007
Member of the team of external examiners, 2006-2011
Consultant for the World Bank (1997, 1999, 2001)
PhD education
Eva Rye Johansen (expected 2019)
Louise Voldby Beuchert (expected 2016)
Morten Hjortskov Larsen (expected 2016)
Morten Visby Krægpøth (expected 2016)
Rasmus Landersø (expected 2015)
Sanni Nørgaard Breining (expected 2015, placement Aarhus University)
Tine L. Mundbjerg Eriksen (2014, placement Aarhus University)
Karl Fritjof Krassel (2014, placement KORA)
Jannie H. G. Kristoffersen (2013, placement Copenhagen Business School)
Torben Sørensen (2009, placement Jyske Bank)
Maria Knoth Humlum (2009, placement Aarhus University)
Juanna Schrøter Joensen (2007, placement Stockholm School of Economics)
Aycan Celikaksoy (2006, placement SOFI, Stockholm University)
Jenni Kellokumpu (Jyväskylä U, 2014)
Marta Favara (U of Essex, 2013)
Firew Bekele Woldeyes (Aarhus U, 2011)
Niels Skipper (Aarhus U, 2010)
Helene Bie Lilleør (U of Copenhagen, 2008)
Phillip Festerling (Aarhus U, 2006)
Lars Skipper (Aarhus U, 2005)
Vibeke Jakobsen (ASB/SFI, 2004)
Lars Pico Geerdsen (U of Copenhagen, 2003)
Investment in Children and Youth (MSc, 2015)
Economics of Education (MSc, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013)
Empirical HRM (MSc, 2011, 2012, 2014)
Intermediate micro/macroeconomics (BSc/BA various versions, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,
2006, 2008, 2010)
Continuing Education
Coaching (2012, 3 days)
Process and research management for academics (2011, 8 days plus network and coaching)
Academic supervision (2010, 5 days)
Curriculum Planning (2002)
E-learning (2001/2002)
General Dissemination Technique (2000, 3 days)
Teaching Portfolio (1999)
Management experience
2013 Member of Management Team (Trygfonden’s Centre for Child Research)
2010-2016 Head of research group (CSER, WP2 Compulsory Schooling)
2007-2010 Member of Management Committee (NCoE in Empirical Labor Economics)
2006-2009 Head of collective research project (Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital)
2003-2006 Head of collective research project (Education as a Risky Asset)
Conference and workshop organization
Conferences and workshops
2014 Evidence of Schooling and Wellbeing
2013 Self-control, Self-regulation and Education (D Schunk, M Kocher, E Bettinger, P Oreopoulos)
2013 European Society for Population Economics (ESPE)
2013 Economics of Successful Children: Families and Schools (S Rivkin, U Schönberg, P
Fredriksson, E Plug)
2011 Empirical Analysis of Family Economics (Y Weiss, A Siow, S Lundberg, M Francesconi, C
2010 Immigration, Integration and School Achievement (D Paserman, S Trejo, B Duncan, P
2005 How to Succeed in Academia (S Black, R Croson, E Auriol)
2004 Education as a Risky Asset (J Heckman, M Browning etc)
2004 From parent to child (J Behrman)
PhD courses
2013 Martin Kocher/ Daniel Schunk
2012 Thomas Dee
2012 Federico Ciliberto
2011 Pedro Carneiro
2008 Victor Lavy
2006 Zvi Eckstein
2006 Joshua Angrist
2005 Christopher Taber
2005 Kjetil Storesletten
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