Parents, Faculty, Emeriti, Staff, Administration, Friends and 2012

2011–2012 Honor Roll of Appreciation
Your participation counted!
Faculty, Emeriti, Staff
& Administration
Class of 2012 Senior Gift
Special thanks to our
Oswego State parents for
making our college your
own. Oswego appreciates
your friendship and
sincerely thanks you for
your generous support.
Parents who are alumni are
listed with their classes in
the Alumni Section of this
year’s Honor Roll.
Ontarian Society
Your participation counted …
for their aspirations
Jeffrey ’80 and Linda
Gibbs M ’85, Parent Chairs
Robert and Susan Touhsaent (M)
1861 Society
Century Club
James and Barbara Karge
Leslene Amsterdam
Michael Bauman
Thomas and Marion Blauvelt
Allen Boxbaum
Lester and Heather Brown
Michael Caprara
Mark and Susan Congdon
Walter Conrad
Geoffrey and Diane Dietrich
Martha Dobra
Robert Doucet
James and Sharon Dry
Paul and Nora Dusseault
Patricia Facchini
Kim Garnett
Bruce and Kim Gilchrist
Garry and Ellen Gitlin
Eric and Janet Gregware
Michael and Grace Hahn
Grant Hait
David Hanford
David Heller
Alfred Hernandez
Virginia Houston
Gail Jaskot
Danny and Carina Jones
Lilly Keddell
David Kozlowski
Pierre and Gayle Laganiere
Stephen Leaden
Fred and Kelly Leimbrock
Thomas and Teresa Linehan
Vincent Logiudice
Sandy and Janice McConney
Timothy McGrath
John O'Dowd
Jennifer Otto
Emilie Rawlings
Norbert and Christine
Eloise Ruiz
Carol Sawyer
Ronald and Marie Schadt
Robert and Ginny Schaper
Michael Schlenoff
Paul and Elizabeth Shanley
Michael Shannon
Robert and Sue Singleton
Herbert and Ellen Smith
Sheldon Inner Circle
The President ’s Circle
The President’s Circle honors donors who have generously
contributed $250 or more to The Fund for Oswego.
SUNY Oswego’s sincere appreciation is extended to those
individuals who have supported the college at leadership levels
from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012. The individuals listed
below are divided into the following:
Sheldon Ambassadors
$5,000 and up
Sheldon Inner Circle
$1,000 to $1,860
Ontarian Society
$2,500 to $4,999
Sheldon Loyalty Society
$500 to $999
1861 Founder’s Society
$1,861 to $2,499
Sheldon Associates
$250 to $499
New Giving Society Levels
Effective July 1, 2013
$10,000 – $24,999
$5,000 – $9,999
$2,500 – $4,999
$1,861 – $2,499
$1,000 – $1,860
Medallion Society
Torchbearer Society
Ambassador Society
Ontarian Society
1861 Founder’s Society
Pillar Society
$500 – $999
$250 – $499
Gold member
Green member
James and Laurie Resila
Anna Rosamilia
Sylvia Sanchez
Michael and Marcia Scott
Timothy and Pamela Sheehan
Kevin and Kathleen Smith
Morgan Smith
Kate Squadrito
Michael Steuer and Alice
Amalia Swan
Robert and Jean Tarrant
L. Michael and Elisa Treadwell
Michael and Barbara
Kevin and Constance Winant (M)
Stuart and Carol Wood
James and Lisa Worden
Joseph LaPoint
Jack Robson
Sheldon Loyalty
James Bacalles
Thomas and Leanne Fiscoe
Wally and Shelley Love
Donna McLoughlin
Michael and Julianna Speck
Sheldon Associates
Jackie Altavilla
Michael Ameigh
Perry and Kathy Badham
Frederick and Bernadette
Richard and Anne-lise Bedka
William and Linda Brodeur
David and Dana Crowell
Joe Elacqua
Anita Farmer
Rosa Gonzalez
Douglas and Linda Grady
Bradford and Judith Harris
William and Debra Haviland
James and Alice Holihan
Chanda and Najwa Kale
Mark Kostreba
Patrick Lanigan
Joanne Lauro
Neil and Ann Marie Leichman
Ruth Luis
Christopher Oliver and Teri Lukin
Lisa Maloy
Amelia Mancino
Stephen Marchesi and
Christine Kettner
Francis and Sandra Marlowe
Kathleen McCarty
Joseph and Ellen McCloskey
Joseph Moreau
Christopher Oliver
Frank and JoAnn Porcelli
Emilie Rawlings
Dennis and Margaret Snyder
Paul Titanic
Rudolph and Brenda Trosin
John and Judith VanBoxmeer
Arthur Vinette
Dale and Mary Wager
Richard and Joann Woods
John and Diane Abraham
Janet Abrams
Katharine Adamo
Joseph Albano
Louis and Cynthia Altieri
Philip Ambrosio
Ann Anderson
Bertil and Hertha Anderson
George and Karen Arbogast
Jon and Catherine Ariel
Stephen Arnone
Jerry and Kathy Arsenault
David and Laurie Asermily
Jane Atlas
Debbie Auricchio
Loretta Avery
Mike Backus
Nicholas and Elena Badami
Virginia Baker
Maribeth Ballon
Pamela Balzano
Jeff and Sherry Bame
Malcolm Bancroft
Chris and Denise Barbariantz
Harold and Paula Barber
Russell and Robin Barnett
David Barnum
Robert Bartholomew
John and Carol Bartle
Rebecca Batchelor
Tara Beaudet
Paul Beckwith
Dawn Beers
Peter and Karen Bell
Susan Bell
Mary Berkey
Steven Bernstein
Cynthia Bersani
Thomas and Pat Besl
Theodore and Debra Bickert
Michael and Carole Bieber
John and Andrea Billias
Steven and Margaret Billstein
Karen Biondo
Mary Birmingham
Jim Blair
Jonathan and Donna Blake
Karen Blance
Sandra Blankenbaker
Lisa Blum
Darlene Bolen
Joseph Bond
Christopher Bonn
Kenneth and Shelley Bowman
Robert and Maria Boyce
Robert and Joan Boyle
Judy Bradley
Norman and Anna Brazee
Patrick Breen
Thomas Breslin
Mary Ann Brockway
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Your participation counted.
Ernest Brodbeck
Frank Brosch
Arnold and Barri Brown
Charles and Theresa Brown
Cindy Brown
Jerry and Theresa Brown
Linda Brown
William Brown
Marianne Bruyere
Charles and Maureen Buckel
William Burger
Judith Burkhard
Lynda Burkhart
James and Maureen Burns
Maureen Byrd
Manuel and Betty Cajade
Jules Callaghan
Alfred and Anita Canonico
Albert and Rosanna Capellini
Elizabeth Capozzi
Nathan and Linda Capton
Neil and Pamela Carcaterra
Deborah Cardinal
Anne Carey
Stephanie Carmody
Frank and Diane Carnevale
Dean and Susan Carroll
Robert and Jeanne Casanovas
Robert and Janis Casler
Brenda Caster
Cheryl Castilano
Joseph Cavallaro
John and Mary Cavallero
Michael Cavotta
Dawn Cerra
Charles Chappell
Zeng Jin Chen and Sai Rong
Wayne Chernek
Michael Chromeck
John Clappin
Thomas Clifford and Linda
Jonathan and Deborah Cohen
Robert and Elaine Cohen
Elena Colombo
Larry and Carol Compton
Glenn Comunale
Michael and LouAnn
Raymond Connolly
Richard and Deborah
Linda Conte-Giannone
Maria Conway
John Cook
Richard and Maureen Cook
Anthony and Renee Cooper
Mary Ann Cooper
Wendy Cooper
Gail Copeland
Joseph and Mary Costa
Valerie Costello
Timothy Cothren
Ronald and Becky Cramer
Robert and Louise Crawford
Michael and Kelly Crise
Katherine Croft
Patricia Curley
Joseph and Madeline Curry
Gary and Grace Cutler
Thomas and Wendy Czajak
William Dadey
Steven and Yvonne
Elizabeth Dashnaw
Paul and Mary DeLand
Michael and Andrea
Charles Delo
Lester Denison
Karen Dennis
Gary Dick
Wendy Diehl
Sharyl Digiovanni
Daniel Ditolla and Linda
Dorothy Doane
Daniel Donovan
Julius Dorsey
Trent Drake
Charles and Carol Dunn (M)
Susan Dunphy
Gary and Kathy Dupree
Dennis Eames
Jim and Teresa Eggers
Martin and Mary Ellis
Jack Engel
Stephen and Heidi Erb
Christine Estrada
David and Suzanne Fabiano
Steve Fana
John Farnach
James Farrell
Scot and Jeanne Farrell
Dave and Michele Farris
Steven and Robyn Feld
Ronald and Brenda Fenster
Steve Fenton
Leonard and Paula Fetcho
Walter and Barbara Fiedler
Michael and Alicia Flack
William and Elyse Flader
Jennifer Fluri
John and Barbara Flynn
William and Christine
Thomas and Kimberlee
Steven Forster
Michael and Arlene Frank
Karen Frazer
Karen Fredericks
Clayton and Cynthia Frisbie
John and Bernadette Frohm
Eric and Wynn Frost
Anna Gaeta
Robert and Kathy Galante
William Galcik
James and Dale Gallagher
Richard and Jardine Gallucci
Robert and Lorie Gally
Bill Gardiner
Richard Gardiner
Edward Garrow
Amy Gay
Robert and Patricia Geekie
Kevin Genter
Stephan and Patricia Georgi
Larry Gertsakis
James and Bernadette
Rocco and Judy Gibaldi
Cornelius Gillon
Frank Giordani
Keith and Laura Girling
David and Marilyn Glaser
Tony and Sharon Glott
Irwin Goldbaum and Barbara
Maynard and Barbara
Howard Golove
Jeffrey and Susan Goro
Edward and Roberta Gough
John and Rena Granieri
Kathleen Greco
Asher and JoAnne
J. Thomas Greer
Carol Guido
Richard and Rosemarie Guido
Michael Hagen
Glen and Jane Hallahan
Kelly Hallinan
Steven and Doreen Hamel
Kenneth and Carol Hamm
Barbara Hammer
William and Katherine
Paul and Michele Harnish
Steven and Katherine
Harr (M)
Arlene Harris
Stephen and Joan Hastings
Michael and Joan Healy
Francis Heffernan
Lawrence and JoAnn Hertz
Robert and Karon Hess
Mark and Jolene Higby
John and Jacqueline Hilbert
Lawrence and Kathleen
Allen and Marlene Hochberg
James and Caroline Holman
Edward and Luann Holtz
John and Kathleen Horvath
Thomas Hough
Jacqueline Hudgston
Ronald Huetter
Greg Huff
John and Irene Hufnagel
Karen Humeston
Janet Husung
Joseph and Kathryn Jacovino
Daniel and Mary Lou Jaszka
David and Nancy Jauvtis
Irene Jencius
Kathy Jerome
Donna Johnson
Howard Johnson
Gary and Colleen Jones
John Jones
Leonard Jones
Linda Jones
Kenneth Joy
John Jurcak
Velma Kahn
Joseph and Marilyn Kaleta
Ira and Renee Kaplan
Adolf Kapusta
William Kelleher
Eric and Maureen Kelsey
John Kelsey
Matthew and Jacqueline
Steven and Julann Kennish
Robert and Lynn Kerr
Carolyn Kerwin
Steven and Ronda Ketcham
Norbert and Lynette Kieffer
Peter and Nancy Killie
Eugene King
Joseph and Elizabeth King
Elayne Kirkwood
Stanley and Marie Klimeczko
Gene and Patricia Klindienst
Alan Kline
Stephen and Lianne Knight
Anton and Melissa Kovary
Barbara Kowitski
Mary Kramarchyk
Jeff Kukura
Mary Kutney
Susan Kutryb
Dennis LaBarge
Curt and Phyllis Lader
Linda Lamb
James Lamm
Geraldine Lampman
William and Gerrie Lampman
Nan Lance
Virginia Larkin
Kathleen Latremore
*James and Cynthia LeFlore
Debra Legato
David and Lori Legonelli
Anne Lemm
Mark Leonard
Rick and Laurie Leone
Kenneth and Jill Lerch
Paula Leslie
Lauren Lewand
Paul Liebenauer
David and Marilyn Liseno
Betsy Lombard
Jodi Lubba
John Luber
Boro and Dragica Lukajic
Elyse Lunau
Judith Lynch
Wilbert and Nancy Lynch
Martha MacArthur
Durward and Cynthia
Bruce and Ayn Mackenzie
Timothy Magill
Martin and Theresa Maio
James and Ann Makowiec
Thomas and Ellen Maloney
Roseanne Marcus
Leah Marenstein
Andrew Marks
Bruce and Barbara Martin
Roland and Florence Martinez
Fred and Clare Maser
James Matassa
Debra Matrigali
David May
Lawrence Mazuchowski
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Michael and Deborah
Brenda McBride
Carrie McDermott
Linda McDonald
James and Laura McDuffee
James and Joan McFadden
Timothy and Kimberly
Kathleen McIsaac
Ronald and Carolyn McKay
James McKeon
Steven McLaughlin
Deborah McLeod
James and Donna McMahon
Kathryn McNamara
Shaun McNamara
Doreen McVey
Thomas and Diann Meek
Marta Mendoza
Thomas and Sally Metzner
Fred and Nancy Michel
Marlene Miele
Ganette Mienkiewicz
Carl Miller
Richard Mir
William and Karen Mirabito
Herbert and Evelyn
Ward and Joanne Moeller
John and Jackie Montrois
Jeffrey and Dawn Moores
Michael and Silvia Morales
James and Justina Moser
Melanie Mucilli
Joyce Murphy
Kristen Murphy
Elizabeth Negrin
Lila Netzband
Margaret Nicholas
Stephanie Nicpon (M)
Karen Noah
Jose and Olga Nolasco
John Noonan
Frederick Normand
Suzanne Nunez
Susan Nutt
Joseph and Dorothy Nuzzo
Gregory O'Connell
Maureen O'Connell
Eva and John O'Connor
Judith O'Donnell
Janie Oakman
Irene Oczkowski
Margaret Ogden
Paul and Carol Ohlbaum
David and Dawne Olbrych
Barbara Onderdonk
Ralph and Gail Orser
John Ostrander
Frances Owens
Joseph Paccione
Jody Pangburn
Irene Parish
Richard Pascucci
Robert Patterson
David and Pamela Pavlick
Donna Pedersen
David Pepe
William Perkett
+ Includes gift
of product
or services
Your participation counted.
+ Includes gift
of product
or services
David and Judy Pesner
Wilber and Dorinda Peters
Gary Pettit
Craig and Laura Pfeifer
Debra Phillips
Michael Piasecki
William and Tammy Pittenger
Anthony and MaryEllen
Saundra Porter-Fields
John and Betty Postiglione
Nora Postulka
Alex and Kathleen Pottetti
Mary Powers
Jo-Ann Pressberg
Scott and Sharon Morris
Alfred and Jenny Provancher
Paul Provost
Russell and Royetta Pulver
Paul and Sheryl Rabinowitz
Lauren Raffa
Jeanne Rampone
Curtis Regruit
Lorraine Rein
Diane Reischmann
Bernardo and Ana Reyes
Randal and Donna Reynolds
Chris and Gail Rinehart
Patricia Rizzo
Lester and Marilyn Roll
Roseann Romita
Michael and Laura Rosato
Hugh and Allison Ross
Margot Rucker
Sylvia Russell
Andrew Russo
Constance Ryan
Corinne Ryan
William and Irene Ryan
Palmira Sa
Jason and Carmella Saber
Gerald and Carol Santangelo
Manuel Santiago and Nilsa
Nicolas and Nancy Sarubbi
Douglas and Marlene Sawyer
Robert and Barbara Sayre
Stephen and Sharlene Scherer
Robert and Elizabeth
Michael Schmid
Raymond and Joan Schmitt
Tina Schneider
Elma Schott
Michael Schrom and Linda
Larry and Sandra Schulz
Maureen Seaman
Timothy and Kathleen Sears
John and Mary Seebach
Thomas and Karen Seiter
Olga Sekulich
Juli Severson
James and Beth Sheehan
Dennis Sheppard
April Sherman
Robert and Christine Shipley
Christopher and Leslie Shyne
Bruce Sillner
Calvin Simmons
Linda Sinofsky
James Slack
Mark and Amy Smith
James Smith
James Smith
Richard and Mary Snell
Mike and Wendy Sobles
Peter and Christina Sorel
Mike and Anne Sostowski
Julie Soule
Dixon and Linore Southworth
Richard and Jo Ann Spatola
Joseph Spiegel
Jerome and Helen Spielman
Nancy St. Laurent
Scott and Joanne Stacey
Emily Stachewicz
Jack Stagnari
Doris Stahl
Joyce Stahl
Stephen and Debora Stamer
Charles and Joanne Steiger
Sharon Steigerwald
Charles and Lynn Stepanek
Lori Sternberg
David and Barbara Stewart
Stephen and Margaret Stone
Sheri Storrs
Harvey and Barbara Strauss
William and Bernice Strother
Nancy Stuart
Marianne Sullivan
Sheri Sullivan
Timothy and Debra Sullivan
Herbert and Kathleen Swan
Barbara Tabnik
Patricia Talaba
William Tambs
Vinny and Shirley Tan
Linda Tarantelli
Nancy Tarantino
Don and Kim Tegeler
Sharon Termini
Mark and Christine Therrien
Donald Thompson
Peter and Marilyn Thomsen
Mary Tiballi
Michael and Brigid Tighe
Robert and Anna Tisdell
Jeff and Patricia Titus
Michele Torbitt
Andres Torres
Donald and Geraldine Tosti
David Travis
Maria Trimarchi
Raymond and Shivkumarie
Andrew and Karla Trotta
Charles Trupia
Karen Turcotte
Michelle Tyson
Thomas and Leah Valenti
Gary VanCour
Thomas and Susan VanWert
Patricia Vanderveer
Carlene Vanscoyk
Cheryl Varn
Paul and Holly Vassallo
Robert and Beverly Vezer
Glen Vining
Robert Virtuoso
William and Janice Volk
Doreen Vuotto
Ronald and Frances Wadas
Richard Wahl
Donald Walda
James Waldbillig
Nancy Walrath
Patrick Walsh
Patricia Walsh-Griffith
Joan Wanamaker
Enid Wasacz
Nancy Watson
Rod and Mary Watson
William Weber
Eric and Emily Weiler
Jonathan and Aurora
Michele Weintraub
Martin and Linda Weiss
Michael and Jayne Weitz
Garvin Wells
Heidi Wenner
William Wentworth
Eileen Wesley
Brenda Williams
Debra Williams
Terry and Carol Williams
Daniel and Anita Willis
Barbara Willsea
Roger and Maria Wilson
William and Mary Wilson
Mervin and Josiane Windfield
John and Mary Windus
Floyd and Mary Winkstern
Rebecca Wittenberg
Brian Wolf
Heather Worzel
Allen and Susan Wright
Laura Wright
Robert and Patricia Wright
Maurice Wysocki and Patricia
Carolyn Yacco
Thomas Young
Sai Yuan
Bernard and Ann Zablocki
Brenda Zerbe-Rouse
Sharon Zraly
Nadine Zudoffsky
Edward Zukowski
Emeriti, Staff &
Special thanks to the
generous spirit of Oswego’s
current and former faculty,
staff and administration
who have contributed to
The Fund for Oswegofrom
July1, 2011, to June 30, 2012.
Faculty and staff who are
alumni are also listed with
their classes in the Alumni
Section of this year’s
Honor Roll.
Sheldon Ambassadors
Yvonne Petrella
Ontarian Society
Lorrie Clemo
1861 Society
C. Thomas and Shirley
Richard Johnson
John and Sandra Mincher
Walter and Barbara Nitardy
Deborah F. and Michael
Sheldon Inner Circle
Elizabeth Bridges
Kristine Hyovalti Bushey
Mary Gibbons Canale
Kerry Casey Dorsey
Glynn English
Eleanor Filburn
Geraldine Forbes
Barbara Gerber
Lenuta Giukin
Howard Gordon
Lynn Hemink
Bernie Henderson
JoAn Huff
David and Leslie King
Nicholas Lyons
John MacDonald
Rhonda Mandel
Joshua McKeown
Fritz Messere and Nola
Harold and Lorraine Nash
Marta Santiago
Amy Shore
Richard and Gurdeep Skolnik
Mark Slayton
Charles Spector
Ralph and Marion Spencer
Sheldon Loyalty
Linda Abramski (M)
Albert and Julie Blissert
Elizabeth Burns
Jay Button
Katherine Clark
Dean Crawford
Kelly Barnard Cullinan
John Daken
Edward and Mary Gosek
Robert Hageny
Thomas Ingram
Joy Westerberg Knopp
Shelley Love
Kimberly Waters McGann
Pamela Michel
Jeffrey Monette
John and Karen Moore
Timan Nekritz
Jerome and Elizabeth Oberst
James Pagano
Lawrence Perras
Patti McGill Peterson
Patricia Russo
Margaret Ryniker
Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt
Augustine and Beverly Silveira
Ronald and Hilda Sorensen
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Your participation counted.
James Wassenaar
Jane Wright
Sheldon Associates
Michael Ameigh
Steven Baker
Frederick and Bernadette
Alexander Beattie
John and Judith Belt
Nirmala Bidani
Richard Bush
Michael Caldwell
Ram Chaudhari
Cynthia Clabough
John and June Cooper
Thomas Cushman
Mary DePentu
Nicholas DellaPenna
Jason Denny
Amy Canale Dumas
Kathleen Smits Evans
John and Joanne Fisher
Todd Graber
Joseph and Jean Grant
Jeffrey Grimshaw
Nancy Hale
Christopher Hockey
Joanne Sivers Howard
Luciano and Marilee Iorizzo
Webe Kadima
Sharon Kane
Douglas Kazacos
Thomas Kubicki
John Lalande
Bruce and Patricia Lester
Robert and Margaret Lloyd
Melissa Manwaring
Linda Rae Markert
Donald and *Joan Mathieu
Katherine Loiacono Maxwell
Joseph and Ellen McCloskey
David McQuin and Susan
Julie Pretzat Merchant
Mark Mirabito
James Molinari
Joseph Moreau
Jack Narayan
Pauline Nikas
Mehran Nojan
Laura Pavlus
Laree Pease
Virginio Piucci
Hema Rao
Jeffrey Rea
Steven Salisbury
Bennet Schaber
Willard and Joan Schum
Celia Sgroi
John and Barbara Shaffer
Michelle Spinner
Barbara St. Michel
Sanford Sternlicht
Mary F. Stuck and M.C. Ware
Daniel Tryon
Leigh Wilson
Karen Wolford
Steven Abraham
Darlene Abrantes
Tenkoran Agyeman
Kevin Ahern
Willard Allen
Jean Ann
Kimberly Armani
Greg Auleta
Mary Avrakotos
Michelle Massaro Bandla
Barbara Bartholomew
Betty Bartkowiak
Rosalie Battles
Douglas Beard
Mary Bell
Mary Bennett
Stephen Bero
Ronald Brown
Cora Brumley
John Brunson
Mark Carr
Robert Casper
Louis Castiglia
Justice Cheney
Ronald Cocciole
Eric Cohoon
Sheila Cooley
Deborah Curry
Maureen Curtin
Colleen Czajak
Vincent and Joan D'Ambrosio
James Decker
Pamela Delfino
Alan Deline
John and Maria Demidowicz
Patrick and Rebecca
Susan DiBlasi
Arvind Diddi
Wendy Diehl
Anne Diorio
Lisa Drake
Jean Dufore
Julius Dunham
William Farden
Michael Flack
Robert Friske
John Fuller
John Gary
Joseph Gigliotti
Eileen Gilligan
Daniel Griffin
Charles Gruman
Brooks Gump
Michelle Hamann
Terrence and Martha
Gabor Hardy
Donald Harrison
Melissa Hellman
Rachel Gernold Henderson
Johanna Henry
Jessica Hester
Frances Hildahl
Christine Hirsch
Richard Hughes
Michael and Christy Huynh
Kenneth Hyde
Winfield Ihlow and Marcia
Denise Izyk
Carrie Izzo
John and Mary Jackson
Linda Manzano Johnson
Trevor and Kristen Jorgensen
Thomas and Blanche Judd
Marvin Kaminsky
Florence Kirk
Michael Knopp
Brad Korbesmeyer
Karel Kurst-Swanger
Eugene Kush
Sandra Kyle
Nancy Lalik
Pamela Lavallee
*James and Cynthia LeFlore
Albert and Estella Leighton
Nicholas Leuthauser
Paul Liebenauer
Shane Liebler
Jeremy Lombardo
Linda Morley Loomis
Donald Masterson and
Catherine Santos
Donna Matteson
Robert and Joan Maurer
Laurie McDermott
Mary McGowan
Brian McGrane
Kevi McNeilly
Larry Messina
Cathy Mills
Charles and Marcia Moore
Robert Moore
Sandra Moore
Jessica Moquin
Patrick Murphy
Robert O'Connor
Patricia O'Neil
Emily Oaks
Century Club
Bruce Altschuler
Hugh and Grace Mowatt
Jodi Burth Cary
Lou Anne Coleman
Rajat and Annuschka Deb
Victoria Furlong
Philip and Sylvia Gaines
Herbert and Doris Garber
Charles Goodwin
David Hertzler
Daniel Jackson
Devin and Dawn Kerr
George and Heike Koenig
Thomas and Mary Loe
T. Mark and Sharon Morey
Gerry Oliver and Joan
Virginia Pratt
Scott Purce
Judy Reidy
Tammy Reitz
Joanne Segretto
Marilynn Smiley
Donald and Mary Vanouse
Lisa Vinciguerra
Brian and Jacqueline Wallace
Kathleen Walpole
Brad Wray and Lori Nash
Richard and Helen Zakin
Gary Paricio
Linda Neely Paris
Jane Partanen
Benjamin Patterson
Bruce Peng and Jean Ann
David Perl
John and Madeleine Peterson
Luther Peterson
Dana Pierce
Melanie Proper
Tania Ramalho
Casey Raymond and Melissa
Catherine Reed
Michele Reed
Shelly Reifke
Kenvyn Richards
W. Mack Richardson
Robert and Shirley Rock
Stephen Rosow
John Rossi
James Russell
Michael Russell
Constance Ryan
Jessica Ryan
Steve Saraydar
Joseph Scanlon
Raymond and Marlene
Damian Schofield
Karen Ruth Sgarlata
Michael Sgro
Alexander Sheldon
Thomas and Kimberly
Mary Miller Smith
Alexandra Sorbello
LeAnne St. Gelais
Donna Steiner
Robert and Terene Stewart
MaryAnn Glancy Stirling
Kenneth Sturges
Elaine Suskin
Joann Buske Syrell
Rose Throop
Christie Torruella
Bethany Urban
Richard Valentine
Herbert and Sandra
Amy Vanderlyke
Brian and Jacqueline Wallace
Michael Walsh
Christina Weaver
Dominick White
Robert Zuber
Sheldon Ambassadors
Sheldon Inner Circle
Catherine Baum
Kim Borrelli
Michael Dings
Judith Dolan
Joanne Gocek
Joan Hoenow
Edward Kelly
Ani Levy
Taryne McCarthy
Sue Morse
David Sack
Kurt Salisbury
Andrew Scott
Philip and Martha Scott
Monica Shah
Neelesh Shah
Walter Scherr
Richard Sweeting
Nancy Wurtz
William and Penny Allyn
Mary Anne Doran
Dennis Dorsey
Eva Evans
Chris and Constance Gagas
Patricia Hammond
A.Thomas Hildebrandt
Hank Landau
Michael O’Leary
Jane Parker
Kay Pantelis
Phyllis Ricchi
Susan Slayton
Ontarian Society
Jackie Bryans
Michael Kirk
Helen Luongo
Steven Nicolais
David Scott
Stephanie Triandiflou
Fredrick Young
1861 Society
Michelle Adams
Stan Babiuk
Douglas McCracken
Anthony Sgarlata
Sheldon Loyalty
Mark Abramski
Julie Albertson and Rick
John and Ann Allen
William and Audrey Boyd
Stephen and Nancy Greene
Bruce Janvey
Alicia Jones
Douglas Jones
Mark Knopp
Wally Love
Philip Mark
William Rozwod
Martin Schuh (M)
Susan Swindells
Special thanks to those
individuals who give true
meaning to the word
friends. Oswego appreciates
your friendship and
sincerely thanks you for
your generous support
between July 1, 2011, and
June 30, 2012.
Your participation counted …
for research
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Your participation counted.
Sheldon Associates
Joseph and Muriel Allerton
Barbara Caraccioli
Kevin Caraccioli
Alan Cody
Margaret DiBlasi
Paul Furman
Gina Gannon
Raymond Haines
Melissa Hall
Sue Hamm
Ryan Hurba
David and Pamela Jordan
Ronald Kuck
Kevin Mahaney
Benjamin Merchant
Michael and Edie Nupuf
Ruth Sayer
John and Helene
Schneider (M)
Kay Sears
Judith House Tallman
Michael Tamilia
Mack Travis
Nancy Uzo
Norman and Dorothea
Century Club
+ Includes gift
of product
or services
Karen Bailey
Cynthia Banach
Perry and Sue Bertsch
Ray and Sue Butterworth
Patrick Caulfield
Frank Clavelli
Dermot Collins
Susan Coniglio
William Craft
Cheryl Cullinan
Gilbert Dembin
David Fabiano
George Feeney
John Fitzgibbons
Robert Fontana
Jeff and Kathy Forger
John Gensheimer
Daniel Gentile
Anne Giegerich
Robert and Jane Giordano
Joseph Gosek
Dale and Linda Greenlee
Raymond Grimshaw
Robert and Susanne
Hankey (M)
Richard Henselman
Adolphe Heppell
Daniel Herzberg
Ben Hillage
Shirley Hojnacki
Thomas Kearns
Carolyn Kelleher
Stephen and Jan Kilpatrick
Christina Kirk
Jean Kohashi
Mark and Jackie Koster
Gaetana Kramer
Lawrence and Susan Lee
Robert Lewis
Patricia Loprieno-Ross
*William Mahon
Cathy McIntyre
Spencer McNamara
Joshua Molinari
Thomas Nolan
Michael Novakowski
Michael and Ronda Olszewski
Martha Osborne
Marion Perleoni
Judy Perlet
Rick and Lynne Pratt
Kristine Puopolo (M)
Karen Ranney
Vincent Reynolds
Jason Rice
Joseph and Margaret Rozwod
Robert Rozwod
John and Ginny Schneider
Richard Sherman
Bernard Siegel
Edward Silvester
Aleksandr Sokolovsky
Mary Spadafore
Jean Stevens
Julian and Ann Marie
David Turner
Kevin Walker
Lawrence and Irene Waxman
Maria Aguila
Kia Albertson-Rogers
Wren Albertson-Rogers
Karen Allocco
Louis Angelina
Charles and Kathy Arena
Joanne Arola
Lynn Arola
Michael and Karen Atutis
Richard Axtell
Joseph Bacigalupo
Mary Ann Baker
Richard and Ramona
H. Douglas and Sara Barclay
Chris and Sandra Battles
Mark Bazari
Richard Berrios
Mary Bickers
Jane Bieber
Charles and Sondra Blum
Fletcher Bolsover
Patricia Bove
Richard Bowman
Ted Branch
Bart and Eleanor Buonocore
Howard and Doris Busloff
Fred Byrne
Bobbie Carson
Kathleen Casatelli
Charles Caton
Terrence Cavanaugh
Mary Chapman
Mary Jane Chapman
Judith Chickering
Paul Chwalek
Colleen Clancy
James Clark
Marilyn Cohen
Dympna Collaghan
Todd Conner
James and Diane Cooney
Daniel Corretore
Robert Cregg
Dale Creighton
Jack Curran
Maureen Curtin
George Cuthbert
Lorie Cutuli
Kathleen Cwenar
Regina D'Alessandro
Malcolm Davidson
Norma Davidson
Brian and Elena Davis
Hendra Davis
Marianne Davis
James and Bernice Delaney
Peter Derrenbacker
Philip Dettelis
Charles and Isabel DiCarlo
Johnny and Linda Dixon
Marie Dixon
Laura Dys
Sandra Estrada
Charles Faulkner
Art Federow
Thomas and Louise Ferris
Maryann Ferrizz
Virginia Filiaci
John Fitzgibbons
Thomas Flynn
Vincent and Eileen Forrest
Robert Forssell
Erich and Maureen Frank
Antoinette Galante
Dominick and Catherine
M. Lois Gauch
Robert Gelinas
Rubin and Lila Goldberg
Patricia Gorski
Deborah Governski
Tony and Georgia Gregory
David Grimm
Sherri Guarniero
Paul and Eva Gucwa
Joshua Hann
Vivian Harris
Muriel Harrison
Susan Haswell
Traci Haynes
Nuha Hazzan
Johanna Henry
Noel and Tracy Hillman
Ronald Hovey
Mike and Julie Howard
Gerald and Genevieve
Darrin Hugill
Frances Iannaccone
Robert and Tracy Ink
Brenda Izen
Paul Izyk
Tim Izyk
John and Marlene Jackson
Carol Johnson
Harold Johnson
Harold and Mary Johnson
Jeff Kahlbach
David Kamide
Laurie Kelly
James and Lillian Kennedy
John and Susan Kenyon
Colleen Kiefer
Judy Killmer
Robert Kirschner
Elaine Sykes Krenitsky
Wayne and Doris Krueger
Paul Kunzwiler
Kathryn LaTorre
Liz Laliberte
Jeannette Lannigan
Nicholas and Patricia Lanza
Anthony Leckey
Lawrence Lediger
David Leverett
Charles and Dorothy
Matthew and Christina Liepke
Lisa Lippoldt
Carol Livesey
Jason and Julie Livesey
Vita Lobdell
James and Geralyn Loprieno
Avery Manko
Robert and Patricia Martin
Scott Martin
Christopher Maye
Elinor Maye
Mathew Maye
John McGrath
Brien McNulty
Ernest and Patricia Mears
Robert Meyer
John Miller and Debbie
Cindi Mirchin
John Mitchell
Robert and Virginia Mitchell
David and Susan
Kathryn Mosier
Leondard Motsinger
Jim and Betty Noble
Elizabeth Nolan
James Nolan
Michael Nolin
Patricia Notaro
Michael and Mary Alice
Stephen Oury
Carol Passer
Richard Pelow
James Perkins
Richard and Barbara Peters
Dominic and Phyllis Petrella
William Pluff
Marie Pusateri
Michael and Dorothy Quirk
Dennis and Carol Quonce
Thomas and Mary Rabone
Vita Racko
Larry Rector
Marie Reed
Christine Richardson
Keith and Alice Ridgway
James and Lynda Robeson
Lisa Rodgers
Kent and Karen Rogers
Linda Ross
Thomas Rozwod
Billy and Nancy Russell
Connie Ryan
Charles and Martha Sandway
Anthony and Angela Savino
Richard and Heidi Savino
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Your participation counted.
Marie Scaramozza
Robert and Kim Schaefer
John and Heidi Schickling
Judy Schmid
Arthur Shellnutt
Selma Sheridan
Joseph and Anneliese Shortt
Victor and Anne Siuzdak
Joseph and Sheila Skelly
Frances Slobodin
Patricia Chase Sly
Mary Smith
Shirley Smith
Thomas and Debra Smith
Carla Smock
Beth Beecher Spellman
Marian Stanton
George Steigerwald
Keith Stone
Charles and Margaret Streeter
Andrew Stuart
Walton and Candice Stuart
Libby Sullivan
Andrew Suppo
Ronna Sussman
Barbara Sweet
Roger and Angela Tames
Dennis and Edith Taratus
John Tenshaw
Thomas Thomsen
Stephen Toomey
Margaret Trosin
Michael Ullrich
Clare Volo
Dave Walpole
John and Penelope Wells
David Wemple
Richard Whalen
Edwin Wheeler
Karen Wiedbusch
Margie Wiegand
Garry Wilkens
Katherine Snyder Wines
Jack Wood
Ethel Wright
Nadine Yochum
William Youngfert
Class of 2012
Senior Gift
Michael and Carole Bieber
in honor of Alexa Bess
Bieber ’12
Karisa Marie Clark ’12
Eric Fana ’12
Lauren Clark ’12
The Oswego Alumni
Association congratulates
and thanks the Class of
2012 for raising $5,693.85
for The Fund for Oswego.
More than 6% of the
Senior Class supported this
effort, along with
over 225 families, parents,
faculty and staff.
Karen and Michael Biondo
in honor of Stephen
Biondo ’12
Megan Rebecca Clement ’12
Brady Farkas ’12
in honor of Men’s Baseball
We offer a special thanks to
the Class of 2012
coordinators and planning
committee, as well as the
callers from The Fund for
Christina M. Blanchard ’12
Stephen Biondo ’12
in honor of Professor Steven
Kalynn Mae Birdsall ’12
in honor of Randy, Nan and
Sierra Birdsall
Jim and Lisa Blum
in honor of Lindsey Blum ’12
The Boyce Family
in honor of Michael J.
Boyce ’12
Joanne Abel
Michael Boyce ’12
Gabby and Eric Aguila
in honor of Mary Grace
Aguila ’12
Joseph Bradley ’12
in honor of Joe and
Morgan Bradley
Jackie Altavilla
in honor of Michael
Altavilla ’12
Kristopher Alexander
Brandow ’12
Louis and Cynthia Altieri
in honor of Luann Altieri ’12
Alexandra Anderson ’12
Ann and Adele Anderson
in honor of Jared
Anderson ’12
Jon and Catherine Ariel
in honor of Kelli Ariel ’12
David and Laurie Asermily
in honor of Rachael
Asermily ’12
Jessica Lynn Bagdovitz ’12
Steven John Baker ’12
in honor of the Class of 2012
Caitlin Brewster ’12
Mary Ann Brockway
in honor of Kimberly
Brockway ’12
Michael J. Brooks ’12
Arnold and Barri Brown
in honor of Megan Brown ’12
Karl Burns ’12
in honor of Hattie Levenseller
Chelsie Leanne Butler ’12
Ronnie Cabrera ’12
in honor of Cesar Camilo
Justin Calitree ’12
in honor of Ruth Calitree
Robert and Elaine Cohen
in honor of Jessica Cohen ’12
Danielle Conley ’12
Elizabeth Ashley Conrad ’12
Linda Conte-Giannone
Marianne Davis
in honor of Liz Bernath ’12
Robert and Trees Davis
in honor of Elizabeth
Bernath ’12
The DelVecchio Family
in honor of Christine A.
DelVecchio ’12
Rachel Harnden ’12
in honor of Laura
Harnden ’89
Vivian Harris
in honor of Christopher
Galante ’12
Michelle Hembury ’12
in honor of my grandfather,
Edwin Hembury (Duke)
Bridget Ann Dunphy ’12
Anthony Catalano ’12
in honor of Mehran Nojan
Jim and Teresa Eggers
in honor of Jason Eggers ’12
Ronald Damasco Cera ’12
Thomas ’81 and Donna ’82
in honor of Nicole
Eichenberger ’12
Barbara Hammer
Rick ’86 and Karen ’85 Dunn
in honor of Richard W.
Dunn Jr. ’12
Mr. and Mrs. E.
in honor of Elizabeth
Bernath ’12
Antoinette and Barbara
in honor of Christopher A.
Galante ’12
Doreen and Steve Hamel
in honor of Colleen Hamel ’12
Kerry Dorsey ’81, Vice
President for Development
and Alumni Relations
Congratulations Class of 2012
The Carmody Family
in honor of John Griffin
Carmody ’12
Elena Gabrikova ’12
in honor of Nataliya and
Alexandr Gabrikova
The Hallahan Family
in honor of William
Hallahan ’12
Sharyl DiGiovanni
Gary and Kathy Dupree
in honor of Nicholas
Dupree ’12
Bridgit M. Clark ’12
Karen Fredericks
in honor of Kelly
Fredericks ’12
Ashley Lorraine Grimes ’12
Morgan Ashlee DeLosh ’12
Deborah Cardinal
in honor of Kyle Cardinal ’12
Robert Edwin Cirillo ’12
in honor of Edwin and Mary
Arlene and Michael Frank
in honor of April Frank ’12
Gloria Alana Grimaldi ’12
Christine Alicia DelVecchio ’12
Kristopher Barnes ’12
in honor of Donna and
Michael Barnes
Paul and Marlene Beckwith
in honor of Paul T.
Beckwith ’12
Rosa Gonzalez
in honor of Edwin
Gonzalez ’12
Lindsey Forte ’12
in honor of Tom Forte
Isabelle Cantanucci ’12
in honor of my family
Michael and Matthew
in honor of Allison Bauman
Jennifer Lynn Fluri
Robert Cregg
in honor of Jackie Kelly
Cregg ’12
Chris and Elizabeth Dashnaw
in honor of Sarah Goobic ’12
Kevin Genter
in honor of Kylie Genter ’12
Stephan and Patricia Georgi
in honor of Lynn Georgi ’12
Thomas and Kimberlee
in honor of Craig Emerson
Forbes ’12
Steven and Yvonne Darcangelis
in honor of
Steven Darcangelis ’12
Nicole Madalena Garvey ’12
William and Elyse Flader
in honor of Lee J. Flader ’12
John Cook
in honor of Jacqueline K.
Cook ’12
Michael Balzano ’12
Russell and Robin Barnett
in honor of Robin Danielle
Barnett ’12
Anthony and Anita Farmer
in honor of
Brandon Farmer ’12
Robert and Kathy Galante
in honor of Christopher A.
Galante ’12
The Fana Family
in honor of Eric Fana ’12
Your participation counted …
on campus
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Your participation counted.
Taide Stephanie
Hernandez ’12
Thomas and Ellen Maloney
in honor of Kerry Maloney ’12
Julie Fae Hershkowitz ’12
Megan Rene Martuscello ’12
in honor of Joseph, Irene and
Jason Martuscello
The Hess Family
in honor of Forrest Hess ’12
Jennifer Holloway ’12
James and Caroline Holman
in honor of
James B. Holman ’12
Carl ’78 and Janet Husung
in honor of Lisa Husung ’12
Taylor Mae Jentsch ’12
Robert Johnson
The Jurcak Family
in honor of Ana Jurcak ’12
Ana Marie Jurcak ’12
Matthew J. Kallin ’12
in memory of
Kevin R. Collins ’86
Robert and Lynn Kerr
in honor of
Alexandra Kerr ’12
in honor of
Charles P. Ballon ’12
Briana L. Purdy ’12
in honor of Vincent Purdy
Robert and Jean Tarrant
in honor of
Melanie L. Tarrant ’12
Joyce and Meaghan Murphy
in honor of
Michael Murphy ’12
Lawrence Mazuchowski
Sarah Murphy ’12
Brenda McBride
in honor of Courtney
Joanna McBride ’12
Kate Nelson ’12
Katherine McColgan ’12
in honor of Kevin and
Geraldine McColgan
Laurie McDermott
in honor of the
Students ’12
Laurie McDermott
in honor of Emily Shapiro ’12
Jeffrey Newell ’12
in honor of Dr. Amy Shore
Betsy Oberst, Alumni Office
and Jerry Oberst ’77,
Admissions Office
in honor of the Class of 2012
Maureen and Sean O’Connell
in honor of
Shea O’Connell ’12
Lindsey Elizabeth O’Leary ’12
Brittany Lynn Quickenton ’12
James and Laurie Resila
in honor of
Alexander Resila ’12
Kelly Lynn Richards ’12
in honor of William and
Joanne Richards
Christopher and Gail Rinehart
in honor of
Lindsay Rinehart ’12
Keith Rubino ’12
in honor of
Dr. John Kares Smith
David Runge ’12
in honor of
Renee Landers-Jennings
Rebecca Leigh Schretzlmeir ’12
Allyson Overend ’12
Larry and Sandra Schulz
in honor of Greg Schulz ’12
Tiffany Shenelle McGeary ’12
*Brent Pangburn ’12
in honor of
Alice Jane Richardson
James Smith
in honor of Kaitlyn Smith ’12
Jody Pangburn
Mike and Wendy Sobles
in honor of Brittany Sobles ’12
The McNamara Family
in honor of
Sean J. McNamara ’12
Linda Paris M. ’12
in honor of
David Johnston ’73
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Speck
in honor of Michael W.
Speck ’12
Justin Robert Miano ’12
Meghan Parrish ’12
William and Geraldine
in honor of
Melissa Lampman ’12
Marlene Miele
in honor of David Miele ’12
Laura Pavlus ’09
in honor of the Class of 2012
Michael W. Speck ’12
in honor of Dr. & Mrs.
Michael J. Speck
(Mom and Dad)
JoHanna Molascon ’12
Nan Lance
in honor of David Lance ’12,
in memory of Eleanor Iles,
Class of 1911
Mom and Dad
in honor of
Jaclyn Mienkiewicz ’12
Joseph Pesce ’12
in honor of Coach Michael
Howard ’90
Scott and Joanne Stacey
in honor of
Christine Stacey ’12
Alyssa Rae Peterson ’12
Joyce Stahl
Mom and Dad
in honor of John Geekie ’12
Gary and Lori Pettit
in honor of Lucas Pettit ’12
Sheri Storrs
in honor of Kaitlyn Smith ’12
Mom and Joe
in honor of Elizabeth
Bernath ’12
Nicole Marie Pontius ’12
Robin Streeter ’87 and Eric
in honor of Jenna Streeter ’12
Barbara Kowitski
in honor of
Kaitlin Kowitski ’12
Jeffery and Anne Kukura
in honor of Eric Kukura ’12
Kimberly Landers ’12
in honor of Jessica Landers
Debra Legato
Lori Legonelli
Erica J. Lemke ’12
in honor of Lynne Lemke
Barbara Tabnik
in honor of
Jessica Lynn Ciattei ’12
Brian Christopher Osmond ’12
Christy Annmarie Kinney ’12
Department of Psychology
in honor of Graduating
Linda McDonald
in honor of
Brian McDonald ’12
Norbert and Lynette Kieffer
in honor of Chelsea Kieffer ’12
+ Includes gift
of product
or services
Michael and Deborah
in honor of
David Mazzullo ’12
Brianne Muller ’12
in honor of
The Muller Family
Rick and Laurie Leone
in honor of Britton Leone ’12
Briana Levine ’12
Kaitlyn Danielle Livermore ’12
Dawn Loosen ’12
Donna and Jim McMahon
in honor of Liam James
McMahon ’12
Mom and Kelly
in honor of Nathan John
Zudoffsky ’12
Mom, Dad and Austin
in honor of
Christy Batchelor ’12
Mom, Dad, Steve and Ruby
in honor of
Elizabeth Stamer ’12
Alex and Kathleen Pottetti
in honor of
Kristina Pottetti ’12
Charissa Rose Pratt ’12
Alfred and Jen Provancher
in honor of
Traci Provancher ’12
Traci Catherine
Provancher ’12
Paul and Susan Provost
in honor of
Anthony Provost ’12
Martha Sturtz ’79
in honor of Kenneth Sturtz ’12
Melanie Tarrant ’12
Angela Mia Tombolillo ’12
Andres Torres
in honor of Andrea Torres ’12
The Throop Family
in honor of Rhiannon
Throop ’12
The Trimarchi Family
in honor of
Alessandro Trimarchi ’12
Raymond and
Shivkumarie Tross
in honor of Ryan Tross ’12
Kiara Tull
in honor of Dr. Paul Roodin ’12
Jose Uribe ’12
in honor of Men’s Basketball
Katherine van Kessel ’12
Alyssa Vang ’12
in honor of my family, friends
and helpers!
Paul and Holly Vassallo
in honor of
Paul “P.J.” Vassallo ’12
Sophie Elizabeth Waitkins ’12
Gregory ’83 and Anne ’81
in honor of
Rachel Walczak ’12
Rachel Walczak ’12
in honor of Deacon Joseph
The Walsh Family
in honor of John P. Walsh ’12
The Walsh Family
in honor of Melissa
O’Donnell ’12
Nancy Watson
in honor of Jennifer Watson ’12
Jennifer Lynn Watson ’12
Kenneth Sturtz ’12
in memory of Nancy Searles ’60
Danielle Wayman ’12
Timothy and Debra Sullivan
in honor of Sean Sullivan ’12
Ethan White ’12
in honor of Adrienne O’Neill
Herbert and Kathleen Swan
in honor of Timothy Swan ’12
Nieshia T. Whittingham ’12
Honor Roll of Appreciation G Oswego College Foundation 315-312-3003
Kimara Rachel Wilson ’12
Brenda Zerbe-Rouse