Euphonix | SH612 | Integrated TDM Broadcast Audio Routing Frame

Integrated TDM Broadcast Audio Routing Frame
Integrated TDM Broadcast
Audio Routing Frame
Thomson VM3000 Jupiter Compatible
Typical Broadcast Audio
Routing System
Finally a solution that integrates the digital audio console router frame and
the Euphonix StudioHub (SH612) with the main facility router. This eliminates
the need for two routing and I/O systems in certain broadcast applications
resulting in considerable cost savings and increased efficiency of operation.
(right) Console audio
• Huge cost savings – console I/O and SH612 becomes an audio level to
router and facility
the router. Customers buy I/O once with console.
• Compact 2U router, reduced I/O devices – saves weight and rack space.
Audio Router
audio router duplicating functionality.
Audio Router
• Large capacity router – 768x768 versus traditional frame limit of 256x256.
• Euphonix StudioHub router is a TDM router. Digital AES/EBU pairs are
treated as two signals that can be separated unlike many digital routing
frames which do not allow the separate processing of an AES/EBU pair.
(below) Single audio
• Digital I/O available on 75 ohm BNC (AES3id) or 110 ohm XLR (AES3).
router and I/O –
• Connections are made directly to I/O unit. No expensive ‘breakout panels’.
Jupiter control con-
• Robust and reliable – StudioHub has redundant PSU and AC mains.
nects directly to the
• Full integration with Euphonix audio mixers. Audio operator has access
Euphonix StudioHub
to sources and destinations as well as other router users. Console mix busses
(mix, group, aux, prefade, etc.) are available as sources on other router panels.
StudioHub 12 x 12 MADI Router
(768 x 768 Time Slots)
The StudioHub router, employed with the Euphonix System 5 or Max
output into the router, then assign the router source to the tape op destina-
Air digital audio mixing systems, enables the user to substantially reduce
tion. This greatly simplifies the way audio is routed throughout the facility.
the amount of audio I/O that has traditionally been required for remote
In the event of an unforeseen catastrophe, there are complete ‘real
trucks, production control rooms and post production rooms. Savings of over
world’ failsafe redundancy procedures that will enable you to ‘patch’ around
$30,000 per installation can be achieved because the StudioHub has been
problems just like the old days.
designed to communicate with industry standard routing control systems,
Since the SH612 is switching routing signals in a common format, MADI,
such as the Thomson VM3000 Jupiter control system. This ELIMINATES the
all I/O specific formats are converted to MADI through the I/O converter units.
need for two routing systems and two I/O systems while satisfying the demands
These include analog and all digital formats with sample rate conversion if
of redundancy for on-air operation.
necessary. If a source is an analog signal, and the destination is a digital sig-
Get ready for a more streamlined and efficient way of utilizing your
nal, the SH612 can make that switch with no problems to the operator.
audio control room. The production monitors, I/O feeds, tape machines, console mix, aux and group busses are all available on the router and to the
console simultaneously! If a tape operator needs to get ‘mono fx’ to Ch 1 of
the replay machine, they simply dial it up on the router panel. It is no longer
necessary to create the buss, assign it to a console output, then patch that
StudioHub SH612
StudioHub Rear Connections
(dual power input broadcast version shown)
MADI - Analog - AES/EBU - SDIF-2 - ADAT - ProTools - TDIF - ProDigi
Multi-Channel Converters
Euphonix makes a range of 28-channel high quality professional analog and
AES/EBU converters, with MADI, for simple connectivity to the StudioHub router.
Sample rates include 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz with 16, 20 or 24-bit operation.
AES/EBU connections are available as 110 ohm XLR or 75 ohm coax.
MA703 MADI to 28 Analog
56-Channel Bi-Directional Digital Format Converter with SRC
Connect multiple format digital audio devices together to create the highest
quality conversion available. The following formats can be converted to and from
MADI; SDIF-2 – ProDigi – TDIF – ADAT Optical – AES/EBU – Pro Tools®.
Any supported format can be converted to another with the highest quality
24-bit sample rate conversion (SRC) in real-time, on all channels that
require it. The units carry up to 56 channels of audio in both directions.
FC727 Digital Format Converter
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