• APARTMENT COMPLEXES • Condominium/Resident HallS
• Mixed­Use • Commercial
• Tenants do not need central office phone
service to be connected. Use a touchtone telephone plugged into the wall jack
for instant connection
• Guest are identified by voice
communication via the telephone. Access
is granted by pressing “9” on the touch
tone telephone, or access can be denied
by simply hanging up
• System can accommodate up to 1200
tenants. No reprogramming of the system
is required when one tenant moves out
and another moves in
• Built-in call waiting assures that
incoming or visitor calls are not missed.
Unique double-ring identifies calls from
the lobby panel. Regular incoming calls
use the standard single ring
• 2 year limited factory warranty
doorman telephone
inputs for high-rise apartment buildings
control access
with a simple push of a button on your
touch-tone telephone
easily expanded with additional line
interface boards
no central office necessary
just plug a touch-tone telephone into the apartment phone jack
Access Control Solutions
I N T E R C O M S y stem
1816 Large Cabinet
1816 Small Cabinet
(336.5mm W x 895mm H x 127mm D)
(336.5mm W x 540mm H x 127mm D)
13.25” W x 35.25” H x 5” D
13.25” W x 21.25” H x 5” D
phone entry device relays directory elevator programming
LINEScodescodescontrol options
Up to Lobby Panel Keypad
Touch-Tone Phone
Lobby Panel Interface Board
Technical Features
System requires one (1) main control or garden cabinet,
one (1) relay board, one (1) connecting cable and one
(1) RJ71C phone block for every 12 phone lines that the
system will interface with. Lobby panel of your choice.
Interfaces with up to 1200 telephone lines
Environmental: 10ºF to 145ºF (-12°C to 62°C)
16 VAC (power transformer included)
Shipping weight:
Large cabinet approximately 32 Lbs (14.5 kg)
One relay board required for every 12 phone lines to
be interfaced.
Central office phone service is not required to be connected
to the system
Lobby panel/doorman Caller ID.
Decoder board required if system expands beyond
5 relay boards. One additional decoder board required for
every 8 relay boards added to the system after the first
5 relay boards.
Built-in call waiting.
Main cabinet can house up to 13 relays boards to interface
with up to 156 phone lines.
Interfaces with all DKS telephone entry/access control
Garden style cabinet will house up to 5 relay boards to
interface with up to 60 phone lines.
Directory codes can be programmed to numbers of your
Auxiliary cabinet can house up to 16 relay boards (and 2
decoder boards) to interface with up to 192 phone lines.
No reprogramming required when residents move in or out.
Additional auxiliary cabinets can be added as needed, up
to 1200 phone lines for the system.
One RJ71C required for each relay board in system
One connecting cable required for each relay board
in system
Distinctive double ring immediately identifies a guest call
Garden style cabinets approximately 21 Lbs (9.5 kg)
FCC (US) DUF6VT-12874-OT-0
DOC (CAN) 1736 4528 A
True full duplex communication.
Do-Not-Disturb feature.
Call forwarding feature.
Stores up to 10 preprogrammed call out numbers
(requires C.O. phone line)
Hands free or handset depending on lobby panel selected
Several different types and styles of lobby panels can be
connected to the 1816 system.
Doorman Programmable
Do-Not-Disturb feature can be activated/deactivated
for each resident
Call Forwarding number can be programmed for
each resident
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