2011ECT-61 R1 Supermarket Relies on CoreSense Protection

2011ECT-61 R1 Supermarket Relies on CoreSense Protection
Supermarket refrigeration contractor
relies on CoreSense™ Protection
• Two potential compressor failures averted within weeks
of startup
• $5000 repair bill avoided with no loss of product
• Intermittent rack problems that would be impossible to
detect are quickly diagnosed
Parallel refrigeration systems with Copeland Discus® compressors
Premier Refrigeration, a contractor servicing supermarkets
in Detroit, Michigan.
Ron Kowalski, President of Premier Refrigeration Co.
is a firm believer that refrigeration problems can be
avoided with regular maintenance and proper diagnostics.
His customers count on him to keep their equipment
running without fail. When one major supermarket
customer was ready to remodel, Ron looked for a solution
that provided advanced compressor protection and would
allow his technicians to quickly diagnose any problems.
Premier Refrigeration chose Copeland Discus® compressors
with CoreSense™ Protection and within just a few weeks
realized the benefits of advanced protection. After
installation, the CoreSense™ module issued a warning for
one of the 25 horsepower Discus compressors.
“We have found CoreSense Protection very useful in
the early warning of system problems which if not
attended to could lead to compressor failure and possibly product damage. “
Ronald D. Kowalski
Premier Refrigeration Co.
The technician discovered that one of the contactor points
was beginning to fail and was causing a momentary loss of
a phase to the compressor. If this single-phasing was not
addressed quickly the compressor could have possibly failed.
No other safety would have detected this situation until a
bigger problem occurred.
At a later date on the same system, the CoreSense™
Protection module alerted the contractor to another
momentary, intermittent rack problem by issuing a high
motor temperature alarm with a low oil warning notice.
This problem would have gone undetected without the
advanced protection. The contractor was able to correct
the simple problem before it grew into a major failure.
By using the Copeland Discus compressor as a sensor,
CoreSense Protection monitors and interprets system and
electrical information within the compressor, and can shut
the compressor down before damage occurs. Copeland
Discus with CoreSense Protection alerts technicians to the
most serious faults first so they can accurately and rapidly
correct problems and prevent catastrophic compressor
failures that could suddenly generate product spoilage.
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