Table of Content
■ Introduction
■ Installations
Console Connection
Computers Connection
Initial Power-up
■ Operations
Front Panel operation
Hot-key commands
■ Appendices
Other KVM Switch
Plea se read this manual thoroughly
and follow the Instal lation procedures to
pre vent any damage to the MyHopper or any
con ne cting de vice .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Int r oduct
o duct ion
The My Hopper KMHA2 and KMHA4 are co mputer
switches that allo ws access to two or four IBM
compatible computers respectively from one PS/2
keyb oa rd , mo use , mo nito r, microphone and speakers.
Switching between compu ters is a s easy as pres sing the
push button or enter ing hot-key co mmand s fro m your
keyboard. There is no interface card and sof tware to
install and the MyHopper is independent of the computer
op er atin g syst em.
Ready to run right out o f the bo x, this Kit comes with
everything you need - a switch and comp le te cab le set s,
just hook the m up and go. By a llowing one console to
manage a ll your computers, the MyHopper elim inates
the e xpense for e xtra con so les, the spaces for extra
per iphera ls and the time hopp ing around for acce ssing
diff er en t comput er s.
!Un ique loo se-fr ee cab les inclu ded pr e vent in g
keyb oa rd or mo use con ne ctor fr om getting loose.
!Su pp or ts micr op hon e a nd spe ake r.
!Su pp or ts PS/2 keyb oa rd an d mouse .
!Ke ybo ar d a nd mouse emulation for error-free PC boot
up .
!Ke ybo ar d a nd mou se ar e hot pluggable at any time
with ou t tu rn ing eithe r MyHo pp er or PCs off.
!Sp ace- savin g d esign - all cables are connected to the
r ear.
!Au to scan au to matica lly sele cts co mpu ter s
seq ue ntia lly.
!Su pp or ts M/ S Int elliMou se ( Pr o) , Exp lorer, Optical.
!Ho t-key an d p ush bu tto n allow e asy co mpu ter
acce ss.
!Ke ybo ar d st ate s au tomatically saved and restored
wh en switch ing comp ute rs.
!Op er atin g syste m ind epe nd en t, tr ansparent to all
ap plicat io ns.
!Hig h VGA re solutio n 192 0x14 40 .
!DDC2 B comp atible.
!Po we r-fr ee op er atio n - th e MyHopper draws power
fr om the at tach ed PCs.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ins tallat ion
Console Connection
Turn your compu ters off. Connect a PS/2 ke yboard to
the min i- DIN-6 por t marked with “ Keyboard” and a PS/2
mouse to the mini- DIN-6 por t marked with “Mou se”.
Then connect your VGA monitor cab le directly to the
HD -DB- 15 po rt as shown in figure 1 for 2-port MyHopper.
Figure 1: MyHopperA2 Console Connection
The fig ure 2
con ne ction .
Figure 2: MyHopperA4 Console Connection
The multi- syn c monitor must be capable of syn chronizing
with the computer's video signa l. If you are uncertain
about the mon itor type , ple ase consult the mon itor u ser 's
ma nua l.
The MyHopper consumes negligib le power and is
designed to run reliably without an ext ernal power
Computers Connection
MyHo pper come s with co mplete cab le sets facilitating
computer connection. One side o f the cab le has an
HDB-15 connector and the other side has three
connectors (one HDB-15 and two min i-DIN6s). The PC
1 ~ PC 4 marks on the MyHopper are for co mputer
con ne ction as sh own in figu re 3.
Figure 3: KMHA2 Computer Connect ion
NOTE: If your computer uses an AT style keyb oard, you
will need an " AT-to-PS/ 2 keyb oard adapter" at the
computer k eyboard port.
Figure 4: KMHA4 Computer Connection
Initial Power-up
M ak e sure all computers and the M yHopper are
powered down duri ng installation. You m ay power
up the computers after installation,. The M yHopper
can be powered from the computers.
procedure ensures the M yHopper receive computer
settings correctly when computer boots.
NOTE: You may hot plug any additional powered-down
computer to t he MyHopper at any t ime after the initial
power up.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Oper at ions
Front Panel operation
You ma y switch to a d ifferent computer by pressing the
front pane l push-button d ire ctly or by issu ing hot- key
commands. The front-panel LED illuminates ind icating
the active port . The LED flashes while in either Auto
Sca n o r Man ua l Scan mo de .
Shou ld you encounter any ke yboard or mou se problem,
pre ss and ho ld down the push-button for 3 second s to
initialize t he keybo ar d a nd mo use.
Hot-key commands
Ho t- key command is a short keyboard sequence to
select a computer or to activate computer scanning.
MyHo pper interprets keystrokes for hot-keys a ll the time.
A hot- key sequence star ts with two left Ctrl keystrokes
fo llo wed b y on e o r t wo mor e keystr oke s.
! To sele ct a comp ute r:
lef t Ctrl + left Ctrl + 1
Se lects the comp ute r at PC 1.
lef t Ctrl + left Ctrl + 2
Se lects the comp ute r at PC 2.
left Ctrl + left Ctrl + 3
Se le cts the computer at PC 3 (for
KMHA4 o nly).
left Ctrl + left Ctrl + 4
Se le cts the computer at PC 4 (for
KMHA4 o nly).
NOTE: Do not use the k eypad at the right side of
the k eyb oard f or hot k ey commands.
!To start Auto Scan, au toma tically scans all
po rt s on e b y on e a t a fixed in ter val:
left Ctrl + left Ctrl + F 1
To abort the Aut o Scan mode, press the left Ctrl
key twice.
Keyboard and mouse are both
opera tiona l during Auto Scan. When it detects
any keyboard or mouse a ctivity, it suspend s Auto
Scan until the act iv ity stop s; it then resumes with
the next compu ter in sequence . The length of
the Auto Scan interval (Sc an Rate) is ad justable,
see belo w. LED flashe s dur ing Aut o Scan for
KMHA4 o nly.
! Manual Scan enab les you to manually switch
ba ck an d for th bet wee n comp ute rs.
left Ctrl + left Ctrl + F2
Press ↑ or ↓ to select the pre vious or the ne xt
computer in sequence. And, press any other
key to abort the Manual Scan. L ED flashes
du rin g Manual Scan fo r KMHA4 only.
! To ad ju st Scan Rate which sets the duration
before s witching to the next computer in Aut o
left Ctrl + left Ctrl + F3
Th er e a r e fo ur op tion s: 3, 8, 15 and 30 seconds.
NOTE: Scan Rate is set to def ault of 3 seconds
after MyHopper loses power, i.e., all connected
computers are t urned off.
! To ad ju st keyboard
typematic rate
(characters/sec), th is sett ing over-r ides that of
BIOS an d any ope ra tin g system:
left Ctrl + left Ctrl + F4
There are four opt ions: 10, 15, 20 and 30
cha ra cte rs/se c.
NOTE: The k eyboard t ypematic Rate is set to
default of 10 characters/sec when MyHopper
loses all power sources, i.e., all connected
computers are t urned off.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A ppendices
Specif ication
Console port number
Computer port number
Port selection push button
Hot plug- and- play
Hot- key control
Computer connector
Console connector
Automatic scan interval
KVM C able length
Audio Cable length
H x W x D (mm)
Power- fr ee oper ation
1920 x 1440, DD C2B
HD B15 x 2
HD B15 x 4
Stereo jack x 4
Ster eo jack x 8
HD B15
Ster eo jack x 2
Ster eo jack x 2
3, 8, 15, 30 seconds
1.8m x 2
1.8m x 4
1.8m x 4
1.8m x 8
20 x 70 x 155
35 x 85 x 180
Ensure that all cables are well seated. Check
that k eyb oard/mouse cables are not swapped.
Label the cables for each computer to avoid
confusion when connected t o the MyHopper.
Pres s and hold dow n th e push
Im proper pow er-up
s equence. Key board butto n fo r 3 s ec onds, th e
or m ouse not properly My Hopper w ill re-in itia lize th e
k ey board and mous e.
in itia lized.
If problem persists, unplu g th e
k ey board or m ouse, w aitforfew
s ec onds th en plu g it bac k.
Key board error on Loose key board
Mak e s ure keyboard c ables are
c onnec tio n.
w ell seated.
Key board s trok es The compute r w as in Pres s both SHIFT key s.
s hifte d
s hifte d s ta te w hen la s t
s w itched
Add a pow er adapter w ith
The My Hopper fails Computers do not
s upply enough pow er. minimum of DC 9V 500m A
to fu nc tion
output ratin g to the SPARE
occ as io nally.
pow er ja ck .
Key board or
mouse does not
w ork
Computer c an not
use seria l mouse.
The My Hopper does not
s upport s erial m ous e.
Set the Sc an Tim e again and
Scan Rate w as set All c onnec ting
c om pute rs are powered k eep at le ast one c om pute r on
to 30 sec and
bec om es 3 s ec. off. My Hopper resets . all the tim e.
Other KVM Switches
Other high-performance KVM switches
Model/Part Number List
1-por t
1-por t
1-por t
2-por t
1-por t
2-por t
1-por t
1-por t
2-por t
4-por t
4-por t
8-por t
16-por t
16-por t
2-por t
4-por t
OSD model
KNV104 KNV104D
KNV108 KNV108D
KMH 2*
KMH 4*
Rack-mount kit
-OSD: advanced On-Screen Display interf ace enabling
you to assign PC names, access PCs by the names.
Other f eatures include progr ammable scan pattern,
password security, etc.
-Rack-mount: industr y-standard 19-inch rack-mount
* Cables included. No audio support.
Package Contents:
▓ The com ple te KMHA2 conta ins:
2-Por t KVM Swit ch (KMHA2)
x 1
Custom cable set 1.8M(6f t)
x 2
Audio cable set 1.8M(6ft)
x 4
User’s manual
x 1
▓ The com ple te KMHA4 conta ins:
4-Por t KVM Swit ch (KMHA4)
Cust om cable set 1.8M(6ft )
Audio cable set 1.8M(6ft)
User ’s manual
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Printed in Taiw an
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