Instructions on Updating Firmware on Picture Porter Elite -

Instructions on Updating Firmware on Picture Porter Elite Firmware version: F7-1.2.9
Firmware file: ‘FRF7K129.MMV’
A. Copying firmware file to Picture Porter Elite
1. Unzip the ‘FRF7K129.ZIP’ file and note the location of the unzipped file. This file will
be named ‘FRF7K129.MMV.’
2. Connect Picture Porter Elite to your computer.
3. Copy the unzipped file ‘FRF7K129.MMV’ onto the Picture Porter Elite hard drive.
You can copy it to any folder location on the Picture Porter Elite hard drive, but to
make it easy to remember, we recommend putting it in the folder labeled “DATA”.
4. Disconnect Picture Porter Elite from you computer.
Note: Instead of transferring the firmware update file by USB connection, you can
also copy the file to a memory card use the Copy and Paste function to copy the file
from the inserted memory card to your Picture Porter Elite hard drive.
B. Updating firmware:
1. Make sure your Picture Porter Elite is disconnected from the computer.
2. Connect your Picture Porter Elite to AC power.**
3. On Picture Porter Elite, navigate to and select the file “FRF7K129.MMV”
4. The message ‘Update to F7-1.2.9?’ will pop up. Click on Yes to update it.
5. Wait for 40 seconds for the firmware to update.
* DO NOT interrupt the firmware update while it is in process. Stopping the
firmware update before it is completed may damage your device and make it
6. Click ENTER/SEL to complete the update.
*** CAUTION: For the same reason explained in the note of step #4 above, it is
important to have your Picture Porter Elite connected to AC power while performing
the firmware update.
C. To confirm that firmware is updated:
1. Go into Options
2. Go to VERSION tab
3. Firmware version should say F7-1.2.9
Digital Foci, Inc.
Release note on Firmware V1.2.9 Photo viewing & format support:
Added full-resolution RAW image support for: Canon 1D Mark III .CR2 & Canon
40D .CR2 files
Release note on Firmware V1.2.8 Photo viewing & format support:
Added RAW format support for Sony Alpha A100 and Panasonic FZ50
Other bug fixes and feature enhancement:
Fixed bug: Jukebox could not start after playlist was cleared.
Fixed bug: Noise occurred when LCD backlight increased and decreased.
Fixed bug: Display time not showing correctly when playing videos.
Fixed bug: Computer sometimes could not recognize hard drive if connecting Elite
to the computer with CF card inserted.
Release note on Firmware V1.2.7 Photo viewing & format support:
Added RAW format support for Canon 400D and Canon Digital Rebel
Fixed MRW color bug
Fixed Nikon D200 thumbnail bug
Back-up function:
Added "compare" function after "full backup" and shows disk free space.
Fixed file copy bug when short-name is different from long-name
Memory card support:
Fixed incompatibility with certain Transcend & SanDisk memory cards
Video recording:
Fixed video encoder bug. While hard disk is almost full, the last written file may be
Enhanced video recorder to reduce the file size by 30%.
Changed video recorder file-splitting time to 2.5 hours. The will prevent the 2nd
small file if a video program is just a little longer than 2 hours.
Video playback:
Improved Sanyo C1 file A/V sync problem.
Enhanced volume display control while playing MPEG-4.
Digital Foci, Inc.
Music playback:
Added Jukebox Features: (1) Supports "scrolling display of TAG information" (2)
Supports "scrolling display of highlighted item in playlist view" (3) Supports
"Variable speed FF and FB" (4) Supports "ID3v2.2"
Added Jukebox display "remaining time" function.
Other bug fixes and feature enhancement:
Fixed PS2002 error message when PS2002 doesn't exist or ID error.
Fixed battery monitoring bug. PPE-360 will repeatedly reset while low battery.
Decreased LCD backlight while backing-up to save battery life.
Digital Foci, Inc.