AIS500 transceiver
The AIS500 is a class B AIS transceiver allowing you to
receive and transmit AIS navigation status information
between vessels and shore-based traffic centres. The AIS500
networks with Raymarine multifunction systems using
SeaTalkng technology. An on board VHF splitter simplifies
installation and dedicated GPS sensor ensures accurate
position data when broadcasting your vessels' position.
ais250 receiver and ais500 transceiver
Automatic Identification System (AIS)
Operating in the VHF maritime band, the AIS system
enables the wireless exchange of navigation status
between vessels and shore-side traffic monitoring
centres. Commercial ships, ocean-going vessels and
recreational boats equipped with AIS transmitters
broadcast AIS messages that include the vessel’s
name, course, speed and current navigation status.
AIS250 receiver module
The Raymarine AIS250 Receiver module is a ‘listen
only’ dual-channel AIS receiver that easily integrates
with Raymarine multifunction systems, allowing
AIS targets to be overlaid graphically in both the
chartplotter and radar modes.
• Switched dual channel, multiplexed system – a single
receiver uses sophisticated software to monitor AIS Class
A and B transmissions over standard VHF frequencies.
• Overlay AIS targets on Raymarine multifunction displays
in both chartplotter and radar modes.
• AIS target tracking enhances your situational awareness
by monitoring a target’s name, course, speed and
navigation status.
• Reconcile AIS targets with radar targets for added safety.
• Built-in VHF/FM antenna splitter. No additional antenna
• Two NMEA 0183 input and two NMEA 0183 output
ports with a built-in multiplexer for easy installation.
System Requirements
• VHF Antenna.
• Chartplotter, multifunction display or PC application with
NMEA 0183 input and AIS compatibility.
• Raymarine multifunction display requirements:
C Series software version 4.29.
E Series software version 4.29 or higher.
Radar Overlay
Overlay AIS targets radar contacts on
Raymarine multifunction navigation
• Class B AIS receive and transmit.
• Dual channel (multiplexed) AIS monitoring ability – vessel
monitoring of class A and B transmissions.
• Built-in NMEA multiplexer enables multiple NMEA 0183
connections to the single NMEA input and output ports
on Raymarine displays.
• VHF splitter permits sharing of a single antenna with
radio and AIS.
• Includes external GPS antenna.
• SeaTalkng networking – compatible with Raymarine E
and G Series displays.
• NMEA 0183 compatibility with Raymarine A, C, E and G
Series and other manufacturers capable of displaying AIS
• Buddy tracking – distinguish favourite targets (MMSIs)
from others by adding to favourites list.
• Silent mode allows you to turn off the transmit function
if you do not wish to be seen during races or at your
favourite fishing spot.
• Easy Installation and configuration.
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