Hand Programming Manual

Hand Programming Manual
NP40 Numeric Pager
Hand Programming Manual
• Turn the pager off by pressing the
• Using the
• Press the
Menu Key.
Menu Key, scroll through the various options until “Pager Off” is found.
Read Key to select this menu item. The pager will then turn off.
• Remove the battery from the pager.
• Now hold down both the
battery into the pager.
Menu Key and the
Read Key while inserting the
• You may be prompted for a four digit numeric password if this feature has been enabled
in the programming software.
Use the
Menu Key to change fields and the
Read Key to move to the next digit.
After the correct digits are entered, press the
Read Key to proceed to the
programming menu. By default this password is “0200”.
• Once you are in the programming menu, you will see the first cap code ready for
viewing or editing. There are four or six cap codes available in total.
• If you do not need to edit the four cap codes, you can press the
Menu Key while the
ID number is flashing, to scroll through without changing that cap code.
• Each cap code can be enabled or disabled if required. “ON” is enabled and “– –“ is
• The cap code programming continues until all cap codes have been set.
• Change Frequency --The frequency must be entered in kHz. For example, if your
transmitter works on 450.3375 MHz, you type in 4503375. The frequency must match
that of your paging system.
• Press the
Read Key until the cursor reaches the end of the line.
• The final query asks you to confirm that all entered settings are correct before writing
the settings to the pager. If everything is correct, press the
Read Key, otherwise press
Menu Key to go back to the cap code screen to make more changes.
• To exit the programming menu at any time, press the
Escape Key.
• Once the settings are written to the pager, the pager will restart. The pager will then
resume normal operation with the updated programming settings.
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