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eco-Bikes.com.au electric bikes
ride further and faster,
exercise not exhaustion
20c electricity per 100 km,
efficient and quiet
no parking fees, registration,
license or insurance
up hills, on bike paths,
on roads, on trails
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Why ride electric?
Because electric bikes are
fun, healthy, cheap to run, convenient and
have the lowest of emissions.
❂ Fun
❂ Low emissions
Electric bikes are fun to ride and make you feel
great! Especially when you know you are riding
the most convenient and sustainable transport
solution there is.
Electric bicycles are the most efficient and
environmentally friendly form of assisted
transport there is. One battery charge costing
less than 20 cents will help you travel up to
80km depending on the terrain, your speed and
the load on the bike.
❂ Healthy & Safe
With an electric bike, you will ride more often
and increase your daily exercise considerably.
Research shows that even 10 mins of moderate
exercise is beneficial to your health, so each ride
adds up to better health.
You can ride with less exertion and inhale fewer
exhaust fumes, especially when you are riding
uphill in busy traffic. You can accelerate faster in
traffic and when taking off, making it easier to
keep up with vehicles. This can make it safer on
the road as you will feel more comfortable taking
up a car lane, rather than being squeezed to one
❂ Cheap to run
Compared to a car, motorbike or moped, an
electric bike will save you the cost of petrol,
parking, registration and expensive
In Hobart, even a small folding electric bike, the
Wisper 805FE, easily makes two return trips
from the city up the long steep road to Ridgeway
on a single battery charge.
For each kilometre travelled, electric bikes use
less than a tenth of the energy required by a
small car and emit less than a tenth of the
greenhouse gases per passenger than an offpeak bus.
❂ Convenient
Electric bikes are excellent for commuting to
work and getting around town. They are also a
great way to visit friends or local shops. The
maximum speed you can travel is 30 km/hr.
Electric bikes make hills easy to climb. They get
you there quicker (e.g. a 30 minute walk
becomes a 5 minute bike ride). You can wear the
clothes you want without sweating, so there is
no need for a shower or a change of clothes
when you arrive. You can park the bike outside
your destination and never worry about having
to find a car park or getting a parking fine.
You can carry up to 25 kg in a rear pannier or
basket and up to 10 kg on a front basket.
Because of all these factors you are more likely
to ride and leave the car at home, so the bike
readily pays for itself.
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eZeebike TORQ
Proven, tough, reliable and rides like
your favourite commuting bicycle
(only further). With 8 speed Shimano
Deore gears, an electric motor and
disc brakes, you'll be going harder
and faster than ever.
eZeebike SPRINT
Its classic look and sloped frame is
popular with both ladies and gents.
The Sprint is designed mainly for
daily commuting comfort and
pleasure. A high torque motor
powers the front while the rear
internal gears change speedily and
silently, ensuring an easy ride in any
eZeebike Street
Small and easy to manoeuvre, this
zippy e-bike features optional sturdy
front basket and unbeatable hillclimbing ability. Features a comfortable
and sturdy riding position, a 7 speed
internal gear hub, and freedom to add
a front basket and gadgets to the
handlebars. If you've found most
bicycles are just a bit too big for you
then this one's for you.
Wisper 705se
A stylish step through commuter
bicycle and all rounder for men and
women. The 705se is a reliable and
practical e-bike providing great value
for money.
A pedal assist bike with a handlebar
power selector and a hub motor
inconspicuously located in the rear
wheel, allowing greater security locking
positions and making the disassembly
of this bike easier.
Wisper 805fe folding
A folding electric bike that merges
superb 16 gear road bike
performance with the convenience of
a folding bike. Its an e-bike that can
easily and quickly be folded small
enough to fit into the boot of most
family cars or tucked away in the
cabin of a small boat.
EasyBike EasyMINI
An electric folding bike you can take
anywhere. A compact folding design
makes it ideal to carry and stow. Its 6
rear gears make it a great daily
commuting bike for shorter
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