Digital Colour Production Printer
Pro C651EX
Pro C751EX
Pro C751
Pro C651EX
65 B/W
Pro C751
Pro C751EX
No compromises in digital printing
The Pro C751TM series do not make compromises, not on quality, stock, volume or finishing. Encompassing
three colour devices, the Pro C651EXTM, Pro C751EXTM (both print/scan models) and the Pro C751TM (a print
only model), the robust engine and consistent high-quality output makes this series the next generation in
light production. The powerful EFI Fiery print controller offers advanced colour and job management tools to
execute sophisticated document assembly.
• Delivers a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking to expand their medium and short-run print
• Oil-free PxP polymerised toner for offset-like reproduction.
• New laser beam technology, VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), delivers resolution of
1200 x 4800 dpi.
• Achieves consistent image quality when printing onto thick and textured stock with AC Transfer.
• Extends your printing length up to 630 mm with Banner Mode.
• Enhanced Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) dramatically minimises downtime.
• Custom library with media profiles personalised for specific stock types.
Innovative technology delivers high quality and
The latest technology
Lighten your workload with the Ricoh Pro C751 series. This series offers a number of technologies to enable
high quality imaging on a wide range of media, as well as an array of inline finishing options – all on a light
production device.
• Achieve the highest resolution available 1200 x 4800 dpi with
revolutionary Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
technology. The 40-beam VCSEL laser delivers tighter registration and
more accurate fill for sharper text and smoother graphics, job after
• Enhance brilliant images on a wide variety of substrates with PxP toners
and oil-less fusing technologies. Smaller, uniform toner particles with
a low melting point improve adhesion on thick, textured and coated
stocks for limitless possibilities.
• New active toner density control technology monitors the amount of
toner being used and provides the developer unit with just the right
amount at precisely the right time for consistent colour uniformity
across the sheet, from the first print to the last.
High productivity
With fastest-in-its-class speeds and a host of automation options, the Ricoh Pro C751 series will help keep your
print room ahead of demand:
• Runs at up to 75 pages per minute in black and white and colour.
• Achieve consistent image quality with advanced image stabilisation,
mechanical paper registration, automatic calibration adjustments and
• AC Transfer enables you to extend your print folio of textured media with
outstanding print quality.
• A robust duty cycle of 350,000 A4 pages per month will help you meet
peak period demands.
• Configure each system with professional inline finishing options to fully
automate advanced binding, punching and stacking for up to 8250
Set and forget
The Ricoh Pro C751 series offers professional results with ease of use.
The modular design and integrated workflow means that operators can
set a job and walk away, knowing the job will print as required, saving
time, money and resources. Media library offers a simple pre-set press and
media catalogue. It means that anyone can set print jobs with the easy-tomaster intuitive interface of the colour touch screen.
Extend your capabilities
Broad media support
• Execute full-bleed printing with support for media sizes up to 330 x
• Create durable direct mail, cards, menus and covers for booklets and
manuals with support for heavy and textured media as well as high
quality envelope printing.
• Print on to stock up to 300 gsm simplex and 256 gsm duplex.
• Achieve outstanding image quality on textured stock with AC Transfer.
• Extend your printing length up to 630 mm with Banner Mode.
Finish first in-line
Choose from a variety of finishing options to design a complete end-to-end document production solution that
matches your applications. Inline finishing maximises system speed and reduces labour costs, allowing your staff
to be more productive and your business more profitable.
• The wide range of finishing options brings production-level finishing to
medium-volume environments with 100-sheet multi-position stapling,
optional hole punching plus a 3000 sheet Shift Tray during periods of
unattended operation.
• A fully automated ring binder, the RB5010 automatically punches, collates
and applies your choice of two ring sizes to 50-100 sheet documents.
• The SR5040 Booklet Finisher offers multi-position stapling of up to 100
sheets, stacking of up to 2500 sheets, saddle stitch finishing and folding
– plus an optional Trimmer Unit for a flush finished edge.
• The GBC StreamPunch provides a variety of interchangeable die sets to
punch pages individually.
Maximised uptime
• Quickly replace high capacity toner bottles, and reload paper trays
while printing for uninterrupted performance.
• Status Light Pole allows operation to be monitored from a distance.
• Operation panel features animations to easily guide operators
through the clearance process if a jam occurs.
• Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRU) allows trained operators
to easily replace units themselves.
• Set and forget jobs with the 5000 sheet high capacity stacker. Lock
the doors when document security is needed.
• Active Tray Indicators highlight where paper is being fed from,
allowing the set-up for following jobs, improving efficiency and
Manage jobs with ease, protect them with
advanced controls
Quality and control you can count on
The EFI E-41A Fiery Server is connected as standard. Adobe APPE technology
and the latest Fiery System 9 forms the basis for the configuration of the
Pro C751 series. The E-41A features the definitive Command Workstation
technology for enhancing efficiencies in digital document workflows at
all levels of the production process. Streamline print workflows with the
latest job management tools such as EFI Command WorkStation 5, Hot
Folders 3.0, Rush Printing, Virtual Printers, plus Fiery JDF support for
job ticketing standards and more. Generate accurate tones for precise
colour matching with other output devices or proofing applications with
ColorWise Pro Tools.
Protect documents as well as your fleet
The Ricoh Pro C751 series includes a host of features to simplify fleet
management and security tasks. Administrators can take advantage of
Ricoh’s @Remote solution to collect meter data, receive toner and service
alerts automatically and generate critical reports. User authentication
controls ensure that only authorised owners can access print jobs with
sensitive information. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects data
from interception, analysis and tampering. The DataOverwriteSecurity
System (DOSS) automatically overwrites any files on the hard drive to render
them unreadable. HDD encryption adds another layer of protection against
Versatility that can be seen and shared
Reduce operating costs by managing a wider range of document tasks
using a single versatile device. The powerful Ricoh Pro C751 series
includes a scan-to-email, folder, URL, PDF and more, so documents can
be distributed simultaneously for faster, more affordable communications.
Search PDF files via keywords with the embedded Optimised Character
Recognition (OCR) option.
Take advantage of innovative features to
improve productivity
CI5020 Cover Interposer Tray (Optional):
Feed pre-printed sheets from two sources for front and
back covers.
SR5040 2,500-Sheet Booklet Finisher
Produce stapled and saddle-stitched booklets costeffectively with the in line Booklet Finisher. Also available
with an optional Booklet Trimmer Unit and Hole Punch
Copy and scan jobs more efficiently with single-pass
colour duplex scanning—up to 75 ipm.
SR5030 3,000-Sheet Staple Finisher (Optional):
Achieve 100-sheet stapling with the ability to output
documents up to 330 x 487 mm and 300 gsm. Add the
optional Hole Punch Unit for even more flexibility.
FD5010 Multi-Folding Unit (Optional):
DU5010 Decurl Unit (Optional):
Full-Colour, 10.4” SVGA Control Panel
Easily navigate from job to job with fingertip control via
the post-mounted, intuitive screen.
Operator Call Light (Standard):
Visually alert operators to changes in system status for
prompt attention.
Promote more accurate stacking and higher throughput
by reducing the risk of paper curling.
BY5010 Multi Bypass Tray (Optional):
Feeds up to 500 sheets of special paper stocks and sizes
for expanded system capacity and document output
Execute Z-folds, half folds, gatefolds and more to create
a variety of finished documents.
100-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder
(Standard on Pro C651EX/C751EX):
Oversize and Heavy Media Support:
Accepts 330 x 487 mm paper sizes and heavy media up
to 300 gsm to give you many more options for in-house
Paper Trays (Standard):
Standard paper sources include the tandem 2 x 1,000
Sheet Paper Tray and 1 x 500-Sheet Paper Trays for a
total paper capacity of 2,500 sheets. With additional
paper sources, this system can hold up to 7,000 sheets.
Plockmatic BK5030 Booklet System (Optional):
Makes booklets with up to 30 sheets (120 pages) with
optional three-sided trimming and square fold.
Buffer pass Unit (Optional):
Minimase toner adhesion on stacked, coated paper by
cooling output prior to the media entering a finishing
SK5020 High capcacity stacker (Optional):
Set and forget jobs with the 5000 sheet stacking
capacity. When requered, lock the doors when
document security is needed.
Create professional quality bound books with in line
punching in a variety of patterns.
RT5060 Large Capacity Trays (Optional):
For maximum versatility, select the RT5060 4,000-Sheet
LCT to reliably feed up to 300 gsm Cover stock and up
to 330 x 487 mm sheets.
GBC StreamPunchTM Pro EX (Optional):
Fiery EB-41A Controller (Optional):
Enjoy end-to-end automated workflows for advanced
print management with a new fiery EB 41A Controller.
Based on EFI's popular fiery server technology, it
supports a wide range of capabilities including Advanced
Job Re-order, Tab Inserts and more.
RB5010 Ring Binder (Optional):
Automatically collate, hole punch, insert and close rings
in line for up to 100-sheet documents with no manual
Ricoh Pro C651EX / Pro C751EX / Pro C751
Production for all types of environments
Print for pay
Stay on top of the game and raise your profits by adding a production device to your offering with quality consistent with that of a true production device. An array of time-saving inline finishing options and the ability to
integrate with a number of software solutions, the Pro C751 series are a stand out in the market.
• Straightforward and accessible colour printing
• Variable Data Printing application support
• A cost-effective digital colour solution
• Intuitive software integration
• Wide range of media support
CRD efficiency
As a reprographic professional you are responsible for the documents that make your company stand out. You
have to meet diverse requests.
• 1200 x 4800 dpi image quality
• Fast, reliable equipment to keep you up and running
• Low running costs
• Reliability and productivity
Commercial print shop power
All businesses look to the bottom-line for success and having a cost-efficient machine is imperative for commercial
print shops.
• Prints at a pace up to 75 ppm
• Minimal operator intervention with Fiery
• Professional inline finishing tools
• TCRU kits to support maximum uptime and
• Integration to shop-wide workflows
Creative agencies
With digital printing becoming more affordable than ever, creative agencies can now look to bring their
outsourced printing back in-house. This not only reduces the expense of outsourcing large quantities of print, it
also gives control of timings and number of minimum prints back to the agency itself.
• Affordable in-house printing
• Faster turn-around times
• Minimal operator intervention with Fiery solutions
• Professional inline finishing tools
• Wide range of media printing
Powerful solutions for your workflow
Ricoh’s TotalFlow is where software, services and skills come together in a portfolio of flexible and powerful
one-stop print management solutions that will save you time and money, while also reducing wasted
resources, whatever your print environment.
Capture regular and new print opportunities using web-to-print and job submission tools that help
move you towards a fully automated production process. This will enable you to interact more
efficiently with your clients, saving time for you both.
Prepare to drive print efficiency with variable data and print data stream transformation
solutions. Prepare files for production with document imposition and composition tools,
all the while boosting productivity, reducing production time and driving profitability.
Manage jobs across multiple printing systems, automating workflow with a suite of streamlining
solutions to optimise productivity and meet tight deadlines. Make last-minute document changes and
automatically prepare for split colour and B&W production and produce complex document production
faster and more efficiently.
Output from the Ricoh Pro C751 series boosts your value added services with versatile, scalable
solutions that embrace digital colour and B&W production systems. It improves output capabilities with
high quality cost-effective print solutions to gain new business.
Protect your most valuable assets with a host of innovative features. Simplify meter and maintenance
related device management with Ricoh’s @Remote fleet monitoring solution. Take advantage of
authentication controls to help ensure only authorised users have access to key functionality and
printed output. In addition, the device includes the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), automatically
overwriting any files on the hard drive to render them unreadable. HDD encryption adds another layer
of protection against hackers.
Finish it off in-line to boost your print room’s
The Ricoh Pro C751 series is designed for production environments looking for a high-performance colour system
to produce professionally finished output with vivid clarity on a wider range of media. From multi-fold finishing to
professional booklet making, the Pro C751 series can be configured to meet the demands of your high-volume
workflow and specialty projects.
A3 Large Capacity Tray (LCT)
High Capacity Stacker
• Accomodates up to 4,000 sheets of
330 X 487 mm stock
• Wide range of paper types and paper
• Paper weights between 52.3 to 300
• Air-Assist Paper Feed prevents multifeeding
• Stack capacity up to 5000 sheets of
330 x 487 mm or smaller
• Roll-away cart is included. Additional
option cart is available to purchase
if required.
3,000 Sheet Finisher
Cover Interposer Tray
• 100 sheet stapling
• Stack capability of 3,000 sheets
• Up to 330 X 487 mm size capability
• Optional 2/4 Hole Punch Unit
• 2-Tray Cover Interposer can be attached
• Feed media up to 330 X 487 mm size
from two inserting trays weighted up to
105 gsm
• Capacity of up to 200 sheets per tray
2,500 Sheet Booklet Finisher
Ring Binder
• Up to 330 X 487 mm size
• Stack up to 2,500 sheets
weighted 52.3-300 gsm
• 100 sheet staple and 20 sheets
for saddle-stitch
• Create professional books
with optional One Side Edge
• Fully automated to save time and
labour costs
• Two size consumable rings for 50 or
100 sheets available
• Load up to 75 sets of rings into the
easy to refill cartridge
• Black and white coloured rings
Decurl Unit
Plockmatic Booklet Maker
• Ideal for commercial printers
who frequently produce jobs
with high toner coverage on
thin paper and paper with
long grain
• Significantly reduce the
natural curl that can occur
and deliver sheets with optimal
• Maintains full rated engine speed
• Supports paper sizes A4 to 320-457.2 mm
• Capacity to handle paper weights 64 to 300 gsm
• Include pre-printed covers when configured with Cover
Feeder Option
Multi-Folding Unit
GBC StreamPunch EX
• Choose from six professional folding
patterns to accommodate any folding
needed inline
• Accommodate media included coated
stock between 64 and 105 gsm
• Punch a full range of media types at full rated
• Duty cycle of up to 600,000 sheets per month
• Up to 4,000,000 punched pages using heavy
duty die sets
Why choose Ricoh?
A digital one-stop-shop
Ricoh’s products, service, support and training offer a one-stop-shop for your digital print
environment. Our national network of production specialists will partner with you to understand your
business needs, challenges and strategy to develop a tailored solution to your business that combines
hardware, software, service and training.
Knowledge is power
The best way to get the most out of your Ricoh device is through professional, customised training
provided by Ricoh Production Services. While the device is being installed in your print room, operators
receive hands-on, tailored training in our Production Education Centre, ensuring they are fluent in
everything that the Pro C751 series has on offer, as well as any other integrated finishing and software
Responsive service and training
In today’s competitive market, Ricoh’s team of production specialists are on hand to keep you up and
running. Maximum productivity is assured with Ricoh’s fast-response service. Most issues are quickly
resolved with a phone call and the average time for our onsite service is under two hours.
Customised training is provided on site or through our purpose-built Production Education Centre.
Located within the Ricoh Printing Innovation Centre, it’s fully equipped with all of Ricoh’s production
devices and software for effective, relevant and tailored operator training.
Leading you to a more sustainable future
Do more work using less energy. The Ricoh Pro C751 series offers several features to reduce Typical
Energy Consumption (TEC), including proprietry PxP-EQ low melt toner. Standard one-pass duplex
scanning saves steps and energy to maximise efficiency. Many internal components are engineered
with non-toxic, plant-based plastics to reduce the system’s carbon footprint.
Print carbon neutral
Partner with a certified carboNZero organisation. Ricoh Australia will offset the greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions caused by customer use of select new equipment, including the Ricoh Pro C751 series.*
This new carboNZero certified service will be available to customers who deal through Ricoh Australia,
finance qualifying equipment from Ricoh Finance, agree to automated meter reading and participate
in Ricoh’s Consumable Recycling Program.
* Go to for further information and the service disclosure statement.
Ricoh Pro C751 Series
Pro C751
Pro C751EX & C651EX
Imaging Technology
Print Resolution
Output Speed (A4):
Warm-up Time
Max. Media Capacity
Max. Output Capacity
Max. Printable Area
Automatic Duplexing
Standard Media Sizes
Standard Media
Paper Weights
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption:
SR5030 3,000 Sheet Finisher w/100-sheet
Print Engine
2 x 1000-Sheet Tandem Tray
1 x 500-Sheet Tray
10.4” LCD Touch Screen
Operation Panel
Scan/Print Engine, 100-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder 2 x 1000-Sheet Tandem Tray, 1 x 500-Sheet Tray and 10.4” LCD
Touch Screen Operation Panel
4 drum dry electrostatic transfer
system with internal transfer belt
1200 x 4800 dpi
Pro C751EX: 75ppm
Pro C651EX: 65ppm
Pro C751: 75ppm
300 seconds or less
7000 sheets (fully configured)
8250 sheets (fully configured)
323 mm x 480 mm
Tray 1: Fixed for A4; A3 with
optional A3 tray kit
Tray 2: A5 to 330 x 458mm
Trays 3, 4 & 5: A5 to
330 x 487mm
Trays 1, 4: 52.3-300 gsm
Tray 2, 3 & 5: 52.3-256 gsm
Duplexing: 60-256 gsm
Pro C751: 1320 x 910 x 1218 mm
Pro C751EX/C651EX:
1320 x 910x 1230 mm
Pro C751: 550 Kg
Pro C751EX/C651EX: 580 Kg
220/230/240V, 16A, 50/60Hz
4,000W or less
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
(Standard on C751EX & C651EX only)
Original Capacity
Original Size
Original Feeding Original Weight
100 sheets
Simplex: B6 - A3
Duplex: B5-A3
Speed: 75-ppm B&W & F/C
Simplex: 40 – 128 gsm
Duplex: 52 – 128 gsm
Total Capacity
Tray Capacity
Media Size 4,000 sheets
Tray 3, 5:1000 sheets/
52.3 - 256 gsm
Tray 4: 2000 sheets /
52.3 - 300 gsm
All Trays: A5 - 330 x 487mm
Media Capacity Media Size
Media Weight
500 sheets
A5- 330 x 487mm (Maximum
length can be up to 630 mm)
52.3 – 216 gsm
RT5060 13” x 19” Large Capacity Tray
BY5010 Multi Bypass Tray*
*Requires configuration with RT5060 13” x 19” Large Capacity Tray.
Proof Tray Media Size
Media Weight
Shift Tray
Media Size
Media Weight
Staple Capacity Staple Position Staple Paper Weight
Hole Punching Capacity Up to 250 sheets (A4)
A5 – 330 x 487mm
60 – 216 gsm
Capacity Up to 3,000 sheets (A4)
A5 – 330 x 487mm
52.3 – 300 gsm
2 –100 sheets/set (A4)
2 – 50 sheets/set (A3)
Top, Bottom, 2 Staples, Top Slant
64 – 105 gsm
Optional 2/4 Hole Punch Unit
Proof Tray Media Size
Media Weight
Shift Tray
Media Size
Media Weight
Staple Capacity Staple Position
Staple Paper Weight
Saddle-Stitch Tray:
Staple Capacity Staple Position Media Size Stack Capacity Hole Punching Booklet Trimming Capacity Up to 250 sheets (A4)
Up to 330 x 487mm
60 – 216 gsm
Capacity Up to 2,500 sheets (A4)
A5 – 330 x 487mm
52.3 – 300 gsm
2 –100 sheets/set (A4)
2 – 50 sheets/set (A3)
Top, Bottom, 2 Staples, Top Slant
64 – 90 gsm
SR5040 Booklet Finisher
20 sheets (80 pages) 64-80 gsm;
15 sheets (60 pages) 80-90 gsm
2 staples at center spine
B5 – 330 x 487mm
Up to 30 sets (5 pages or less)
Optional 2/4 Hole Punch Unit
Optional Booklet Trimmer Unit
Trims open end of 2 – 40-sheet
booklets after folding
CI5020 Cover Interposer
Cover Sheet Capacity 200 sheets x 2 trays
Cover Size A5 – 330 x 487mm
Cover Weight 64 – 216 gsm
FD5010 Multi-Folding Unit
Media Size Media Weight
Multi folding sheet
capacity A4 – 330 x 487mm (Depending
on fold feature selected)
Single sheet: 64 – 105 gsm
Multiple sheet: 64 – 80 gsm
Tray: Shift Tray: Media Size Media Weight 250 sheets capacity
5000 sheets capacity (output
jogger standard)
Up to 330 x 487mm
52.3 – 300 gsm
up to 3 sheets
SK5020 High Capacity Stacker*
*One stacker may be installed. Includes one Roll Away Cart.
RB5010 Ring Binder
Media Size Media Weight Capacity of Ring Bind Number of Holes Ring Bind Supply Tab Stock Stack Capacity A4
64 – 216 gsm
2 – 100 sheets
23 holes
50 sheets & 100 sheets
11 sets;
100 sheets/set (Binding mode);
100 sheets (Punching mode)
Optional Accessories
Buffer Pass Unit (Cools paper to prevent toner adhesion)
Tandem Tray Converter (Feed A3 via Tray 1)
Tab Sheet Unit (Feed Tab stocks via Tray 2)
Counter Interface Unit
C/M/Y/K Toners Waste Toner Bottle Yield: 48,500 pages/bottle*
Yield: 70,000 pages
**Declared yield values based on 8.75% image coverage factor. A4.
Optional uptime components
TCRU Kit Trained Customer Replaceable
Units: Maintenance components
replaced by customer
@Remote Remote diagnostics Remote
EFI Fiery E-41A Print Controller
External Print Controller
System Version
Fiery System 9 Release 2
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz
Print Speed:
Pro C751/751EX: 75/75-ppm
B&W & F/C
Pro C651EX:65/65-ppm
B&W & F/C
Print Resolution
2 GB standard/maximum
Hard Disk Drive
160 GB (DVD RW Drive
Operating System
Windows XP Professional x64
Network Protocols
SMB Standard Interface TCP/IP
(IPv4, Ipv6), Apple Talk, SMB
Printer Languages
Adobe PostScript 3, PCL 5c, PCL 6
PCL: 80 fonts
PostScript 3: 138 fonts
Win XP, Vista, Windows 7,Server
2003, Server 2008/2008R2,Mac
OS X v10.3.9, v.10.4,
10.5.x,10.6.x and later
Print Submission &
Management Utilities EFI Driver, EFI Command
WorkStation 5, EFI Fiery
WebTools, EFI HotFolders/MS
Office Filter for HotFolders, EFI
Virtual Printers, Macintosh Print
Center Plug-ins, CWS for Mac,
Rush Printing, Print/Process Next,
Advanced Job Re-Order, Suspend
on Mismatch, Quick Doc Merge,
Schedule Print, Fiery Printer Delete
Utility for Windows, Fiery JDF
Colour Management
& Utilities
EFI Fiery Colorwise Pro Tool,
Fiery Color Wise 3.0 Mixed
Media, Paper Catalog, Tab Shift,
Insert Tab, Booklet Maker 4.0
VDP Support
TEFI Fiery FreeForm,Fiery VDP
Resource Manager
Fiery Scan (Scan-to-Email/FTP/SMB
/Hold Queue/I-fax/Mailbox), Fiery
Remote Scan
Optional Utilities
SeeQuence Compose, SeeQuence
Impose, Fiery Graphic Arts
Package, Fiery Graphic Arts
Package Premium Edition, HDD
Kit, FACI/Furniture Kit, Color
Profile Suite
Software Utilities
Fiery Remote Scan, EFI Hot
Folders, CWS, Fiery Bridge
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