This motherboard supports overclocking to 533MHz FSB. To adjust
CPU Speed and Memory Frequency, enter the BIOS Setup Utility
and select the Advanced Menu. This feature is not an Intel®
chipset specification and does not support Intel® HyperThreading
2.4 Advanced Menu
(page 2-14)
Technical Updates
P4BGL-MX Motherboard
P4BGL-MX Technical Updates
CPU Speed
This displays the current speed of the CPU installed.
CPU Frequency Multiple
This field displays frequency multiple value between the CPU’s internal
frequency (CPU speed) and external frequency.
CPU External Frequency (MHz)
This feature tells the clock generator what frequency to send to the system
bus and PCI bus. The bus frequency (external frequency) multiplied by the
bus multiple equals the CPU speed.
Memory Frequency [Auto]
This field determines whether the memory clock frequency is set to be in
synchronous or asynchronous mode with respect to the system frequency.
The options that appear in the popup menu vary according to the CPU
Frequency (MHz). Configuration options: [Auto]
ASUS P4BGL-MX Technical Updates
ASUS P4BGL-MX Technical Updates
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