Silhouettes | 2800 | Toggle On\Off In-Game Extras

Toggle On\Off In-Game Extras
Toggle On\Off In-Game Extras
This is a method I use to activate in-game cheats so you won’t have to buy them. Why make it if I can by them?
Simple, in most if not all LEGO games you need to find a Power Brick or Item to unlock extras for purchase. That
is if you can find those items. But thanks to programmer cheats already known to will make having the codes a
breeze. I’m going to use LEGO Batman (NTSC) as an example.
Stud Magnet
Fast Build
Score x10
Power Brick Detector
First thing we need to do is some grunt work, we need a lot of studs to purchase the extras in the game. Yes, I
know I said we are making the codes so we do not have to buy them, but guess what? How to you expect to
base your work off something if you have nothing to work with. Start the first mission; in WiiRd enter 0453BB18
EE6B2800 in GCT Codes for Max Studs. Finish the mission, when your back in the Bat Cave go to the computer
and purchase all the extras you can.
After you have purchased the extras and exited from the computer. Go to the Pause Menu and select Extras. Your screen should look similar to this.
The concept is pretty simply and straight forward. All we are going to do is turn on the extra and do a search for
01, turn the extra off and do a search for 00. Re-enable to extra doing a search for 01, and again turning it off
and searching for 00. Get it? I’ll do an example.
In-Game turn Silhouettes On.
In WiiRd, set Data Size to 8-Bit, Compare Type to Equal, Value Type to Specific Value, and enter in 01. Click the
Start button and wait for the dumping blocks to finish.
Your screen should be similar. Turn off Silhouettes. Enter 00 for the vale and click the Search button.
Not bad; 4373 is a pretty good start. Turn Silhouettes back on. Enter 01 as the value and click the Search Button.
46 Codes possible; this is start to look up! Turn Silhouettes off again and enter 00 for the value. Search.
19 Codes; we can definitely start Poking around these results. The first address we see is 803F9530. Right-Click,
then click on Poke. Make sure the value is set 01 and click the Poke Button.
Yeah! Silhouettes are turned on!
803F9530 01 let us convert this to work with GCT Codes. It’s an 8-Bit base address code
00______ YYYY00XX : 8bits ram write and fill (ba) writes XX YYYY+1 times at ba+address
803F9530 will become 003F9530, and the value is 00000001
the final code is 003F9530 00000001.
Now that we have our code, we can start find the others. Back on WiiRD, right click 803F9530 and click Memory
Viewer. Make sure you click Auto-Update.
I circled where 803F9530 changes. Move down to Beep Beep in the extras memory and keep turning it On and
Off still you see a change in the Memory Viewer. You will notice 803F954C is changing. Do this fo rthe rest of the
cheats and copy down the address
803F9530 Silhouettes
803F954C Beep Beep
803F9568 Ice Rink
803F9584 Disguise
803F95A0 Extra Toggle
803F962C Score x10
803F9648 Stud Magnet
803F969C Power Brick Detector
803F96D4 Fast Build
803F9744 Invincibility
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