0.07.B.0047 D5-Evo Brochure-21Sep2012-CT

0.07.B.0047 D5-Evo Brochure-21Sep2012-CT
They say you can't improve upon perfection. Well, they obviously
haven't seen the D5-Evo.
One of the most durable and reliable operators ever made, the
legendary D5 is renowned the world over. Many years later, old
'tried and tested' gets perfected. We borrowed what we learned
from the D10 and applied it to the D5-Evo.
Incorporating a 12V version of the D10 controller, the D5-Evo
also offers a wide range of useful features, which includes
ChronoGuard timer functionality (a world first).
Faster, smarter and easier to set up, old faithful even got a
facelift and now looks more like his D10 cousin.
Hard as nails and loyal to the end, you can sleep easy, knowing
that our D5-Evo is on guard.
Battery backup
We pioneered power failure protection in gate motors. So in line with all our other operators,
the D5-Evo carries on guarding your entrance even when the lights go out.
All important speed
The original D5 made a mark for itself being a quick operator opening the gate swiftly when
you arrive at your entrance. The D5-Evo is now that little bit faster, opening your average four
metre gate in less than twelve seconds, adding even more security and convenience.
Open it the way you like it...
Rapid opening but a more tempered closing just in case a loved one is in the way, that’s the sort
of sophistication in motor control you can expect from the D5-Evo. Added to this, you can vary
the acceleration and deceleration of your gate and make it move so smoothly it will do so for
many years to come.
Pushes like a mule
Such a compact package but such a potent push force, it will reliably move almost any gate
weighing up to 500kg and do it for a very long time.
Wide awake all the time!
Incorporating the tried and tested DOSS position control system of its predecessors, the D3
and D5, the D5-Evo moves accurately open and closed, stopping in just the right spot each
and every time. It’s also wide awake to any obstruction that might cross its path, ensuring safe
and sensitive anti-crushing protection.
It will turn heads
The D5-Evo takes on a new and more attractive look compared to the original D5.
It’s nice to know that even your trusty gate guard will turn heads.
Plug and play
The LCD-based controller makes child’s play of setting up the gate.
It is literally plug and play - the D5-Evo’s controller does all the thinking for you.
It’s got it all
What a pleasure to click through an almost endless list of really useful features - from multiple
Modes of Operation, Gate operating parameters, Pillar Light control with pre-flash, Alarm
functions, Positive Close Mode and Real Time Clock and Calendar to enable time-based
features - to helpful diagnostic feedback. It just stops short of making the coffee!
Forever yours
We know that this compact companion will serve
you well – year, after year, after year. So just like all
other CENTSYS products, your beautiful
D5-Evo operator also comes with an industryleading 24 month warranty for added peace of mind.
Alarm features (a world first)
Burglars have some nifty techniques to get into
your home. Fortunately, criminals can't outsmart the
D5-Evo. An Ambush Alarm will alert your
security company if the opening or closing beams
are interrupted for a predefined, but adjustable,
time. Similarly, a Break-in Alarm will go off if
the closing beam outside your house is
interrupted. Their gig is up.
1. Requires gate safety beams to be installed
Operate wirelessly, thanks to
Besides its code-hopping technology offering the
highest level remote control security, this
multichannel and multi-user CENTSYS onboard
receiver allows for a multi-button remote to operate
any combination of the system inputs, such as Gate
trigger, Pedestrian opening, Holiday Lockout, etc.
2.CENTSYS code-hopping technology
D5-Evo controller features
Hardware features
Fully sealed plastic housing for controller to prevent ingress of dirt and insects
Easy setup of controller using LCD user interface
Removable connectors on controller for easy maintenance
Watchdog IC ensures full and safe operation of controller
Optional Backup Memory Module allows backing up of all the information that has been set up in the system
Electronic features
Opening and closing safety beam inputs with beam circuit functional test
High security cleared-beam Autoclose in conjunction with safety beam (PIRAC)
Break-in and Ambush Alarm (a world first) with configurable outputs via onboard buzzer, Pillar Light relay, etc.
Multiple Modes of Operation: Standard Mode, Condominium Mode (multi-user), Reversing Mode, PLC and Deadman Control Mode
Automatic closing with adjustable time, pushbutton override and selectable according to gate position
Remote Gate Status Indicator (gate position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision
detection and Pillar Light status indication)
Pedestrian Opening (adjustable opening and Autoclose time)
Free-exit facility
Holiday Lockout – configurable as Emergency Stop
Courtesy / Pillar Light Timer with adjustable time
Fully configurable pre-delays with multi-modal pre-flash
Multiple Operating Profiles to suit region of installation - select between ZA, CE, etc.
Full configuration of gate operating parameters, including independent gate opening and
closing speeds, ramp-up and ramp-down distances and crawl speed
Positive Close Mode (e.g. ensure activation of electric fence contact switch)
Onboard multichannel CENTSYS code-hopping receiver with the ability to:
learn transmitter buttons to specific functions (e.g. Gate trigger, Pedestrian
Opening, Free-exit, Pillar Light Control, Holiday Lockout)
selectively delete specific transmitters that have been lost or stolen
automatically learn transmitters into the system (Autolearn)
automatically delete transmitters that are no longer in use
Integrated ChronoGuard (a world first) with Real Time Clock and
Calendar timer offering multichannel time-activated and time-barring functionality
Auxiliary output can be configured via the ChronoGuard timer to provide
timer functionality to external devices, such as security lights, entrance fountain, etc.
Infrared safety beams or equivalent detection device must be fitted
PLC: separate inputs to open, close and stop the gate
Deadman Control Mode: separate inputs to open and close the
gate, that must be held active to move the gate
Remote LED must be fitted
Onboard receiver must be used or external access control device such
as keypad or keyswitch must be fitted
Inductive Loop Detector or infrared beams must be fitted
To use this feature, a normally-closed emergency stop pushbutton must
be fitted
Pre-flash security / Pillar Lights must be fitted
ChronoGuard timer technology (a world first)
The D5-Evo is so advanced that it no longer needs humans to look after it. With the CENTSYS ChronoGuard timer technology
onboard, many of the D5-Evo's features can be set to operate automatically or be time-barred at any time you choose.
Its built-in Real Time Clock and Calendar allows you to set up different exclusions, which can cater for public holidays, special
Time-periods, etc.
Once you’ve set up the D5-Evo’s ChronoGuard using the intuitive LCD screen on the controller, you’ll start feeling particularly
redundant. For instance:
Why not automatically have your Pillar Lights switch on when the sun goes down?
Let the D5-Evo take control. With ChronoGuard timer technology this is easy to set up and
you’ll never have to worry about it again.
Better still – automatically time-activate the Holiday Lockout feature when you go to bed, ensuring
that only specific, authorised remotes will be able to open the gate while you’re sleeping, keeping
teenagers at home and unwanted ‘visitors’ out.
Tue Wed Thur Fri
ChronoGuard gives you the ability to time-bar specific CENTSYS code-hopping remote controls.
This gives you the flexibility to control when specific remote control holders can open your gate.
For example, your domestic staff may be given access to your property during the week, but on
weekends you may prefer to limit their access to your property.
ChronoGuard technology allows for almost unlimited time-based functionality, all of which is very simply set up on the controller
via the intuitive menu system and LCD user interface. The following functionality is available:
Time-activate many of the physical inputs and outputs of the controller (see table below)
Time-bar many of the physical inputs and outputs of the controller, as well as particular remote buttons learned into the
onboard receiver (see table below)
The Real Time Clock and Calendar timer has the following flexibility:
It supports 100 Time-periods, that may be set according to:
Weekdays (M + T + W + T + F) #
Any day of the week (M, T, W, T, F, S, S)
Weekends (S + S)
Every day of the week (M + T + W + T + F + S + S)
Special calendar events (family holiday, etc.) occurring on any date until the year 2100
Annual calendar events (New Year’s Day, etc.)
Allows for multiple Time-periods to be set during a 24-hour period
The Real Time Clock and Calendar timer is backed up for at least one hour to maintain the current time and date in the event
that all power is removed from the controller
Physical inputs
Gate trigger
Pillar light
Closing safety
Physical outputs
Aux IO:
Pillar light
physical connection to an external device, eg. Inductive Loop Detector, SMARTGUARD keypad, etc.
interfaces with onboard CENTSYS code-hopping receiver
Aux IO - open collector output that can be used to drive an external relay for operating any external device, eg. water feature, security lights, etc.
Technical specifications
D5-Evo sliding gate operator
Input voltage
Motor voltage
Motor power supply
Battery charger
Current consumption (mains)
Current consumption (motor at rated load)
Operator push force - starting
Operator push force - rated
Gate mass - maximum
Gate length - maximum
Gate speed (varies with load)
Manual override
Maximum number of operations per day
Duty cycle - mains present
220V - 240V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
12V DC
Battery driven (standard capacity - 7Ah)
CP84SM - 2A @ 13.8V
18-22 m/min
Thumbwheel behind locked door
with key release
Operations in standby with 7Ah battery
Half day
Full day
Collision sensing
Operating temperature range
Steel, Nylon RAZ or
Nylon angle rack
A variety of rack available in
different lengths, for different
CENTSYS Infrared
Passive sensitive edge
Always recommended on any provides additional protection
against crushing
gate automation installation
Onboard receiver type
Receiver code storage capacity
Receiver frequency
Mass of unit packed
(with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery)
Packaging dimensions
-15°C to +50°C
CENTSYS code-hopping
500 transmitter buttons
303mm wide x 231mm deep x 432mm high
(with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery)
Theft-resistant cage & SMARTGUARD or
SMARTGUARDair keypad
padlock Retro-installable
SOLO/Lattice Proximity
Access Control System
steel cage that increases the
resistance of the operator
against theft
Proximity reader allowing for
Cost-effective and versatile
access to both pedestrians and
wired and wireless keypad,
vehicles, while offering a higher
allowing access to pedestrians level of security than a keypad
POLOphone intercom
G-SWITCH-22 devices
Allows visitors to communicate Allows for monitoring and
with people inside in order to activating the operator, via your
phone, from anywhere in the
gain access to the property
world that has GSM network
Can operate off a solar supply, consult your CENTSYS dealer for assistance
Can increase battery capacity for longer standby times
Gate opening and closing speeds can be configured to run slower depending on the
requirements of individual installations
Based on 25°C ambient temperature and unit not in direct sunlight
Based on an operator push force of less than 50% of rated
Based on four metre gate, excluding infrared safety beams
FLUX SA Loop Detector
Allows free-exit of vehicles
from the property - requires
ground loop to be fitted
Overall dimensions
CENTSYS transmitters Backup Memory
Module Back up all the
Available in one, two, three
and four button variants.
Incorporates code-hopping
Wheel kits
Solar supply
A variety of wheel kits are
available from your CENTSYS
Alternative means of
powering the system - consult
your CENTSYS dealer
Steel pole for mounting
intercom gate station or
transmitters and operating
details set up in the controller access control reader
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