Kreg Roenfeldt
Mailing: 777 Hoopes Ave #G103, Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Voice: 208.403.9251
Objective and Background
Objective is to obtain work and education that provides forward progress in career development. Always driven to improve
current skill set and open to adding a new emphasis in similar technical skills.
Currently an IT individual with great work experience, positive college education, and the benefit of a technically oriented
social network of colleagues. Cares greatly for the success of the employing organization. Seeks a professionally organized
company to become permanently invested in, to gain a stable and secure future.
Background includes years of professional technical experience with additional years prior in related environments. Time has
been spent involved in different topics of technology. Primary focus has been in System and Network Administration. Free
time during College and personal time off continues to explore some Computer Science and Electronic Engineering topics.
Server Administration
Data Research
New Deployment
Network Design
Performance Improvement
Migration and Upgrade
BYU – Idaho
BS University Studies, Minor in Information Systems
BYU – Idaho
AS Computer Systems Technology
BYU – Idaho
AS Electronics Engineering Technology
Personal Experience
Networking Highlights
• Experienced with OSI Model Concepts. ICMP, IP, TCP/IP, TCP/UDP, SSL/TLS
• Experienced with IPv4 and Subnet Design, Routing Concepts, InnerVLAN Routing
Experienced with Ethernet, VLAN 802.1q, ARP, DHCP, PPPoE
Experienced with OpenVPN, Routed and Bridged TAP/TUN designs, CA and Key management
Server Administration Highlights
• Experienced with Apache, BIND, Postfix, Cyrus-SASL, Cyrus-IMAP,
Experienced with FreeRadius, NAS, Authentication, Accounting, Authorization
Experienced with chrooting daemons, Linux file system attributes, ownerships, and features of ext3/ext4
Experienced with File Server RAID systems of Hardware, Software, and Software dependent Hardware.
Experienced with MySQL Database Administrating, Security, Backups, Performance
Familiar with Windows Terminal Service, Licensing Services, and planning out TSCAL and CAL
Operating System Highlights
• Experienced with IPTables, Linux Netfilter, Managing kernel network modules, compiling custom kernels
• Experienced with Cisco ACL's, IOS feature sets, Boot configurations, Hardware compatibility issues.
Experienced with Boot Loaders, Partitioning, EFI, BIOS, MBR/GPT tables.
Experienced with minicom / HyperTerminal serial interfacing
Familiar with scripting basic tasks with Bash and Perl. Typically modifying existing scripts by others.
Familiar with Regex concepts to search patterns, sort information, troubleshoot, and analyze problems.
Familiar with Hex editing, firmware dumps, compiling modules, dealing with binary data.
Programming Highlights
• Student of Procedural C
• Student of Object Oriented C++, Java
Student of SQL
Professional Experience
NitroSecurity – Internet Security Engineer Idaho Falls, ID
September 2010 - Current
Study logging and network events from 3rd party equipment owned by current and trial customers. Determine how
to organize key information from data patterns, and then create parser rules for NitroSecurity products to analyze
the results.
Create Snort style parser rules using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. Use of careful Regex to match unique
patterns in Syslog events to identify occurrences, and capture key information to be injected into the databases.
Examples include searching for Usernames, IP addresses, Protocols, Failures, Severity, Hostnames, and more.
Work with PCAP Data, Samples, Documentation, and any information that could be useful to gain insight on
unknown devices that need support.
Linux workstations and Bash as primary testing. tcpdump, grep, sed, awk, perl, regexr, vmware, and other various
tools used for working and manipulating data samples.
Operate Virtual Machines to build testing environments. Maintain multiple releases of the NitroView products in
different configurations depending on the customers needs. Other VM environments such as Windows SQL Server,
Windows Workstations, and multiple Linux flavors, for creating virtual networks to simulate real scenarios.
Occasional hardware testing of spare equipment that can not be created in a VM. Build small networks to attempt
triggering Syslog events from the equipment. Collect the samples of data that otherwise can not be extracted and
begin making parsers from the new information.
Direct Communications - Network Administrator Pocatello, ID / Eagle Mountain, UT
Rockland, ID / New Florence, MO
December 2005 - July 2010
Administer Linux systems for tasks in Mail, Web, Radius, File Storage, Firewalls, DNS hosting / caching.
Monitor with Syslog, Packet Capture, ICMP Pingers, and MRTG / RRDTool SNMP Graphers.
Operate numerous Cisco Routers and Switch gear for each site. Maintain Upstream Provider WAN pipes.
Extensive use of Ethernet VLAN and IP routing design. Other transports besides Ethernet protocol includes
ATM, Frame Relay, Serial PPP, Cable HFC DOCSIS, and PPPoE.
Familiar with Genband VoIP soft switches for internal and public VoIP networks. Have experimented and practiced
with different QoS techniques using Cisco network gear to achieve quality prioritized service.
Each region required coordinating with departments of Fiber, DSL, T1, Cable, and Wireless. Coordinate with each
team to troubleshoot emergencies and maintain service.
Maintain company wide private Intranet. Manage VPN networks between all offices, company partners, and
traveling employees. Govern internal security, design performance, and support daily operation for each location.
24 hour standby for escalations from Customer Service. VIP clients include schools, large businesses and other
partnered Internet providers.
Direct Communications Equipment Experience
RedHat CentOS Mandriva Ubuntu
Debian Slackware
Routers / Switches
Cisco 7200VXR
Cisco 7200
Cisco 3600
Cisco 2600
Catalyst 3750 / 2950
Cable Internet
Cisco UBR-7246VXR
Cisco UBR-7246
Arris 1500
Arris 1000
Motorola BSR 1000
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Windows XP / Vista / 7
DSL Internet
Calix E5 110/111
Zhone BSX8000-5
Zhone AuD8000-12
Cisco IOS
Mikrotik Router OS
Wireless Internet
Motorola Canopy
Alperto WiiMax
Calix C7
Cisco Cerent 15454
Shelbourne Apartments - Network Administrator Rexburg, ID
May 2004 - December 2005
 Maintained basic Internet service and VoIP phones for students of a large college apartment complex.
 Created initial network design and installed all network gear. Consulted owners with options to help save costs.
Pull building CAT 5e cabling. Punch 66 block and 110 patch panels to meet standards and exercise quality.
Responsible for efforts to prevent typical p2p traffic, web content filtering, and other issues that effect performance.
ClearCore Manufacturing – Technician Idaho Falls, ID
September 2002 - September 2003
 Member of a team developing PCB video processors and embedded multi purpose computer boards.
Responsible for troubleshooting, repairing, and assembling. Newly developed designs meant studying schematics
to learn methods of troubleshooting the different models and staying current with the team.
Flashed firmware regularly supplied by the developers. Use of basic electricity fundamentals. Regular use of test
tools such as multi-meters, oscilloscopes, UNIX terminals, and Quick Logic chip programing equipment.
Skills in soldering small scale semi conductors and electronics using high quality solder equipment and
Maiden Electronics – Technician Ogden, UT
November 2001 - August 2002
 Repair Consumer Electronics. Examples include Televisions, DVD players, Microwave ovens, and Game consoles.
Ability to read service manuals, schematics, and troubleshoot basic electricity concepts.
Soldering skill for single layer PCB electronic boards. Careful ground isolation, temperatures, and solder type.
Company was contracted with multiple organizations such as Ogden City Schools, Papa Johns Pizza, and other
small to medium size office environments to provide support for PBX Phone systems. Experience in troubleshooting
phone networks, 66 blocks, POTs, continuity checks, toning, and wiring complicated junctions.
Experience with Nortel Norstar phone systems and dealing with multiple analog lines from the Telco D-Mark.
Handling incoming call Roll Overs, Internal Transfers, and other Analog to Digital conversions.
References available upon request.
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