Shruti Goel, PhD (Post Doctorate) Research Epigenetic regulation of mammalian cell fate, with a particular emphasis on the roles of SWI/SNF complexes in osteoblast differentiation Education INSTITUTION AND LOCATION
Anna University, India Georgetown University University of Wisconsin‐Madison DEGREE
B.Tech Masters 05/04 05/05 Ph.D. 09/11 FIELD OF STUDY
Biotechnology Tumor Biology Cellular and Molecular Pathology Contact Information Room G546, Medical Science Building Department of Orthopaedics 185 South Orange Ave., Newark, NJ 07103 Office: 973‐972‐1426 Fax: 973‐972‐9401 Email: Main Publications Goel S, Fakhraldeen S, Chin E, and Alexander CM. Oncogenic Wnt ligands require both Lrp5 and Lrp6 for effective signaling. (Submitted). Alexander CM, Goel S, Fakhraldeen S, and Kim S. Wnt Signaling in Mammary Glands: Plastic Cell Fates and Combinatorial Signaling. (Submitted). Kim S, Goel S, Alexander CM. (2011) Differentiation generates paracrine cell pairs that maintain basaloid mouse mammary tumors: proof of concept. PLoS One.6(4): e19310. Badders NM, Goel S, Clark RJ, Klos KS, Kim S, et al. (2009) The Wnt Receptor, Lrp5, is expressed by mouse mammary stem cells and is required to maintain the basal lineage. PloS ONE 4(8): e6594. de Assis S, Wang M, Goel S, Foxworth A, Helferich W, Hilakivi‐Clarke L. (2006) Excessive weight gain during pregnancy increases carcinogen‐induced mammary tumorigenesis in Sprague‐Dawley and lean and obese Zucker rats. J Nutr 136:998‐1004. 
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