UB 7792 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2012.0.6

UB 7792 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2012.0.6
Creative Solutions Accounting, v. 2012.0.6
User Bulletin 7792: Software Update
July 17, 2012
Users of the Creative Solutions Accounting™ (CSA) software.
This user bulletin explains changes made for this release of Creative Solutions Accounting.
Payroll form and filing information
To determine the status, availability, and filing methods for payroll tax forms, refer to the Payroll section of
the CSA Home Page. Click the + sign next to a jurisdiction to display the list of available forms. Click the
+ sign next to any form to display the status and filing methods available.
State Payroll Tax modules
Kentucky. We have updated Form UI-3 to the latest version available from the agency. If you filed a
prior version of this form, you do not need to resubmit the form.
Michigan. The program now rounds the amount in the Amount Enclosed field (Line 11) on Form UIA1020 to the nearest dollar amount rather than displaying it with two decimal places. We have made
this change to address the state’s amendment to the Michigan Employment Security Act Section
13(1), which requires that the contribution payment amount be rounded to the nearest dollar.
New Jersey. We have addressed an issue that caused the program to double the employee portions
of the Unemployment insurance and Workforce development amounts on the forms when these rates
were entered in the Rates tab of the New Jersey Supplemental Information dialog. The program now
uses the SUI employee rate of 0.425% when the Unemployment insurance, Workforce development,
and Healthcare trust fund rates are blank in the Rates tab of the New Jersey Supplemental
Information dialog. If you override any of these rates in this dialog, the program will use the amount
entered for those rates, add them to the employer SUTA rate on Line 6, and will not retrieve this
additional portion from the tax tables.
Pennsylvania. We have updated Form UC-2 to enter a zero in the Check Digit field if the account
number begins with 73 or 74.
Washington. The program now creates the SUTA file for Forms WA-5208A and WA-5208B using a
TXT filename extension instead of a DAT extension, per state requirements.
Forms pending approval
The following 2012 form is pending approval. Once the form has been approved, we will make it available
in a subsequent software update. Please note that the state will accept the previous version of this form
until approval is received.
Quarterly form
 Colorado – Form UITR-1
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UB 7792
For step-by-step procedures, refer to the CSA help. To learn how to use the help, choose Help > CSA
Help Topics and open the topic called “Getting help.”
If you have questions or need assistance, you can visit our website at CS.ThomsonReuters.com 24 hours
a day for access to our support knowledgebase and for the latest information on current issues and
processing tips. To take advantage of this convenient means of accessing information, choose On the
Web from the CSA Help menu, and then choose Product Support and Service.
Email Subscriptions
We issue software update notices via email. If you want to receive these notices, you must have an email
account and sign up for the Email Subscription service. To sign up for the Email Subscription service, visit
the My Account section of our website at CS.ThomsonReuters.com. (Note that you must create a web
account to sign up for email subscriptions.)
Product Support
To speak with a Product Support Representative, please call CS Support at (800) 968-0600, press 2 for
Product Support, and then listen to the available options. Normal weekday support is available from 9:00
a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For details on support hours for all CS Professional Suite® applications,
please visit the Support section of our website (accessible from within CSA by choosing Help > On the
Web > Product Support and Service).
Copyright 1998 – 2012 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 7792
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