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The New Reference Standard is Here!
The Ross Synergy 100 is the new standard
in compact digital production switchers.
Designed with a big switcher
processing engine, the power,
capabilities and picture quality
are unprecedented in any switcher, by any other manufacturer on
the planet.
Live Production!
If there is one thing we know at Ross,
it’s how to build a switcher for Live Production.
You’ll find the control panel fast and easy
to operate.
The Synergy 100 will fit right into your
small edit suite. It works well in linear,
offline, or hybrid edit suites.
The stylish S100 panel comes in a choice of colors
Classic Black
Sport Yellow
Tech Silver
Breathtaking video quality and super-smooth motion.
The Synergy 100. Looks great, works great.
Don’t let the small panel fool you...
The Synergy 100 is bursting with powerful effects
and features that will enhance your production.
Dual Box Interview
The classic dual box interview, with border
and DSK Title. The Synergy 100 makes
it easy with one keystroke to create a box,
then grab the joystick and rotate it in 3
dimensions, choose a border frame look
and it’s done! Once the effect is created
it is easily stored in one of the 100 effect
memories for quick recall later. No other
small switcher can match this capability.
Combinations of Elements
You’ll be amazed at the ease with which
you can combine effects on the Synergy 100
to produce a unique look.
Sophisticated 3D
DVE transitions work just like a wipe!
Simply select DVE as the transition type
and select an effect using the wipe pattern
buttons. (Pre-built DVE effects are
assigned to these buttons - 100 available).
Tech Silver
Classic Black
The S100 is a powerful, versatile,
easy to use switcher which makes
it the perfect choice for so many
applications... Come and get it!
Sport Yellow
High Quality 3 Axis Joystick
• Used to control SQUEEZE & TEASE 2D
or 3D DVEs.
• Also used to position wipes, mask keys,
and more!
Effects Keyers
• Control over Key 1 & Key 2.
• All key types are supported.
• Add optional Squeeze & Tease 2D
or 3D DVE effects.
Fly Key Button
• Pressing “Fly Key” turns on Squeeze &
Tease 3D to create a box or fly a chroma
key, self key, or auto select key.
• You won’t find this on other switchers.
Chroma Key
• Autochroma key set-up is available on
both the standard and Ultimatte™
chroma keyers.
Key Bus
• 6 full buses for V + K selection to key 1,
key 2, and DSK.
• 3 way control shown by backlit indicator.
• Selected source button lights red when
on air.
Program Bus
• Source button lights red to indicate
source on air.
• Fully assignable (any of the 16 inputs to
any button).
• Shift function provides access to
“back-side” sources.
Preset Bus
• Used to select the next background.
• Only on air during a transition.
Disk Drive
Standard PC Format 1.44MB Floppy Drive
Effects Control
• Used to delegate matte adjustments
to one of 5 internal matte generators.
Mattes Select
• Displays S100
system menu
on preview
Menu Button
System Control
• Use back, and to navigate S100 system menu
when menu is turned on.
Rate Select
• When operating, individual adjustments to
auto transition, downstream keyer, and
fade-to-black rates are made here.
Downstream Keyer Adjustments
• Comprehensive DSK control.
• Access to every switcher source via key bus.
Optional Key Border Generator
• Add drop shadows, glows, and more.
• Positionable anywhere on screen.
Key Memory for Auto Select
• Brings back correct key settings automatically
for any auto select key.
Character Generator Quick Select Buttons
• Quick select for commonly keyed sources.
• Assign any commonly used key source here.
• Provides quick access to character generators
and other common DSK sources.
Legendary Ross Fader Handle
• Simply the best - Backed with a
lifetime warranty.
Preset Black
• Quickly sets up a transition through black.
Transition Limit
• Used to establish a mid-transition stop point.
• Great for squeeze-backs
Downstream Fade-To-Black
• With ridges to prevent accidental activation.
• Flashes red when in FTB mode.
Downstream Keyer Transitions
• Dedicated DSK CUT and DISSOLVE buttons.
• Red on air indicator.
Pop-Up Help
• Help messages automatically appear on the preview
monitor if you hit an invalid button sequence.
Transition “Zinger”
Patented Transition Preview
• Hold down DISS, WIPE, DVE while
initiating a transition, to verify transition on preview output.
Next Transition Style Operation
Dissolve, Wipe, and
DVE (Squeeze & Tease) Transitions
• Easy-to-use, with full preview.
Non-Sync Indication
• Bus row labels change to yellow in the case
of a non-synchronous or untimed source.
• Squeeze & Tease transitions
are easy...Just like a wipe!
• Bright green LED shows location
and direction of fader handle or
auto transition.
• Quickly select wipe or DVE transitions.
• When memory is selected, acts as a memory
recall shot box.
• Memory locations work like “Key Frames” for
dynamic “Squeeze & Tease” DVE control.
• Panel buttons illuminate in green when linked to this area.
• Store and recall memories, personality settings, and
installation settings.
• Upgrade software and (FPGA) hardware through this
drive via software downloaded from the Ross website.
S100-001 (Synergy 1) Rack Frame Rear View
• Analog control panel
connectors (used with
analog upgrades only)
• Captive locking
power cord
• General purpose interface
• Preview outputs (x2) • RS-422/232 serial editor
(GPI) for simple editor control
interface (GVG-100/110 or
GVG-4000 protocol, optional)
and remote memory recall
• Rack frame tal• Unused on S100
• GVG 100/110 control panel
lies (optional)
(Synergy 1 only)
(Used for GVG digital upgrade)
• S100 control panel • 8 auxiliary bus outputs
(Aux busses 1 & 2 not used
• Program outputs
• 16 digital inputs
on S100)
• Power diagnostic LEDs
• Aux panel
• Positionable clean feed
• Digital reference input
S100 Control Panel Rear View
• Locking power
• Unused
• S100 rack frame • Tallies (standard)
S100 Assignable Aux Bus Control Panel
S100 Single Aux Bus Control Panel
• Camera CCU joystick override is supported on Aux Bus Control Panels.
• Aux control panels can be daisy-chained up to 8 deep.
S100 Rack Unit Frame Electronics
• Unique main circuit board holds all
inputs/outputs and processing
• Output timing
• Connectorized for easy swap
• Input timing
• Battery back-up
for instant recall
of system state
after power cycle
• Border
• Squeeze & Tease
2D or 3D DVE
• Optional Ultimatte™Insider
• Quick swap power supply
S100 Rack Shelf Unit
• Sturdy construction and smooth operation
make this sliding rack shelf the right
choice for many applications, including:
smaller live production or editing suites
and mobile trucks, where the control
panel can be easily accessed or stored
with the flip of a lever.
• 2 position locking mechanism allows the
shelf to be secured in either a stowed or
in-use position.
Systems &
& Options
Synergy 100 Digital Production Switcher, Classic Black
Synergy 100 Digital Production Switcher, Tech Silver
Synergy 100 Digital Production Switcher, Sport Yellow
System Options
Conversion Frame (DFR-8110A, Includes One Power Supply)
Conversion Frame, As Above with Cooling Fan Unit in Door
S100-028 Ultimatte™Insider Matting Device
S100-031 Clean Feed
Squeeze & Tease 2D
Squeeze & Tease 3D
DSK Border Generator
Dedicated Remote Aux Panel (Includes 10 Meter Control Cable)
S100-053 Assignable Remote Aux Panel (Includes 10 Meter Control Cable)
S100-054 Custom Cable for Aux Panel (Per Meter, Replaces 10 Meter Cable)
S100-060 Editor Interface
Spare Parts Kit
Custom Cable for Main Control Panel (Per Meter, Replaces 10 Meter Cable)
Spare Power Supply (Panel)
Spare Power Supply (Rack Frame)
S100-079 Rack Frame Tallies
S100-008 In-Desk Mounting Bracket
S100-009 Rackmount Sliding Shelf
Additional Operators Manual
Additional Installation Manual
S100-083 Additional Maintenance Manual
S100-090 Synergy On-site Operational Training - 1st Day
S100-091 Synergy On-site Operational Training - Additional Day
S100-092 Synergy On-site Technical Training (2 Days)
S100-093 Synergy On-site Commissioning (2 Days)
S100-999 Synergy 100 Extended Warranty (Adds One Year)
Frames for a Buck!
a Buck!
Ross Video Technical
• A complete range of technical services is available from Ross Video to ensure
that your Synergy 100 installation is a success.
• Operational Training • Commissioning • Technical Training
• Extended Warranties • Technical Support
• Operational Training is available either at Ross or on-site at your location.
Experienced Ross operators will teach your staff to get the most out of your
new switcher.
• Commissioning is a service to help get your switcher configured and up and
running. It is performed by factory trained Ross technical staff.
Purchase a Synergy 100
and Conversion Gear and get
a Ross 2RU Digital DA Frame
and Power Supply for
• Call Ross Video for details. (613) 652-4886
• Technical training can be provided at the Ross Video factory in Iroquois,
Ontario or on-site at your location. Technical training will teach your engineering staff the technical details of the system you have purchased.
Signal flow, system configuration and routine maintenance procedures are
some of the topics covered.
• The Synergy 100 comes equipped with a 3 year comprehensive warranty.
Extended warranties are available for an annual fee.
• Technical advice is available free for the life of your switcher simply by telephone, fax or email to Ross Video.
• Ross, Ross Video, Synergy, and Squeeze & Tease
are trademarks of Ross Video Limited.
• Ultimatte is a trademark of Ultimatte Corporation.
• GVG is a trademark of Thomson Multimedia.
Ross Video Limited
P.O. Box 220, 8 John Street
Iroquois, Ontario, Canada K0E 1K0
(613) 652-4886
Fax: (613) 652-4425
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