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Alarm clock, Classic model
Alarm clock, Classic model
 Extra loud 100dB* alarm
Ascending multi-tone signal
 Smart Snooze
Reduces the snooze interval
 Powerful bed shaker
Vibrates under your pillow
 Battery backup
Keeps all features functional
100 dBA @ 4", 94 dBA @ 12"
Waking up has never been easier
With the Classic Alarm clock from Bellman &
Symfon you no longer have to worry that you
might oversleep. Choose to wake up to an extra loud and audible alarm and a bed shaker
that vibrates under your pillow. Perfect if you
have a hard time getting out of bed or have
trouble hearing.
and the multiple tone alarm signal that
sweeps through the frequencies so that, even
if you have trouble hearing for instance high
frequencies, you will not miss it. The Classic
Alarm clock is very easy to use. It has a large
LCD display with adjustable back light and
two separate push-rotate dials for setting the
time and alarm.
The Classic Alarm clock has many unique
features like the smart snooze function that
reduces the time intervals from 9 to 2 minutes
In addition, you can turn off the sound signal
so that you don’t disturb others when you
need to get up.
Technical specifications
Size and weight
Separate push-rotate dials for easy setting of
the time and alarm
4.3", 108 mm
4.7", 121 mm
3.6", 92 mm
13.7 oz, 390 g incl. batteries
Set time
Snooze button
Set alarm
Dedicated button that switches between
12-hour and 24-hour time format
4.7", 121 mm
4.3", 108 mm
4.7", 121 mm
Buttons and controls
Dedicated button that adjusts the backlight
intensity in five steps
Dedicated button that turns on / switches off the
alarm sound
Battery supervision that monitors and displays
the backup battery status.
The backup battery powers the sound and the
bed shaker. (Batteries not included)
3.6", 92 mm
In the box
Output signals
BE1350 Alarm clock
Wakeup time
Alarm on/off
Sound on/off
Time format
Bed shaker
Power adapter, 7.5 VDC, 1000 mA
User guide
100 dBA @ 4”, 10 cm, 94 dBA @ 12”, 30 cm
Built-in multiple frequency signal with a main
frequency of 950 Hz - 3000 Hz
Bed shaker
Bed shaker
Vibrator power: 2.0 - 4.0 V DC
Alarm and snooze
Alarm timeout: 20 minutes
 Decreasing snooze time interval from 9 to 2
minutes in two minutes steps
Type: Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD
Adjustable backlight intensity in 5 steps
The backlight is activated by the snooze button
The following accessories are available:
BE1272 Bed shaker with sound
4 rechargeable AAA size NiMH batteries
 Backlight color: white
 Display timeout: 8 seconds
Environmental requirements
Regulatory requirements
© 2011, Bellman & Symfon AB
Operating temperature: 59° to 95° F
(15° to 35° C)
Complies with the following requirements:
WEEE, Der grüne punkt, CE, RoHS and C-Tick
Bellman and Bellman & Symfon are registered trademarks owned by Bellman & Symfon AB, all rights
reserved. All Product designs are patented. Subject
to change without prior notice.
Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
(non condensing)
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