Quick Installation Guide
Knowing Your Belkin
Powerline AV500
Network Adapter
Installing and Setting Up the Adapter
Solid Green – Adapter
running normally
Blinking Green
– Adapter is resetting
– Adapter is in the process of
password synchronization
Off – Adapter powered off
Solid Green – 10/100/1000Mbps
port linked
2.Connect one of the Adapters to your existing
modem or router with a network cable. Use
a second network cable to connect the other
Adapter to a computer or other network
device such as a wireless access point,
set-top box, or gaming console.
Blinking Green – Data transmitting
or receiving
Off – No Ethernet link
Color Red – Link rate less than
– Encryption setup failure
– Adapter not connected to
powerline network
Belkin Powerline Network Adapters allow
you to extend your network over your home’s
existing wiring.
Note: Do not plug the Adapter into a
power strip; doing so may degrade
network performance.
Ethernet Link LED
Color Amber – Link rate between 10
and 80Mbps
1.Plug the Adapters into power outlets; one in
the room with your other network equipment,
and the other in a room where you would like
to have network access. When the Adapters
recognize one another, their Powerline Data
lights will glow.
Power LED
Data LED
Color Green – Link rate excellent:
greater than 80Mbps
Max. 300m
3.(Optional) For greater security, use the security
button on each Adapter:
(a) While both Adapters are plugged in, press the
encryption button on both units for 10 seconds
until the units’ LEDs flash and the units reset.
(This does not have to be at the same time.)
(b) Next, press the encryption button on one
Adapter for less than 3 seconds.
(c) Within 1 minute, press the encryption button
on the other Adapter for less than 3 seconds.
Belkin provides technical support via phone and the Web.
However, we encourage you to attempt (or retry) Steps 1 and 2
before contacting Support.
If you’re still having trouble, contact Belkin Support.
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(d) The Adapters will connect and the new
password will be saved to both Adapters.
Installation is complete. If step 3 was not done,
you may add Powerline Adapters to the network by
plugging them in.
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