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RSTP Quick Setup Procedure for the SM24p-POE
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1. Purpose
The following is a recommended quick setup for (RSTP) rapid spanning tree configuration
in a system. This document has been provided to define a quick start procedure.
2. Procedure
1. Default IP address of the switch is Configure a PC on the sub net.
An example of an IP to assign to the PC would be
2. Connect a RJ45 patch cable between port 1 of the switch and the PC. Check the link indicator
to ensure proper connectivity.
3. Configure the IP for the switch. The system has the default IP address. You can
re-configure or use the default value. Configure the following parameters using a web browser
at . When prompted for the login password, use the default password
which is admin. Navigate to the system configuration page.
a. IP Address: assign the switch IP address. The default IP is
b. Subnet Mask: assign the switch IP subnet mask.
c. Gateway: assign the switch gateway. The default value is
e. Select <Save> action to save the configuration.
[NOTE] Always restart the switch after finished the setup.
4. After restart, log in to switch again with the new IP address assigned (if any). Navigate to the
RSTP configuration. Check the the Mode parameter is set to RSTP. Navigate to the RSTP Port
Configuration section and enable RSTP on the redundant link ports by checking the check boxes next
to the appropriate ports. In the illustration in this document, the ports would be 21,22,23,24.
5. Repeat the above steps for other switches to be installed in the system, and be sure to assign
unique IP addresses to each switch.
6. Bench test the entire system before installing in field to ensure correct operation. Be sure that
all devices maintain connectivity under normal conditions and when either of the redundant
links is lost. Refer to Figure 1 for an example of a system under test.
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RSTP Quick Setup Procedure for the SM24p-POE
Rev 000
Illustration 1: RSTP system example
3. Reference Documents
NOTE: Listed are suggested reference documents. This section should list other
documents that are either specifically referenced in this document, or that provide
more detail to a process that is referenced in this document.
1)SM24p-POE 24 Port 10/100/1000BASE-T 4 1000BASE-X SFP Ports Advanced Managed Switch
User Guide Rev.A1 26-July 2012
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