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Westpoint WI-0035 User`s manual
Infrared Heater
User’s Manual
The Infrared Heater works with your in‐home furnace to provide supplement heat. Carefully and
thoroughly read this manual before using the Infrared Heater for the first time. We recommend
keeping this manual for regular review and future reference. Heater is intended for residential use.
Infrared Heaters utilize the latest infrared heat technology. Infrared Heaters provide a safe, convenient,
clean, and economical way to distribute heat throughout your home or business without producing deadly
fumes or monoxide gases. Our heating system produces therapeutic infrared heat that can potentially
relieve symptoms of cardiovascular conditions and inflammatory diseases. Infrared heat technology, in
general, produces rays that are safe and highly beneficial to our bodies and health professionals have
been using infrared technology for decades to treat muscle and joint pains.
Infrared Heaters are constructed of a wood housing. They are equipped with nylon caster wheels for
easy mobility. And the highly efficient filter can be maintained and cleaned by simply rinsing with warm
Save these instructions because electrical safety is essential to keeping your home safe. When using an
electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock,
and injury to persons. Please adhere to the following safety instructions:
The heater must be operated by an adult. Keep heater out of the reach of children.
Only operate the heater when it is on the floor.
Do not operate heater near any water.
Do not plug heater into any other cord connected device such as power strip, surge protector,
multiple outlet adapter, grounding adapter, outlet-type air fresheners or extension cords. Plug the
heater cord directly into a 3-prong 120V 15 amp grounded circuit receptacle.
Never plug heater cord into a loose fitting or broken receptacle.
Never alter the heater’s design or operation. Such actions will void warranty and could result in
injury and/or death.
Do not operate the heater if it has a damaged cord or plug.
Do not operate the heater if there are signs of malfunction. If the heater has been dropped or
damaged, do not operate.
Keep combustible materials such as furniture, pillows and other bedding materials, paper(s),
clothing, and curtains at least three feet away from all sides of the heater during operation.
Always unplug heater when not in use.
Do not use the heater outdoors.
Do not run heater cord under carpet. Do not cover cord with throw rugs, runners, or similar
coverings. Do not route cord under furniture or appliances. Route cord away from traffic areas.
Do not use the heater in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or similar indoor locations.
Turn off heater before unplugging.
Do not insert any foreign object or allow foreign object to enter the ventilation opening or
exhaust opening as this may cause electric shock, fire, and/or injury.
Never block the air intake or exhaust opening in any manner as this could lead to fire.
Do not locate heater, when in use, immediately below a receptacle.
Never operate heater in or around a bathtub, shower, or swimming pool.
Only open heater if instructed by an authorized representative of the manufacturer. There are
limited user-serviceable parts inside.
Use heater only as described in this manual. Any other use is not recommended by the
manufacturer as it may lead to fire, electric shock, and/or series physical injury or death.
Heater Specifications
Heater Model# WI-0035
Carton Size: 18.5 in x 17.1 in x 18.6 in
Heater Size: 16.5 in L x 16.5 in W x 15 in H
Net Weight: 32 lbs
Gross Weight: 36 lbs
Cabinet: ¾ ply – Oak
Power Cord: 5.8 ft / 16 gauge
Heat Chamber with Diathermanous Copper Plate
Heating Elements: 4 Infrared Quartz Bulbs
Power Requirement: 120V 15 amp
Heating Elements Life Expectancy Potential: Rated 20,000 hrs
Heat Type: Therapeutic Quartz Infrared Heat
Thermostat: Electronic Analog
Fan System: Cross Flow Fan
Fan Noise Level: 46 db
BTU: 5600
Delayed Start Function
Remote Control
“HI” Function: 1500 watts
“LOW” Function: 750 watts
Electrostatic Washable Filter
Warranty: Limited 3-Year Parts Only
How It Works
The Infrared Heater works with your in-home furnace to provide supplement heat. In short, room
temperature air circulates from the rear of the Infrared Heater, passes through a highly efficient filter,
enters a chamber that houses the Infrared Quartz Bulbs, and exits as heated air from the Diathermanous
Copper Plate constructed on the front of the unit. The Infrared Heater ideally heats a room of 500 to 700
square feet, but can be used to heat up a single room size up to 1000 square meters, depending on the
ambient temperature. And it does all this with a noise level below 46db. The Infrared Heater is not for
use as the primary/sole heating system.
Components and Functions
A. The Infrared Heater is constructed with Infrared Quartz Bulbs. Each Infrared Quartz Bulb is rated
at 375W. These bulbs produce therapeutic infrared rays that warm the air which passes through
the inner chamber. The Infrared Quartz Bulbs are constructed with a stainless steel thermal
conducting housing. The incorporated twisted style increases the efficiency of the unit.
B. An AC Cross Flow Fan pushes air over these Infrared Quartz Bulbs. Cross Flow Fans create a
wide flow of air using a cylindrical-shaped impeller. Air is drawn inside the Infrared Heater, flows
along the circumference of the chamber and over the Infrared Quartz Bulbs, and is blown out
laterally creating a uniform flow of warm air.
C. The Infrared Heater has a Delay Start Function which controls the AC Cross Flow Fan. The
purpose of the Delay Start Function is to allow the Infrared Quartz Bulbs to heat up before the fan
begins to circulate the air flow. In addition, the AC Cross Flow Fan will continue to circulate the
airflow after the power is turned off to circulate the warm air from the Infrared Heater cooling the
unit down.
D. The air flow exits through the front of the Infrared Heater. It travels from the Diathermanous
Copper Plate. The Diathermanous Copper Plate is constructed from red copper making it
advantageous for efficient thermal conductivity. It is a resourceful material in reflecting the
infrared rays.
E. The LED Digital Display is a convenient, stylish, and modern way to display the set temperature
and time. This attractive addition compliments the Infrared Heater, in that, it simplifies and makes
controlling the unit easy. Operating the heater is logical and can be done on the unit itself or by
Unpacking the Infrared Heater
1. First, check the carton to make sure there are no obvious damages that may have occurred
during shipment.
2. Open the Infrared Heater packaging and remove the heater by sliding it from the box. You may
want to gently and cautiously turn the entire box upside down letting the heater slowly slide out.
3. Remove all the protective materials from the heater. It may be a good idea to keep the protective
materials and packaging for storage during the off-season.
Operating Instructions
Visually inspect the Infrared Heater for any damages before operation. Do not operate the
heater if any damages are detected. Contact your dealer immediately.
NOTE: “UP” and “DOWN” arrow buttons on the control panel and remote control have
dual function capabilities.
Adjust TIME / TEMP with up arrow or adjust HI / LOW settings.
Adjust TIME / TEMP with down arrow or adjust 0C/0F settings.
1) Plug the power cord directly into a conventional 120V 15 amp outlet and press the MASTER
POWER switch on the rear of the portable heater. Then press the POWER button on the front
control panel or on the remote to start the unit. The LED display will show the default value as
Function Display
(Note: If the ambient temperature (the temperature in the area around the heater) is greater than the set
temperature, the HI/LOW display, fan, and Quartz Bulbs will not operate.)
2) By pressing the 0C/0F/Down button, you can switch the temperature format from Fahrenheit to
Celsius and vice versa.
Press the C/ F/Down to
switch from Fahrenheit
to Celsius.
3) By pressing the TIME button, the LED display will switch from the temperature status to the TIME
status and begin to flash. The default time will display “--“. This means that the TIME is not
activated and, therefore, the heater will remain on. You must press the HI/LOW/UP button or the
C/0F/DOWN once again within (5) seconds to set the time. Each time you press the HI/LOW/UP
button, the time will increase by 0.5 Hr. If you press the 0C/0F/DOWN button, the time will
decrease by 0.5 Hr. The maximum value for time is 8.0 Hr. By holding down the HI/LOW/UP
button or 0C/0F/DOWN for (2) seconds, the number rotation will cycle more quickly. If you do not
press the HI/LOW/UP button or 0C/0F/DOWN within (5) seconds, the time status will switch back
to the temperature status.
Press TIME to switch
to time status, then
press HI/LOW/UP
button once within 5
seconds to scroll up
5 seconds later the
value switches to
ambient temperature
on the LED
4) Again, the default set temperature
display is 720F. By pressing the TEMP
button, the LED display will switch to the temperature status and flash. You must press the
HI/LOW/UP button or 0C/0F/DOWN button once again within (5) seconds to set the desired
temperature. Each time you press the HI/LOW/UP button, the temperature setting will increase
by 10F. Press the 0C/0F/DOWN button and the time will decrease by 10F. The maximum
temperature setting is 860F (300F). If you hold the HI/LOW/UP button or 0C/0F/DOWN button for
(2) seconds, the number rotation will cycle more quickly.
Press TEMP to switch
to temperature status,
then press HI/LOW/UP
button once within 5
seconds to scroll up
5) Press the HI/LOW/UP button to switch from HI (rated at 1500W) to LOW (rated at 750W). The
default setting is HI.
From HI to LOW
6) The Infrared Heater can be turned off by pressing the POWER button. DO NOT TURN OFF THE
UNTIL THE FAN SHUTS DOWN. If the heater is left on using the TIME function, there will be (5)
second sound alert to let you know that the time is expiring. If no actions are taken, the heater
will shut off.
7) Note that the temperature displayed on the heater may not always match the temperature
displayed on wall thermostats, thermometers, or other external temperature read-outs. This is
because the heater is often located near the floor, which allows for it to register the temperature
of the cooler air near and around the floor (warmer air rises up). It does not necessarily mean
your room is that cooler or that the heater is not heating. If your heater’s display and your external
temperature read-out mechanism (thermometer, wall thermostat, etc.) are within a 5 to 6 degree
difference, it is completely normal.
Recommendations for Maximum Performance
1. Be sure not to place the heater in an area where the air flow or air movement is great.
2. Direct the outflow towards the center of the room and not against a solid structure, like a wall for
example. For larger areas, place the heater within a central location.
3. The Infrared Heater designed for maximum efficiency in the 680 F to 740 F range. This is because
of the ambient air moving through the heater and out constantly.
4. Existing HVAC heating system vents should be closed. This allows the heater to function in an
isolated area.
5. It is not recommended to operate heater in areas exposed to non-insulated concrete or metal
walls. Concrete floors should be covered to insulate the heat within the room.
If the heater filters become dirty or dusty, they must be cleaned for the heater to operate at its
maximum efficiently.
Care, Maintenance, and Storage
Before care or maintenance is applied, always unplug the cord from the receptacle. The cabinet
housing can be wiped down with water and a damp cloth or with furniture polish. The heater has a
washable filter. The filter should be cleaned regularly to provide for maximum performance. Once the
filter is removed, run warm water through and over the filter to remove dirt and dust. Shake all water
residue from the filter and replace it back in the heater. (Note: A mild soap can be applied to assist in
removing dirt and dust from the filter)
If the heater is not to be used for an extended period of time, it can be stored away. Make sure the
power is turned off and the cord is unplugged from the receptacle. Wrap the cord around the handle on
the rear of the portable heater. Cover the heater to prevent dust from accumulating on the heater. You
may want to repack it back in its original carton. Always store the heater in a dry and dust free
(Note: You may want to clean the filter prior to storing the heater away so that it is ready for operation the
next time it is put in use.)
a. If the Heat Emitter is broken or damaged
b. If the Control Panel is not responding, the temperature reading is above 86 F/30 C, or there is a burning
odor coming from the portable heater
c. Or if the power cord is damaged
SOLUTION: Contact the manufacture immediately. DO NOT attempt to operate the portable heater as this may
cause electric shock, fire, and/or injury.
a. The amount of heated air exiting the front of the portable heater is reduced.
SOLUTION: Check the electrostatic filter to make sure it is free of dust and dirt. Also
check the front grill and rear air intake to make sure it is not being blocked by any kind of debris.
a. The portable heater will not turn on.
SOLUTION: First, test your outlet to make sure it has power. You can do this by plugging in another appliance
and turning the appliance on. Secondly, check the LED display to see if it is flashing. If this is the case, press
the POWER button to turn off the TIME and resume normal operation of the portable heater. Third, check the
power switch to see if it is lighting up. If the outlet does have power, the LED display is not flashing, or the
power switch is not lighting up, contact the manufacturer immediately for further troubleshooting.
a. The portable heater continues to operate even when the power switch is turned off.
SOLUTION: Do not unplug. The portable heater has a fan that will continue to operate even when the power
switch is turned off. This fan continues to run in order to cool down the portable heater. Once the fan stops
running, you can then unplug the portable heater.
a. The control panel displays no temperature or TIME.
SOLUTION: First, check to make sure the power cord is not damaged, is plugged in, and the outlet has power.
Secondly, check to make sure the control panel is not damaged. If the control panel display continues to be
inoperable, contact the manufacturer for further troubleshooting.
a. The control panel is displaying a temperature and TIME, but the portable heater does not operate.
SOLUTION: The Signal Cable or other relevant plugs may have become disconnected. Please contact the
manufacture for further troubleshooting.
a. The heat emitter is functioning and the air outflow is working, but the temperature displayed on the LED
panel does not increase.
SOLUTION: The temperature sensor may be damaged or has become disconnected. Please contact the
manufacturer immediately for further troubleshooting.
a. The display shows “Er”. This error code means the heating system is not working correctly.
SOLUTION: Contact the manufacturer immediately. DO NOT attempt to operate the portable heater as this may
cause electric shock, fire, and/or injury.
Warranty information
1. Warranty period is 12 months from the purchased date.
2. This warranty is void if the Portable Heater has been altered, misused, or has been repaired
by an unauthorized dealer, or it is not installed according to stated instructions.
3. You will be charged a minimum repair cost in the following cases:
a) When warranty period has expired.
b) Force majeure.
c) Rough and wrong operation on the Portable Heater.
4. The warranty extends only to the manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage
resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner.
“Certificate of Warranty”
This product has completely passed tests on quality control and safety features, conducted by
the technical department of the Manufacturer. It will be greatly appreciated to inquire and ask for
required service work upon finding any defects by presenting the Certificate of Warranty to the
authorized dealer in your area.
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