UB 8306 Accounting CS Software Update v.2015.4.1

UB 8306 Accounting CS Software Update v.2015.4.1
Accounting CS, v. 2015.4.1
User Bulletin 8306: Software Update
December 27, 2015
Users of the Accounting CS software.
This user bulletin explains changes made for this version of Accounting CS.
General – Payroll
We have updated the workers’ compensation limits for 2016 for California and Ohio.
Payroll Compliance
We have updated the W-2G form layouts to print two recipients per page.
Note: If your firm has modified a predefined version of the form layout, the application will not overwrite
your existing layout with an updated version. If this is the case, you will need to make the necessary
changes to your customized layout manually, or you will need to restore the latest predefined version
using the Layout Designer. To do the latter, select the layout from the Layouts list pane in the Layout
Designer, and then choose File > Restore Default.
Accounting CS Payroll, for live payroll processing
In addition to the changes made for general payroll features listed above for after-the-fact payroll
processing, the following changes have been made for the live payroll processing features specific to
Accounting CS Payroll.
We have addressed an issue that caused users to receive a message that incorrectly indicated they were
using an unsafe web browser when submitting direct deposit files to InterceptEFT™.
Updates for payroll tax rates, limits, and minimum wage rates
Click here to view the year-to-date updates for payroll tax rates, limits, and minimum wage rates.
Help & How-To Center
For answers to questions on using Accounting CS, access the Help & How-To Center by choosing Help >
Help & How-To, by clicking the
button on the toolbar, or by pressing CTRL+Y. You can also use the
search field on the toolbar to search for topics. For more information, including sample searches, see
Finding answers in the Help & How-To Center.
Product support
From the Support Contact Information page on our website, you can complete a form to send a question
to our Support team. To speak directly with a Support Representative, call 800.968.0600 and follow the
prompts. Normal weekday support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For additional
Copyright 2009 – 2015 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 8306
details (including extended support hours for tax season and hours for other applications), visit the
Support section of our website. You can also access the Support section from within Accounting CS by
choosing Help > Additional Resources > General Support Information.
Website resources and email subscriptions
Visit our website to access the Tax & Accounting Community (formerly ARNE), to learn about training
courses, to view blogs and articles, and more. You can access the website from within Accounting CS by
choosing Help > On the Web > CS Professional Suite Home Page.
We issue software update notices via email. You can sign up to receive these notices by visiting the My
Account section of our website. You’ll need to create a web account (if you don’t already have one) and
then sign up for the Email Subscription service where you can indicate which notices you want to receive.
Accounting CS Ideas Community
The Accounting CS Ideas Community is a forum in which you can share ideas with other users and
provide feedback and suggestions to our development team. Through the forum, you can also upload and
share customized reports, financial statements, letters, or check layouts that might be helpful to other
firms. The enhancements that have been implemented based on customer suggestions voiced in the
community are highlighted on the User Bulletin. For more information on accessing and participating in
the community, see Ideas Community.
Copyright 2009 – 2015 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 8306
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