M-Audio USB OMNISTUDIO User manual

M-Audio USB OMNISTUDIO User manual
Multi-language quick start guide
Quick Start Guide
This guide is intended to help get you started
quickly. In order to achieve optimal usage of
your new Omnistudio USB, we recommend that
you carefully study the enclosed product
manual, either after completing the process
described in this guide or before.
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OmniStudio USB Quick Start Guide
Thank you for choosing the OmniStudio USB from M-Audio. We’ve
designed the OmniStudio USB to be a complete, versatile multi-channel
recording and playback solution for your PC- or Mac-based Digital Audio
Workstation (DAW). The OmniStudio USB gives you up to four inputs and
four outputs of 16- or 24-bit audio at sampling rates up to 96kHz, using
the plug-and-play convenience of your computer’s USB port..
This Quick Start Guide is designed to give you a basic overview of
installing and setting up the OmniStudio USB, to get you up and running
quickly. Even if you are an experienced computer user and recordist, we
suggest you take the time to read the accompanying Users’ Manual. It
will help you get the most out of your OmniStudio USB.
To Install the OmniStudio USB
NOTE: Do NOT connect the OmniStudio USB to your computer until you
have run the installer program.
Begin by inserting the M-Audio driver CD-ROM into your computer and
browsing to the OmniStudio USB folder. Inside this folder you will find the
installer file for your particular operating system. Running the installer
application will copy the necessary system files to your computer’s hard drive.
Once you’ve completed the installation, you will be prompted to restart
your computer. After you have restarted, connect the OmniStudio USB to
your computer’s USB port. Your computer will recognize the new device
and complete the driver installation. Then your OmniStudio USB is ready
to use.
For more detailed information on installing the OmniStudio USB, please
refer to the Users’ Manual.
Connecting the OmniStudio USB
Connect the OmniStudio USB’s Monitor outputs to your amplifier or
powered monitors. If you are monitoring through headphones, connect
one or two sets of headphones to the OmniStudio USB’s headphone outputs.
Connect your microphones, instruments or other line level analog
sources to the OmniStudio USB’s front panel Mic/Inst inputs 1 and 2, and
line level sources to the rear panel Line Inputs 3 and 4.
Connect your MIDI synths or sound modules to the OmniStudio USB’s
Stereo Aux Inputs 1 through 4. Connect your external processors to the FX
send and FX returns and/or the Channel 1 and 2 Inserts.
Connect your external MIDI device(s) to the OmniStudio USB’s MIDI In and
MIDI Out connectors.
For more information on the OmniStudio USB’s hardware connections
and how to use them, please refer to the Users’ Manual.
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