EMI Near-Field Probe Set up to 1 GHz

EMI Near-Field Probe Set up to 1 GHz
HZ530 EMI Near-Field Probe Set up to 1GHz
Typical frequency response E-field probe
Typical frequency response H-field probe
Typical frequency response high-impedance probe
Technical specifications at 23 °C ±2 °C
Frequency Range:
Supply Voltage:
Supply Current:
Probe Dimensions:
Set includes:
100 kHz…1 GHz
6 Vdc from Spectrum
Analyzer or batteries,
4 x Mignon/AA,
not included
approx. 10…24 mAdc
40 x 90 x 195 mm (W x H x D)
internal electrical shielding
1 E-field probe
1 H-field probe
1 high-impedance probe
1 BNC cable 1.5 m
1 power cable
Operating Manual
Robust carrying case
The HZ530 Probe Set consists of three active broad­
band probes for EMI diagnosis. The probes are
­designed for connection to a HAMEG spectrum ana­
lyzer with input impedance of 50 Ω. The probes can be
powered by the spectrum analyzer or batteries. The
slim format ensures easy access to the test object
even in cramped test environments.
The H-field probe provides a signal to the spectrum
analyzer that is propor­tional to the magnetic field
strength. This makes it possible to localize sources of
interference with relatively high precision.
The high-impedance probe can be used to determine
interference levels on contacts, lines and printed circuit boards.
The E-field probe is the most sensitive of the three
probes. It can be used to assess the total effect of
shielding and filtering in a tested unit.
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