D4 INT spec eng
Interrupt Input Module
Module Specifications
Input Module
D4-INT <--->
The D4-INT is an 8-point interrupt
module. This module is intended for applications that have a high-priority event that
requires special operations to be
performed. When this high priority event
occurs, the interrupt module senses a DC
level input signal. The module automatically informs the CPU to interrupt its
present operation. The CPU immediately
suspends its routine scan cycle and jumps
to a subroutine identified with that particular interrupt input signal point. The CPU
then executes the logic in the subroutine
(subroutines can even use immediate I/O
instructions to immediately read and write
I/O points if a time-critical update is
necessary). When the subroutine is
complete, the CPU automatically resumes
its routine scan cycle starting at the exact
location where it was interrupted. The CPU
continues the routine scan until another
interrupt signal is sensed.
Modules per CPU
One for DL430, 2 for DL440 & DL450 (modules must be in 1st then 2nd
slot of the CPU base)
Input Points
Input Voltage Range
Maximum Input Current
Input Current
ON Level Voltage
OFF Level Voltage
Maximum OFF Current
Minimum ON Current
OFF to ON Response
ON to OFF Response
Terminal Type
8 (requires 16 points from I/O)
Operating Environment
0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F), 5% to 95% humidity
Internal Power Consumption
100mA max
~ 2.7Kohm
4.4mA at 12VDC, 9.0 mA at 24VDC
0.08 - 0.59ms or 0.88 - 6.47ms
0.15 - 0.89ms or 1.64 - 9.81ms
Removable connector
Koyo Electronics
Interrupt #1
Hardware features
The D4-INT is designed to accept eight
input signals. These inputs are labeled
0 through 7. If multiple inputs are received
at the same time, they are prioritized by
their respective label number, 0 being first
and 7 being last.
Input points not used as interrupt points
can be used as normal DC input points.
This is accomplished with an 8-bit
dipswitch located on the back of the
Interrupt signals can be triggered with a
rising or falling edge signal. This is selectable via a dipswitch.
Two ranges of input filtering for response
times are available via a dipswitch.
PLC Products
1 - 80 0 - 633 - 0405
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