IPTV Data Sheet

IPTV Data Sheet
VBrick® IPTV Solution
Encode and Stream Television Broadcasts
Cost Effective TV Distribution Over IP
The VBrick IPTV Solution provides an easy and cost-effective means to distribute digital TV channels,
including news and financial programming, across IP networks. The solution eliminates the expense
and limited access of legacy coax cabling, expanding the audience to any user that has LAN/WAN access
– wired or wireless. Corporate, education, healthcare and government users now have access to TV
broadcasts on TV screens, PC/MAC desktops, and digital signage. As a component of a complete VBrick
solution, video streams can also be recorded, stored and managed for future on-demand access.
The VBrick IPTV Solution is managed centrally by the VBrick® Rev® video management platform. Using the
Rev Channel Guide, customers assign video from multiple channels to be sent to VBrick Multi-format Set
Top Boxes, which then decode the stream for playout on televisions located anywhere on their network.
Cable TV
Set Top Box
Set Top Box
9000 Encoder
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Set Top Box
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Efficient and Cost Effective - Eliminate the need for multiple set-top boxes for decoding and multiple
encoders for streaming channels on your network
Centralized Management - Service requests for all TVs go to you, instead of to the cable company
Flexibility - Reassign content to set top boxes over IP network, instead of running coax cabling to each set
top box
Conserve Bandwidth - Support for multicast delivery across the LAN enables additional users without
requiring incremental bandwidth
Ease of Use - Leverage integration with the VBrick video management system to create of program guides
and simplified stream selection at TV screens and on the desktop
Related Products
9000 Encoder
The VBrick® 9000 Encoder
enables anyone to encode
video from up to four
uncompressed sources
- such as a camera or TV
broadcast – for H.265 HD live
Stream each source at multiple bitrates to deliver video over
any network.
Capture High Definition Video - Appliances encode and
stream HD 720p and 1080p video at 60 frames-per-second.
Encryption - Protect content by encrypting streams with
robust AES-128 or AES-256 encryption algorithms.
Network Transport Protocols - Compatible with Adobe
FlashTM Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Windows
MediaTM Player, Apple QuickTime and other players.
Serve Multicast and Unicast - Use multicast technology to
reach an unlimited number of users on the WAN or push
video to reach mobile users via CDNs.
VBrick Integrated – Centrally manage encoders and
seamlessly connect with the VBrick Distributed Media Engine
to support iPhones, iPads, Android devices and more.
VBrick® Rev® is an enterprise video platform that
enables organizations to
efficiently deliver highquality live and on-demand
video to enterprise- wide
audiences, both internally
using the corporate WAN,
and externally across the
Internet, while centrally
managing video assets, user
access, and permissions.
Live Webcasting - Create, and securely deliver, live rich
media webcasts to tens of thousands of viewers anywhere
in the world. Schedule live events, invite authorized viewers,
and reserve required resources, such as VBrick encoders.
The VBrick® DME is an
enterprise-wide content
delivery network (eCDN)
Media Redistribution - Ingests and reflects media streams,
unicast to unicast or unicast to multicast. One stream serves
Enterprise YouTube - Consumer-grade web-based portal for
collaborating, accessing and managing live and on-demand
video assets. Responsive design provides a consistent user
interface across devices.
Enterprise-wide Video Distribution - VBrick Rev works
with the DME to intelligently provide media redistribution,
media transformation, media transrating and the serving
and storage of video-on-demand to prevent overloading an
organization’s wide area network.
Media Transformation - Dynamically transforms resolution
and bitrate of a stream for devices/ locations requiring a
smaller stream.
Video on Demand - Local content storage and video serving
allow frequent content to be accessed locally.
UC Extension - Enables mass webcasts from VC endpoints
and WebEx.
Complete Solution - Works with VBrick video management
system to secure content through authentication.
Multi-format Set Top
The VBrick® Multi-Format
Set Top Box distributes
high-definition IP video in a
cost-effective manner.
Integrates with VBrick’s video management system to deliver
instantaneous access to video libraries.
Decodes the leading compression formats for easy and
flexible deployment in any video network.
Low-cost design makes IP video practical and affordable.
Closed Captioning (CC) overlay on HDMI and Component
Video outputs from SD and HD streaming sources, as well as
standard definition CC in line 21 of composite video.
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Systems, Inc., Herndon, VA. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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