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4-Port Bus-Power
Quick Installation Guide
FCC Warning
This equipment has been tested and found to
comply with the regulations for a Class B digital
device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference when the
equipment is operated in a commercial
environment. This equipment generates, uses,
and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if
not installed and used in accordance with this
user’s guide, may cause harmful interference to
radio communications. Operation of this
equipment in a residential area is likely to cause
harmful interference, in which case the user will
be required to correct the interference at his own
CE Mark Warning
This is a Class B product. In a domestic
environment, this product may cause radio
interference, in which case the user may be
required to take adequate measures.
P/N: 6012-0507001
Congratulations on your purchasing of the 4-Port
Bus-Powered USB Hub. This easy plug and play
external device will allow your computer to
connect to USB interfaced monitors, printers,
speakers, modems, digital cameras, joysticks,
Ethernet adapter, and other USB devices.
Technology Overview
USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a
standard that has been adopted by leading
manufacturers within the computer industry to
define a new type of peripheral connection
scheme. It is designed to replace older parallel
and serial ports, cables, and connectors with
something faster and easier to use. The
advantages of USB including the following:
Easy Installation -- Windows 98 / Windows
2000 / MAC OS 8.6 or later will
automatically recognize newly installed
Simplify the Installation Process -- You
don’t have to reboot the computer after
installing the USB device.
Higher Throughput -- Top USB data speed
(12Mbps) is about 100 times faster than a
serial connection.
Greater Expandability -- Using USB hubs
you can connect up to 127 devices to your
Hot Swappable – Connect or disconnect
devices without powering off the computer.
About the 4-Port Bus-Power USB Hub
The 4-Port Bus-Power USB Hub allows a user to
connect up to four or seven USB peripherals to
their USB ready PC or Mac.
The 4-port Bus-Power USB Hub is designed to
provide quick and easy access to the four type
‘A’ downstream port for connecting peripherals
with USB support, USB hubs and other devices.
A single type “A” upstream plug is provided for
connecting to the host computer, or another USB
Product Features
USB 1.0, 1.1 specification compatibility
Supports both OHCI and UHCI
Supports Bus-power mode
Supports Windows 98 / ME/2000 and
iMAC / Macintosh
Plug-and-Play & Hot-Swappable
Supports 1 upstream plug and four
downstream USB ports
One LED indicator for status
Connects up to 127 USB devices
Over-current and high-inrush current
The 4-Port Bus-Power USB Hub is designed for
simple and easy installation.
Aspect Description
Hardware Installation
1. Plug the A-type plug into a computer’s
USB port or a USB Hub’s downstream port.
2. Connect USB devices to the Hub’s
downstream port.
LED Indicators
The 4-Port USB Hub is equipped with one LED
indicator; this LED indicator lights green when
the USB hub is connected to a computer or other
USB hub successfully.
Data Speed:
LED indicators:
Upstream plug:
Downstream port:
Output Voltage:
Output Current:
EMI Compatibility:
USB Specification V.1.1 compatibe
Low:1.5Mbps, High:12Mbps
1 x Hub status
Type-A plug x 1
4-Port (4 x type-A Receptacle)
Per port DC +5V
4 port total 500mA
FCC Class B
CE Certification Class B
65 x 48 x 28 mm
Storage Temperature: Storage: -25°C ~ 70°C
Operation: 0°C ~ 50°C
Storage: 10% ~ 90%
Operation: 10% ~70%
Power Consumption: 2.5 Watts (maximum)
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