Quick-Donning immersion coverall MSD720

Quick-Donning immersion coverall MSD720
Quick-Donning Immersion Coverall
The Mustang Survival MSD720 Quick-Donning Immersion
Coverall is an excellent blend of ergonomic design and
emergency hazards protection. It is conveniently stored, easily
and quickly donned and very effective in protecting the user in
the event of cold-water immersion.
The MSD720 is an insulated, hypothermia protective, flame
and heat protective, quick-donning garment intended for use
by aircrew and passengers operating over water. The suit
packs into a small nylon case for convenient storage on-board
the aircraft. The suit is specifically engineered for long-range
maritime patrol and transport aircraft, but also performs well
as a rotary wing aircraft passenger suit or as a land survival
suit. The MSD720 is constructed from inherently buoyant,
2mm waterproof neoprene that is resistant to petroleum. This
material provides excellent fire and flame protection as well as
thermal insulating performance against extreme heat or cold.
The MSD720 is a one-piece coverall, designed for compatibility
with lifejackets. It is fitted with a horizontal, “across-the-chest”
waterproof entry zipper for easy self-donning. The fitting of high
stretch, soft latex seals at the neck and wrists, facilitates the
watertight design. Seals are replaceable by qualified technicians
at the unit level, or the suit may be returned to Mustang Survival
for repairs.
The insulated three finger thermal protective gloves are easily
accessible in the storage pockets on the sleeves. The glove
design provides for easy handling of survival equipment,
personal gear, and boarding of rescue boats and life rafts. There
is an insulated thermal protective hood stored in the thigh
pocket for minimizing heat loss through the head and protecting
against adverse weather and cold seas. The gloves and hood
are fitted with adjustable straps and are secured to the suit with
tethering lines.
A close fitting suit provides enhanced mobility and the straps
at the waist and ankles are easily adjusted with either hand
to gather in excess suit material. Integrated boots that
accommodate regular footwear aid quick donning.
The compact size of the stowed suit is maintained with the
nylon carry case’s three circumferential suppression straps. It
also has a drawstring closure, carry strap and clearly marked
donning instructions.
Mustang has a long history of working closely with the military
developing survival apparel solutions that offer superior
performance and comfort.
weight and dimensions
A closed cell expanded neoprene laminated to a stretch
nylon facing on front and back provides suit insulation. The
neoprene insulation is buoyant, waterproof, and resistant to
fire, hydrostatic compression, petroleum, oils, and lubricants.
The nylon facing provides resistance to abrasion and puncture,
and allows for easier donning. Foot soles are available in soft
textured neoprene, or rigid non-slip for passenger issue and
regular use.
The weight and dimensions listed are that of the immersion
coverall rolled and packed in the storage case provided.
Hypothermia Protection
NSN 8475-21-905-7960
The quick-donning immersion
coverall is an insulated,
watertight dry suit. When
tested on a thermally
instrumented manikin worn
over standard clothing,
the suit achieves thermal
insulation of 0.62 immersed
Clo. A benefit of the insulated
dry suit is that thermal
protection is only marginally
diminished in the event of
limited water ingress.
Dry Weight
7.9 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Storage Dimensions (length x diameter)
18” x 9” (46 cm x 23 cm)
US Patent No. X
Canadian Patent No. X
mustang quality
All suits are tested to ensure the highest level of reliability
and performance. Our commitment to quality has earned our
Richmond facilities ISO9001 registration, the highest of all
international standards. This is our guarantee you're receiving
the ultimate in design and manufacturing.
Mustang Survival has a policy of continuous improvement and
reserves the right to modify products or features at any time
SUIT EXAMPLESImmersed Clo Value
MS2175 Anti-Exposure Coverall
MAC10 Aviation Constant Wear Coverall
MSF300 Tactical Aircrew Drysuit System
The total inherent buoyancy of the MSD720 is dependent on
the insulation thickness. The 2 mm neoprene suit provides
62 Newtons (14 lbs.). This amount of buoyancy is well within
the maximum limit established by helicopter passenger suit
standards of 156 Newtons (35 lbs.). This level of buoyancy
does not inhibit the escape of suit wearers from an immersed
Universal Adult.
Red. (Storage case is orange)
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