CrystalView Pro CAT5 Digital CAT5 KVM extender

CrystalView Pro CAT5  Digital CAT5 KVM extender
CrystalView Pro CAT5
Digital CAT5 KVM Extender
Digital CAT5 KVM extender
Extends keyboard, video, mouse, audio and
serial signals up to 330 feet away
Supports DVI and VGA video at resolutions
up to 1600 x 1200
Supports CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 cables
Single or Dual models
Easily adapted to your system
Features and Benefits
DVI and VGA video modes
PS/2 keyboards and mice
CAT5 cable – 330 feet
CAT5e cable – 330 feet
CAT6 cable – 330 feet
Video resolutions up to 1600 x 1200
Dual version available
Serial and audio options
The CrystalView Pro CAT5 is the KVM extender of choice
for businesses that need to extend and operate a
computer, server, or KVM switch from a great distance.
The CrystalView Pro CAT5 makes this possible by the use
of standard CAT5 cable. You can fully operate and control
a computer or server from as far away as 330 feet using
standard CAT5 cable.
Extend a KVM station from a CPU using:
The CrystalView™ Pro CAT5 Advantage
The CrystalView Pro CAT5 supports both DVI video as well
as analog VGA video. All combinations of DVI and VGA
video cards and monitors are supported.
Compatible with Rose Electronics KVM switches
such as ServeView Pro, UltraView Pro, and
Compatible with windows, windows NT, OS/2,
UNIX, Linux, and other operating systems
Fully automatic KVM sharing
(Local access models)
Digital OSD setup menu
Rackmount kits available in 19”, 23”, or 24” sizes
Available in a 10-unit rack (Transmitters or
The Serial/Audio model allows stereo audio to be
transmitted in either direction across the CAT5 link
simultaneously. Many serial devices like a Touchscreen
can plug directly into the serial port on the Remote Unit
The OSD features make it easy to adjust all the necessary
device parameters, color, brightness, contrast, and
saturation. RGB color compensation is performed from
the remote unit. This adjusts each color to achieve the
best image and compensate for differences in cables,
patch panels, and connectors.
The modular architecture makes the CrystalView Pro CAT5
easily adapted to your system.
On-Screen Display
Part Numbers
Typical Application
Dual Digital CAT5 KVM extender
(Transmitter and Receiver)
DVI-I M to HD15 F adapter
Audio and Serial option
Rack mount kits
(xx= 19”, 23”, or 24”)
Digitally access a computer from two locations,
one is local, the other is 330 feet away
2.2 lbs / 1.0 kg (each unit)
Operating Temp
10˚C – 45˚C / 50˚F – 113˚F
80% max, non-condensing
1600 x 1200
Video – DVI - I
PC keyboard – MiniDIN6
CrystalView Pro CAT5 basics The CrystalView Pro
CAT5 system consists of a transmitter that connects to a
PC, server, or KVM switch and a receiver that connects to
a keyboard, monitor, and mouse or a KVM switch. The
transmitter and receiver units are connected together
with up to 330 feet of standard CAT5 cable.
The ideal way to apply the CrystalView Pro CAT5 is to
connect the transmitter to a Rose Electronics KVM
switch. Expanding the switch allows the receiver to
access up to 1,000 computers or servers. The Rose
Electronics KVM switch can be connected between the
transmitter and computers, the KVM station and the
receiver unit, or both.
Models The CrystalView Pro CAT5 is available in a PC
model. The dual version allows for a second KVM station
next to the PCs, providing operation from the transmitter
or the receiver unit. A rack version, containing 10
transmitters or receivers is also available.
8.8W x 6.7D x 1.75H (in.)
142W x 169D x 41 (mm)
PC mouse – MiniDIN6
Power – 4-pin square
Program (Com 1) – RJ11
90-240 VAC to 6.0 VDC 200 ma
Local interface = 8 W
Remote interface = 9.5W
Max distance
330’ CAT5 stranded cable
200’ CAT5 solid cable
Indicators (LEDs) Front panel – Communication
Rear panel – Power / Link / Video
OnOn-screen display All models offer a digital onscreen display for setup and configuring the unit for DVI
or VGA.
Installation Installing the CrystalView Pro CAT5 units is
as easy as connecting the KVM station to the receiver,
connecting the CPU to the transmitter, and connecting
the transmitter to the receiver with CAT5 cable.
Keyboard and Mouse emulation The CrystalView
Pro CAT5 uses a microprocessor to emulate the keyboard
and mouse.
Rack Assembly The CrystalView Pro CAT5 can be
ordered in a 10-unit rack assembly with several options
Rearview, CrystalView Pro digital CAT5 KVM
extender with serial and audio options
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