Iris ID Systems Inc.

Tim Meyerhoff


Director – North America

The Iris is NOT the Retina

• The donut shape of the eye except the black part(pupil) is the iris.

• Iris recognition technology is different from the retina scan. It is same as taking pictures using normal digital camera – there is no worry about eye safety.











Ciliary Muscle



Iris ID Company Overview

• US-directed global business unit

• Established in 2002

• Reflecting importance of security post 9-11, and US/G-8 influence driving technology adoption

• Spin-off unit created form LG to Iris ID Systems 2010.

• Commands attention of senior management previously from LG IRIS

• Focus on future development of the technology

• Creating Alliances with best of breed ID companies

• GBU is IRT experience-rich

• In technology

• In marketing and sales

• In support and service

• Vision, mission, growth reflect core competence

• Identity authentication, not iris, biometrics, security, access control, or identity management






Charles Koo


7 Clarke Drive, Cranbury, NJ 07726, USA

NJ, USA Headquarters : , Seoul, Korea: , Bangalore India, Dubai

Total Iris Biometric Solutions

Iris ID Business Areas







Access Control

Time & Attendance



Vertical Markets

- Large scale National ID Project

- Mid/small scale Civil ID Project

- Corrections, Healthcare, Welfare

- Passport/VISA System

- Border Crossing

- Physical Access Control

- Exact T&A record (No Buddy Punching )

- High Throughput – Hygienic solution

- Large scale factory / tough environment (coal mine)


Public Institution

Government, Corporate,

Public Institution, Hospital,

Bank, Airport, Harbor

Government, Corporate,

Public Institution, Hospital,

Construction Site, Coal Mine

- Steel industry asset/inventory control solution

- RFID H/W & special tag

Government, Corporate,

Public Institution

Iris ID Systems Inc.

History of Iris ID Innovation

iCAM D1000 iCAM T10 iCAM7000

(Series) iCAMTD100



2010 iCAM4000

IrisAccess 3000




1999 IrisAccess 2200

How do we authenticate ?

Key Decision Factors:

Security - Accuracy - Ease of Use - Cost

Something you CARRY

Natural and Easy

More Difficult

To Counterfeit


And Difficult

Low Security

Low Accuracy

Drivers License

Photo ID

Magnetic Stripe


Smart Card


Something you KNOW



More Difficult

To Appropriate

Something you ARE




Challenge -


Encryptio n



Digital Signature


High Security

High Accuracy

Biometric Authentication Methods

Most Secure


Easy to use

Low False Reject

Smallest Outlier Population

Probability of False Accept

1 in 1.2 million ( Single eye)

1 in Billions ( Both eyes)


Contact required

Larger outlier population

Higher False reject

1 in 1000* single finger

1:1 only for Hand

3% Face error rate

Finger Face Hand

Based on Know or Have

Least Secure

Card Swap

Sharing Pin

Card Pin Password

• Some vendors claim 1 in 10K 1:N for single finger

• Face & finger fails on twins and family members often

Iris Works Where Others May Not

• Hazmat suits, rough and dirty work, construction sites, hospitals; all pose problems for biometrics modalities other than iris.

• A natural choice for Identification Credential

• Pristine prints difficult to acquire in environments where manual labor is prevalent.

• None of these very common conditions poses a problem for IrisAccess™

Hand Geometry Fingerprint

Finger vein Face Recognition Fingerprint

Iris Recognition Technology Benefits

Positive Identification

After 12 months of age, the iris pattern is completed and does not change through life.

The iris pattern is unique - left and right iris are different, the irides of twins are not the same

Most Accurate

The probability of two individuals having the same iris pattern is 1 in 10


. The most accurate biometric technology commercially available as of today.

Easy of Use

Just take a look from a distance of 12-14 inches (31-35cm) for recognition. Correct recognition is possible even when wearing sunglasses or contact lens.

Rapid Speed of Throughput

Iris recognition is especially powerful in a large scale environment such as airport or borderline where high throughput is needed (1:N recognition among 1 million database - less than 2 seconds)


Highly Scalable

Iris recognition is non-contact and non-invasive which means it is safe from any harmful contamination among people.

It's highly scalable from mid/small size office environment to large scale enterprise system or ultra large scale national ID project.


Iris ID becomes higher standard of biometric security solution. IrisAccess has perfect countermeasure solution for filtering photo, video or fake eye intrusion.

Iris Recognition Deployments

Asset Protection

Data Center Security

Iris ID - Worldwide

1 of 2 (commercial market)

This is a partial list, for representation only

Lab Security &

Bio Hazard






Hotels Clubs

POS & Retails

Iris ID Worldwide

2 of 2 (government market)

This is a partial list, for representation only



Government &

Public Safety




Government of

Andhra Pradesh

Kingdom of






State of Qatar

Sultanate of


Kingdom of

Saudi Arabia


Template – 512 Bytes

High Security

– Prevents ID card trading

Boundary of

Upper Eyelid

Easy Integration

Parallel to Legacy system

Hygienic – non contact biometric

– Scalable solution

Pupil Boundary

– High performance

Boundary of

Lower Eyelid

Boundary of the sclera


High throughput

– 965,450 transactions in 2013-2014

– 7235 enrolled

– No failure to enroll (FTE)

– Virtually no false rejects (FRR)

– No card needed


© 2014, ColorID, LLC

Example of pristine quality iris image

Even half closed eye can be successfully recognized.

Rapid Enrollment

Enrollment during three recent 2-1/2 hour card production sessions :

– 320, 349, 356 enrollments respectively

– About 2 minutes for the entire credentialing process including iris enrollment

– Privacy assured as no is PII retained in Iris System

• Image not saved, Template data is encrypted by a user created 3 DES Key.

Holographic User Interface

Approaching imager to correct distance turns orange light to green


Look up cardholder in ID Works

Capture photo – face

Record PROX number

Print card

Capture iris templates and verify

Deliver finished card to student

Quality measure follows NIST IREX 5

Georgia Southern -Iris


Enroll during orientation as part of Card Issuance

10 iris cameras (readers)

Capturing the eye photo & creating template

No Impact on card issuance process

No PII In iris system necessary

Average over 8,000 transactions per day

Fall Term

Iris transactions

Card transactions



Fall: Over 5000 plans sold

Spring: Over 4200 plans sold

July 2013 - 3500 Iris Enrollments

Spring Term

Iris transactions

Card transactions



September 2013 - 5600 Iris Enrollments

Spring 2014 - 7235 Iris Enrollments

Total: Spring and Fall

Iris transactions

Card transactions



Iris Technology Acceptance

Unique use of an Iris camera (reader)

Articles – On-Campus Hospitality, CR80 News, Food Management Magazine.

“Students using the IRIS camera at the Main Dining Commons have been pleased with how this new technology has been performing” - The George-Anne

“It’s really cool and you get through as fast as possible. ” - Freshman Biology Major

Data Center Security – CITI

CITI Group Data Center Security

• 20+ Locations: Data Center, Card Processing, Security Command

• Over 80,000 employees enrolled (1:1 and 1:N Identification)

• Customer since 2004 (Multiple Generations of iCAMs installed)

Data Center Security – Google

Google Data Center Access Control System

• IrisAccess Deployed since 2009

• Iris ID provided ROU 3000, iCAM4000 and iCAM 7 Series Iris cameras

• IrisAccess deployed at all global data centers.

• Integrated with multiple existing access control system on an enterprise level

Entry Access Control System – CERN

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Access Control

• CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research

• IrisAccess deployed since 2007

• Enterprise Access Control Application

• Protecting 10,000 plus researchers from multiple countries

• Deployed on 90 access shafts protecting particle accelerators and detectors

Private Vaults

Access control for safety deposit boxes

• Complete identity disclosure

• Iris recognition used to access safety deposit boxes

• 24/7 access – safe and confidential

World Trade Center/Freedom Tower

New York World Trade Center Construction Site

• All construction crew currently enrolled with Iris ID technology

• IrisAccess deployed since 2009

• Thousands of employees gain access daily

• Integrated with DESFire

Time & Attendance – Union Pacific

Union Pacific Railroad Workers

• Union Pacific were primarily concerned with eliminating worker fraud and leveraging their investment in workforce optimization.

• They required a biometric that was not finger or hand based due to Union concerns and work conditions that alter laborers hands throughout the work day

• Union Pacific decided on iris for several key reasons

- Iris is suited to the rough, unpredictable environments railroad work gangs encounter.

- Reliable performance easily achieved among a relatively low-tech, labor-based workforce

- Iris operates in identification mode: workers are not required to present a card, token or PIN to be identified

Patient ID – Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Health IT Data Security

• Prevents duplicate medical records and eliminates patient fraud at the time of enrollment

• Hygienic biometric modality requiring no patient contact with a hardware device

• Ability to compare a single template against nearly 2.5 million records

• Allows identity of unconscious or disoriented patients

Transportation Security – CATSA

Canada: 29 Airport Deployment

• 29 airports in Canada deployed – 250 + Readers

• 200,000+ enrolled employees

• Employees carry their iris template on a secure smart card

• Operational since 2005 – 3 Generations of product

Transportation Security – PRIVIUM

Amsterdam Schiphol PRIVIUM® Program

• E Gate Immigration program

• Service member program for anyone within the European Economic Area

• Increased speed without losing accuracy: Average 30 seconds vs. 4 minutes previously

• About 100,000 persons enrolled in the program.

• Operational and Profitable since 2004.

• Also uses iCAM 7 Series for Access Control ( 135 devices).

CBSA E Border

• Automated Border Crossing

• In Operation since 2005

• 1:N Identification

• System Refresh in 2013

• Partner - IBM

Expedited Airport Security

• Predictable experience at the airport



Qatar National Id and Travelers Project

• Multi Biometric program

• National and resident ID card 2 million records

• Frequent Traveler for the citizens and residents (ex-pats)

• First Passport program in the world to store iris image on the ePassport

• Enrollment is performed on each passenger upon arrival 20,000 per day

Immigration – Doha Intl Airport

Immigration control – identity authentication

• Passenger biometric immigration control

• NEW iCAM D1000 will be installed at both arrival and departure gates

• Total of 137 to be installed by end of 2013

• Ability to accurately capture both iris and face images from a distance of 1 meter

Immigration – Doha Intl Airport

E-Gate Project for Immigration

• Reduce the wait time at immigration counters

• Current deployment of fingerprint has shown issues with some users

• Since iris has been deployed it has show increase in speed, use, and reduction in wait time.

United Arab Emirates

Expellee Program

• Since 2003 all borders and jails use IrisAccess devices to enroll deported persons.

• Each airport counter has iris devices which provide 1:N matches on backend system.

• The implementation started with single eye close distance iris capture and is migrating to distance capture

Mexico National ID

Turnkey IrisAccelerator Architecture

IrisAccelerator™ v3:

– Runs on IBM Blade Server Platforms

– Cluster of blade server chassis where each chassis has multiple blades

– All but one blade runs a matching engine

– One blade runs IrisController to control blades within a chassis

– Clusters are made operational by LoadBalancer


– High Availability and Throughput by using multiple chassis

– Scalability by running multiple matching engines within a chassis

– An Oracle database (RAC/standalone) for data storage

New South Wales Department of Corrective Services

Visitor Tracking system (Australia)

• Biometric Program, Iris main focus for visitor management

• Multiple integrators developing visitor tracking application

• Centralized server for iris database

• 34 prisons connected to IrisAccelerator central server DB in Sydney

• Identify visitors and frequency of visits

• Iris ID Product utilized

• iCAM4000/iCAM 7000, iData SDK & IrisAccelerator [M]


Turkish Ministry of Justice,

Prison - Visitor Management

• Since 2003, 24 prisons across


• Each site contains 11 iCAM’s and

Iris ID software.

• The implementation started with

IrisAccess 3000 and IrisAccess

4000. currently implementing iCAM 7000

Biometric Automated Toolset

• The deployment of the Biometrics Automated Toolset (BAT), Detainee

Information Management System (DIMS), and the Multilingual

Automated Registration System (MARS), has been supporting intelligence and combat biometrics operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2004.

• Iris ID supports the program with iCAM TD100

• Army transferring responsibility to State Department

Government Programs Using Iris


National ID

UIDAI India , MNID (Mexico National ID), Bazil, Nigeria, South Africa

Trend is “Multi Modal Iris, Finger, Face are the modalities


Army, Marines, Navy, & NATO Partners

US Customs and Border Corrections (CBP)

Expansion of Iris into IDENT Immigration Database (US Visit – OBIM)

Consular – US Department of State

Iraq & Afghanistan Visa application

Enrollment may be expanded to all non visa waiver countries

Border Crossings

Jordan, Oman, Qtar , Saudi Arabia, UAE , Schiphol.

Privium & Saphire ( use proprietary template on the smart card)

CAN PASS (AKA Nexis Air) System Refresh 2014

Clear Me (AKA Registered Traveler )–

Value - ROI proposition “Predictable experience with Airport Security”

Service providers use compressed r image on a smart card for verification at the airport kiosk.

Corrections / Background Screening

FBI Iris Collection underway Q4 2013

NYPD (Arraign- Book - Release)

Los Angeles Sheriff Dept., and others many others

York County PA (deportation)

LAX (Vetting through CAL DOJ to FBI/CJIS)

Products - Hardware

iCAM7 series

Fast Fully Automatic Dual Iris Capture

Easy Non-Intrusive, Non-contact User Interface

High Accuracy 1:N and 1:1 Capability

Exceptional Flexibility and Ease of Integration

High Speed – High Throughput

Non-contact – Clean and Hygienic

Backwards Compatible with IrisAccess 4000 System

1:N Identification and 1:1 Verification

High Quality Face Camera (5M pixel)

Non-contact Integrated Internal Card Reader (HID iClass, MiFare, DESFire) - optional

Time & Attendance Ready


Standard Compliant (ISO 19794-6 (Iris) & ISO 19794-5


Stand-alone Door Access

Visual and Audible Prompt

Touch Screen PIN Pad (for iCAM7100 only)

Auto Tilt (if Smart Card or PIN is used)

iCAM + iData Toolkit + iData Iris SDK

iCAM 7 System Topology

Multiple iCAMs work as network devices and can be integrated with one Access Control Panel.

iCAM7000 may directly control door access through Door Relay port.

* 1 Access Control System Host &

Iris Server Software can reside on the same physical Server PC.

Smart Card – Iris + Card, Verify on iCAM


Enrolled user present a smart card to the iCAM.


When a user look into the camera, iCAM takes user’s eyes, generates IrisCode and compares with the

IrisCode stored in the smart card (verification)


If it’s successfully matched (verified), iCAM sends Card ID to Access Control Panel through Wiegand out port.

Capture Iris Images

Generates IrisCode from the captured iris image

Compares the generated

IrisCode with the iris info stored in the smart card

If it’s successfully matched, iCAM sends Card ID to

Access Control Panel through Wiegand Out port.

When a user present a smart card to the iCAM, internal card reader reads the card information.

Smart card has both iris information and card ID.

Access Control / Time & Attendance

6 Function Keys

4.3” Touch Screen

High Quality Face Camera (5M pixel)

Integrated Audio

Auto Capture and Tilt

Customized Screen Message

Online/Offline Administration

Multiple Interface (Ethernet, Wiegand,

RS422, RS232, Relay, GPIO)

External Speaker Connection available

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

iCAM 7 User Interface

Auto Tilt

Approaching imager to correct distance turns orange light to green

iCAM TD100

Single Motion – Auto Capture

Dual Iris Enrollment & Recognition

Face Capture

Operator Guidance LCD Screen

Standard Compliant (ISO 19794-6 (Iris) & ISO 19794-5


USB Interface

Convenient and Intuitive User Guide

Hot Swap Battery

Lightweight (~ 15oz (0.4kg))

Convenient and Intuitive User Guide

Ideal Choice for Biometric Enrollment Kit

iCAM T10

Dual Iris Capture

High quality ISO Standards compliant images

Ideal for outdoor use

Impact resistant housing

USB Powered

Integrated cable management

Easy Cleaning

(removable visor)

IP 54 compliant

Windows, Linux and Android SDK’s

Intuitive User Interface

Virtually eliminates squint

Anti-Dilation System

iCAM D1000


・Intuitive User Interface With Real-Time Visual Feedback

・Large Capture Volume For Face and Iris (90cm ±25cm)

・Auto Zoom & Auto Focus Iris/Face Cameras

・High Quality Image Capture

・Automatic Face Illumination

・On Board Encoding & Matching (option)

・Integrated desk height stand


・Stand-off Identification up to 90cm ±25cm away

・Easy to use - Ideal for casual users

・Ultra High Speed Simultaneous Iris & Face Capture

・Enrollment Iris & Face Images Captured at Same Distance

・Standards based Multimode Iris & Face Capture (ISO, ICAO)

・Ideal for Enrollment or Authentication

iCAM D1000

Products - Software

Iris ID Software Product

Iris Access EAC Software (Enterprise)

Compete End User Access control application to manage multiple iCAM’s in the enterprise.

While standalone EAC software is usually run alongside an enterprise PACS system.

• iData Toolkit

Complementary SDK for Iris Access EAC

• iCAM Entry

Entry Level/SOHO Access control l solution– up to 3 doors .Features on Device enrollment

• iCAM Manager SDK

SDK for iCAM 7 Series Devices . Control multiple devices' local databases.

IrisAccelerator HA Linux

Unlimited - N Large Scale Enrollment – De-Duplication and Matching

IrisAccelerator M Windows

Large Scale ( up to 10M) Enrollment – De-Duplication and Matching

• iData Iris SDK –

Modular SDK for Image Quality Assessment, ISO image formatting & ISO record creation, Image Compression,

Template Generation & Matching 1:1 and 1:Small N (100K)

• iCAM Camera Device Controllers – Image Capture SDK’s


– iCAM TD100 SDK

– iCAM 7000-1 SDK

– iCAM D1000 SDK

• iCAP


– Iris Capture & Analysis Program – Iris Quality & Forensics Workstaion

iData EAC

(Entry Access Control)

Fast and Easy Dual Iris Enrollment

Selective Iris Enrollment of Good Quality Iris Image Available

User Enroll and Assign Access Privilege by Time and Door

Enrolled User Administration and Monitoring

Easy Integration with Any Access Control System

Supports virtually any Legacy PACS System via a Wiegand output

Standalone or Integrated with Enterprise PACS via iData Toolkit SDK for EAC Systems

De-duplication to Prevent Duplicate Enrollment (iDentityCheck)

iCAM Entry™

• Simple user management

• Rapid Deployment

• User data on iCAM Device

• Data Import/Export

• Connect up to 3 iCAM 7101 Device on the network

• Upgrade path available to Enterprise access control application

• Bundled with award wining iCAM 7101 camera

iData Iris SDK 3.0 (Software Development Kit)

Basic Development Kit to Build a Custom Software

ISO/ANSI Compliant for Interoperability

Used on Client PC for Image Quality Assessment, 1:1 Verification and Small Scale 1:N Matching

Additional Add-on Module(s) Available - Smart Card or Token Development

Complementary iAiCAM Device Control SDK’s to control all iCAM series devices

Sample Application s Provided - , C++, C#, Java

SDK sample application

IrisAccelerator V6

High Speed Huge Capacity Backend Matching System

IrisAccelerator System Software, IrisAccelerator SDK, Device Manager

Remote Control and Manage through TCP/IP Network

Unlimited Scale for National ID

Local Database Management

Load Balancing & Failover

Hamming Distance Threshold Configurable

Realtime System Monitoring

High Security Level - PKI Based Dual Certification, SSL, Triple-DES Encryption (Communication), AES

Encryption (Iris Information).

High Speed Matching - Matching 10 million Record sin 1 second

Redundancy Blade - Works In case of Emergency

IrisAccelerator V6 –

Two Variants

iCAM Manager SDK

Direct communication to individual iCAM 7xxx series devices

Provides the same core functionality of the “Option 3” Application.

The iCAM Manager Application of the iCAM 7xxx has a robust feature set;

– On-Board Iris Template Database (encrypted)

– 1:N, 1:1 With card ,token or pin

– Proximity and Smart Card Support

– Time & Attendance Function - Six customizable selections(7100)

– PC controlled enrollment on device.

• Any device can be called on the network for enrollment

– Static TCP/IP Addressing (DHCP under consideration)

– Real-time clock (multi time zone)

– Wiegand input and output supported

– Relay Control (2)

– GPI/O x 4


Fast and Easy Inmate Book and Release Records Management

Non-contact Iris Recognition

All Iris ID capture devices are supported out of the box.

Face and Easy Enrollment

Simple , Easy and Intuitive User Interface

De-duplication to Prevent Duplicate Enrollment (iDentityCheck)

Fast and Easy Dual Iris Enrollment

Iris Access EAC Backend

End user customizable GUI

INSiDE– Identity Management Application

Customizable GUI for varied applications

Supports all Iris ID iCAM cameras

Non-contact Iris Recognition

Fast and Easy Enrollment

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

De-duplication to Prevent Duplicate Enrollment (iDentityCheck)

Complete Records Management

IrisAccelerator M Matching Engine

• Iris Recognition Value Proposition


Iris Recognition & ROI - Value Proposition

A Balancing act?

• Iris Reader cost close to equally performing modalities

– Cost, Value and Ease of Use are equally balanced

– Finger, Face and Hand have lesser performance characteristics.

– Predictable results , program and customer proven since 1997.

– Easily eliminate the need for cards or tokens

– Rides on top of any legacy PACS system (Wiegand I/O)

• Scalability and accuracy surpasses other biometric modalities*.

• Unparalleled usability and accuracy

– Speed and low false reject for an enrolled person

– Smallest outlier population (FTE rate)

• Standards are mature and can prevent vendor lock in

• User understanding and acceptance established

– Gaining popularity in government programs which are facing the consumer

– Myths regarding eye safety and invasiveness are continually diminished

*Rapid DNA excluded

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