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NOTE - Front piston will be at TDC on
Compression stroke and pushrods will turn
with light finger pressure when lifters are
in correct position.
Original pushrods must be cut with boltcutter. If cut with saw, metal chips may
enter the engine and cause extensive
damage not covered under warranty.
S&S recommends replacing stock
pushrod cover retainer clips and
aluminum inner covers with S&S covers
for increased stability. S&S pushrods for
Twin Cam 88® models are not compatible
with single cam style engines.
NOTE - S&S pushrods for Twin Cam 88®
models come in two lengths. Short
pushrods are for intake. Long pushrods are
for exhaust.
Proceeding without pushrods in correct
position may cause personal injury and
damage to motorcycle.
Cut front cylinder pushrods with boltcutter and remove pushrods and
pushrod covers from engine. Remove
chrome lifter cover from crankcase.
Loosen locknuts and turn adjusters on
S&S pushrods to shortest length.
Disassemble pushrod covers. Install
new O-rings and replace aluminum
inner cover with S&S or similar covers.
Long S&S pushrods are for exhaust.
Short ones are for intake. Pass one
long and one short pushrod through
pushrod covers, place pushrod/cover
assemblies in lifter cover and install in
engine. Tighten lifter cover screws to
90-100 in. lbs.
Turn adjuster screw on exhaust
pushrod until pushrod has no vertical
movement but still turns with light
finger pressure. Turn adjuster screw 20
additional flats (approximately 3-1/2
full turns) to lengthen pushrod and
secure adjuster screw with locknut.
Without rotating engine, repeat
procedure for front intake pushrod.
Wash motorcycle to remove all dirt
surrounding area.
Remove sparkplugs and pushrod cover
retainer clips. Collapse pushrod covers
to expose pushrods.
Elevate and carefully stabilize rear
motorcycle. Place motorcycle
fourth gear and rotate rear wheel
put both lifters for front cylinder
lowest point.
10. Rotate engine to place rear piston at
TDC on compression stroke and rear
cylinder lifters at lowest point on cam.
Using long pushrod for exhaust and
short pushrod for intake, repeat
procedure described above.
Because every industry has a leaderr
Installation Instructions: S&S® Pushrod Kit for
Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 88® Engines
S&S® pushrods for Twin Cam 88® engines
are chrome moly steel. They can be
installed and removed without removing
the gas tank and rocker covers if the
original pushrods are cut for removal.
Allow 5-10 minutes for lifters to bleed
down. After lifters bleed down and
pushrods can be turned with light
finger pressure, extend pushrod
covers and install S&S® or similar
retainer clips.
Rotating engine before lifters have
bled down may damage pushrods and
other parts.
11. Start engine and observe for leaks.
NOTE - Engine may require several minutes
of operation for lifters to pump up and
quiet valvetrain. A brief, careful
application of full throttle while observing
safe riding habits and all applicable laws
may speed this process.
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