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Security & Automation
Security & Automation
Your introduction to the simplicity of control
Simplify your life... take control of your home
There is a home automation system for every lifestyle
Give Your Home a Brain
Think of a Leviton controller as the brain of your
automated home. It controls and monitors various
systems to maximize safety, comfort, convenience,
and energy savings. Automate your home to react
based on your schedule or any event.
New or Retrofit
Leviton’s smart systems may be installed in new
construction or retrofitted into your existing
home. Simply choose automation features based
upon your individual needs and budget. With many
products operating wirelessly, installation can be
Easy to Use
Leviton systems are simple to understand and
operate, which is why they are Automation
Simplified®. Control your entire home or vacation
home from anywhere in the world with zero fees.
Security & Automation
Access Control
Energy Management
Interfaces & Software
Imagine a life with less worry
Leviton security and automation systems offer peace of mind
Save Money and Improve Safety
Touchscreens and Apps
Stop heating and cooling your home to the
maximum while away or on vacation. Illuminate
exterior lights at certain times each night and
activate interior lights upon motion or door opening.
Receive reminders for trash night, medication, or to
feed your pets.
Check and adjust lighting, temperature, security,
video surveillance audio, and more from Leviton’s
in-wall Touchscreens or mobile interfaces.
At a set time every night, have your home ‘go to
sleep’ automatically. Arm the alarm, lock exterior
doors, close draperies, turn off AV equipment, and
adjust the thermostats. At a certain time every
morning, your home can wake up with you.
With Leviton software choices – including apps
for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ – you can make
changes to your home’s status from practically
anywhere in the world. Leviton offers many
solutions, each designed to simplify your life.
Reliable Solutions
Leviton uses embedded controller technology in its
home control systems, a technology proven reliable
over decades of use.
Leviton Automation Makes Life Easier
Have your home respond to your needs
Save money with wireless
energy management…
…your HVAC system operates
differently if you’re home or away.
If a fire emergency is detected…
…lighting is illuminated, HVAC
is deactivated, authorities are alerted.
By setting a landscape
lighting schedule…
…outdoor lights turn on at dusk
and turn off at dawn.
Enjoy the big game
throughout your entire home…
…or choose different songs
for different rooms.
With central station monitoring
and telephone backup…
…remain confident that the UL Listed system
is protecting your home.
No matter the extent of your travels…
…always have the power to monitor
and control your home.
Security & Automation
Total Home Control from a Single Interface
Enjoy the one-touch control via easy to recognize icons on dedicated
in wall touchscreens or mobile devices.
Internet Access & Control
Control your home from anywhere with zero fees.
Energy Management
Be comfortable at home. Save energy when away.
Control temperatures in greenhouses, humidors,
wine cellars, aquariums, & attics.
Multi-Room Audio
Use Bluetooth to share your favorite streaming or
stored music via your tablet or smartphone!
Motion Detection
Detect intrusion plus turn on lights
and more when entering a room.
Pool & Spa
Control pumps, filters, timers, heaters,
temperatures and solar. Secure pool
areas with access control.
Home Theater
Use an iPad® to control A/V equipment,
lower projection screens, and close
window coverings.
Set moods for dining, movies or entertaining.
Lights automatically turn on upon arrival. Provide
architectural quality lighting control and passive
security for the “lived-in” look when on vacation.
Surveillance Cameras
View live footage from a Touchscreen or a
mobile device, and activate based on motion.
Control solenoid valves for lawn sprinklers plus
inputs for rain sensing.
Vehicle Detection
Announce visitors, turn on lights, and activate
audio zones or pumps/fountains.
Access Control
Limit admission to designated areas.
Swipe a card to arm the alarm, lock doors, etc.
Security & Fire
Professional quality UL Listed security
is built-in. Keep your family safe with
wireless sensors.
Security Automation
Protect your loved ones, home, and property around the clock
Burglar and Fire Detection
Leviton provides proven protection with UL Listed
and CP-01 compliant security and fire systems.
Intrusion, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water,
vehicle presence and other hazards are detected
by either wired or wireless sensors. Apps provide
control via smartphone or tablet.
Security sensors also act as the eyes and ears
of your home. Safety, energy management, and
entertainment devices can be automated by
event like door opening or motion and schedule
like time or day.
Email and Text Notifications
In an emergency, your system can communicate
with a central monitoring station, and send voice,
email or text notifications.
Individual user codes can be set up for certain
access on certain days, useful for maid services
or landscapers. Garage doors and gates can be
opened remotely.
For additional security, integrate wireless vehicle
detection, wireless door locks, surveillance
cameras, telephone back-up, and hard-wired
access control.
Security & Automation
Leviton OmniPro II Automation System
Phone Communication
Leviton’s Cellular Communication
Center uses the cellular network if the
landline is disabled and communicates
to authorities. Make and receive
telephone calls over a cellular network
using land line phones in the home.
Surveillance Automation
Keep a watchful eye around your home, even when you’re away
Day & Night Dome
Network Camera
High-Definition Supervision
View 16 high resolution IP or analog surveillance
cameras. When using Leviton’s IP camera, have still
video frames emailed to you or uploaded
to an FTP site when motion is detected.
On a built-in dedicated touchscreen, swipe
through your list of cameras, select a camera to
view a thumbnail and click the thumbnail for full
screen viewing.
Family and Property Monitoring
View live footage of nurseries, entrances,
driveways, boat docks, and pool areas from
anywhere in the world. Check up on a relative
or pet from your smartphone or tablet.
OmniTouch 7 showing live surveillance video
The Secure Storage Solution
Have peace of mind by not only
viewing live video footage, but also
recorded video footage that’s stored
on-site in a structured wiring enclosure
and can also be backed up remotely
on a network.
Access Control Automation
Limit admission to designated areas using Leviton’s Access Control
Restrict Gate and Door Access
Leviton’s high security proximity card reader guards
wine cellars, outbuildings and pool areas. Swipe the
card once to unlock a door, or three times to activate
pathway lighting, turn off the alarm, and adjust
Who? When? Where?
Leviton OmniTouch 7 displaying available door locks.
Each card is tied to a specific user. Access to specific
areas can be restricted to select individuals or
particular times.
Leviton’s Access Control Keypad is weatherproof and
vandal resistant. Also control both ZigBee®
and Z-Wave® wireless door locks.
One Swipe Safety
and Convenience
Swiping a card can disarm the alarm,
release the door lock, turn on lights,
change the temperature, and share
music throughout the home.
Leviton Access Control
Card Reader
Security & Automation
Energy Management Automation
Keep your home comfortable while saving money on energy use
Total Energy Management
By automating temperatures, water heaters,
fountains, and pumps based on time or occupancy,
you can reduce energy expenditures.
The thermostat learns heating and cooling
patterns for maximum efficiency and comfort.
ZigBee® wireless modules manage energy use in
high wattage loads like pool pumps and electric
water heaters.
Leviton Omnistat2 Thermostats are available with
wireless communication
Save Money in Every Area
Utilize temperature and humidity sensors for
attics, garages, greenhouses, basements, wine
cellars, coolers, pools, and spas.
Control Your Environment
Use a built-in touchscreen, smartphone or tablet
to access temperature and humidity setpoints for
dozens of thermostats at any time. Prior to arrival,
turn up the heat at your mountain lodge or activate
pool fountains at your beach house. Come home
every night to a cozy and conveniently climate
controlled environment.
Efficiency Through Automation
Did you know that 55% of a home’s
energy use is spent on heating and
cooling and 15% for lighting? Automation
can generate energy savings on 100% of
your home. Studies show that dimming
a light by just 10% can save 10% of
electricity and double the life of the bulb.
Lighting Automation
Set elegant lighting throughout your home to enhance its beauty
CFL, LED and Conventional
With HAI's Omni-Bus Lighting Network you can
combine the benefits of a central lighting control
system with the flexibility of a distributed lighting
control system. Lighting control can enhance the
enjoyment and value of your home, add security
for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on
your energy bill. Control up to 256 lights, shades,
fans, shutters, pumps, and much more with
HAI Omni-Bus. Each product works in 110/220/240V
markets unless otherwise noted. All modules are
CE, FCC, UL (ETL) approved.
Guests Will Note
The Ambience
Adjust individual bulbs
from 0-100%
Security & Automation
Hosting a special event? Easily set
lighting to emphasize points of interest
such as artwork or furnishings. Limit
mingling areas by lighting only rooms
meant for gathering. When guests bid
farewell, press one button to close your
Entertainment Automation
A revolutionary way to enjoy all your media, all around your home
Set the Mood, Room by Room
Volume Source Control
Use Bluetooth® to
wirelessly share music
With the Hi-Fi 2 distributed audio system, share your
music anywhere in your home. Plug into sources
you already own. No audio rack or expensive
proprietary components required. Use Bluetooth
to stream music via your mobile devices. Let your
friends play DJ right from their smartphones or
tablets. Control wirelessly via remote control,
Touchscreen, or smartphone
for convenience.
One Unified System
for All Sources
Control A/V equipment from
and iPad®, iPhone®, HTC® or Kindle®
Without compromise, achieve total
control of A/V systems through one
interface. Use one button on an iPad®
to close the curtains/shades, lower a
screen, and turn on the appropriate
A/V equipment. Automatically
adjust the lights and set the room
temperature for the perfect theater
Automation Interface Options
Leviton offers many choices to monitor and control your home
Easy to use interfaces control security, temperature,
lighting, audio, surveillance video, irrigation, and more.
Telephone Access
A simple phone call can provide an
opportunity to check on your home’s
status. Out of town and want to ensure
your security system is armed and the
outside lights are on? Dial in and know
for certain.
OmniTouch 7
The in-wall device sports a 7” capacitive
touch, available in black or white. Monitor and
adjust security, temperatures, lighting, audio
distribution, irrigation, door locks, window
coverings, pumps, fans, fountains, video
surveillance and more.
OmniTouch Pro
Customizable application
for a PC or PC touchscreen.
Provides access and control
for home systems and
includes settings for over
a dozen languages.
Security & Automation
Wireless Key Fob, Keypad,
& Panic-Alert Pendant
With the push of a button, lights can
activate, doors can unlock and audio can
be activated. Comfortably enter your
home even with a handful of groceries.
Clipsal Satin Switch
Multi-button programmable wall
switches which eliminate the expense
of in-wall high voltage wiring to
multi-way switches.
Award-Winning Automation Software
The smartest, most secure, and easiest to use software without fees
Snap-Link Mobile
Plug the USB key into any
Windows computer and directly
communicate through the secure
Ethernet port on your Leviton
system. No on site computer is
needed. Quickly adjust and check
lights, temperature, webcams,
security, audio, access control,
and more on the go!
Control your home with zero fees
via iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch,
Kindle Fire e-Reader or Android™
device. Set lighting levels or
audio volumes from 0-100% with
a sliding scale – or use quick
scene buttons. Conserve energy
by adjusting heating and cooling
and view humidity and outdoor
Stand-alone apps
Available in the iTunes® store
as FREE downloads. The Home
Theater Extender (HTX2) is used
in conjunction with HTX2 app
to control AV equipment from
an iOS device. Use the provided
templates or customize your
iOS interface using the included
software. The Free Hi-Fi 2 app
remotely controls Leviton’s
distributed audio systems. The
user interface replicates the
familiar Volume Source Control
and provides mobile access to all
audio sources and zones.
Arm or disarm the alarm, lock
or unlock doors, view a security
log to monitor activity of
housekeepers, nannies, etc.
View real time surveillance
footage. Snap-Link Mobile is an
affordable one-time purchase
with zero fees. Regardless of
your location or the time of day,
you always have comprehensive
home control from familiar
handheld devices like
smartphones and tablets.
Quality Engineered for a Lifetime of Use
Leviton’s reliable home control systems are the most popular in the world
Proven to Exceed Expectations
Every Region and Budget
Leviton automation systems have been installed
around the globe for nearly three decades. As
a testament to their unparalleled quality, many
Leviton first generation controllers are still in use;
some have even been in continuous operation since
1988. This success stems from Leviton’s innovative
technological approach which has proven reliable
over decades of service.
With products available worldwide, Leviton is
responsible for many industry firsts including the
first integrated security and automation system
and the first Internet remote access and control
software for residential use. As our product line has
grown, the benefits of merging energy conservation
with security and remote access has remained at
the core of our efforts.
The Smart Choice is Leviton,
with a comprehensive
product offering for
the entire home.
Security & Automation
Make Your Home a Smart Home
Contact a Leviton Security & Automation dealer today
Certified Reliability
To ensure the highest reliability and safety, Leviton
certifies its products through extensive industry
testing. This includes Underwriters Laboratories
(UL), the most stringent test lab in North America.
Leviton also meets strict European Standard (CE)
requirements. In most cases, these requirements are
more difficult, but Leviton goes the extra distance
to ensure the highest quality product is available.
CP-01 and Title 24
Plan your Dream Home
Leviton’s products are designed and intended for
professional sale, installation, and service. Your
Leviton Dealer can discuss and advise you on what
options are best for your home and lifestyle.
Security & Automation
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Security & Automation
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