Sharp XE A307 Cash Register Manual

Sharp XE A307 Cash Register Manual
Questions and Answers
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Last Updated 12th October 2011
1. General
1.1 End of day report
Q. The end of day cash in drawer figure is wrong
A. It is possible that a Z report was taken instead of an intended X report
during the day or after the float was put into the cash drawer.
1.2 Non-Add Code
Q. Can I enter a customers invoice number onto a receipt?
A. Yes, You can enter a non-add code number such as a customer‟s code
number or invoice number and credit card number, a maximum of 16 digits,
at any point during the entry of a sale. This a manual entry and not
automatic. See page 34 of the operation manual.
1.3 Paper Rolls
Q. What paper roll do I need for my XE-A307
A. As you can see from below the Paper Size is 57.5 mm the paper type for
this model is Thermal Paper
1.4 Automatic receipts
Q. Is it possible to stop receipt being issued after every transaction.
A. Yes. You can disable receipt printing in the REG mode to save paper using
the receipt function. Press the „FUNC MENU‟ key. Select “4 RECEIPT SW” and
press the „TL/NS‟ key. Select “OFF” to disable receipt printing and press the
„TL/NS‟ key. When the function is in the OFF status, the receipt off indicator
“R” is highlighted on the screen.
1.5 After Transaction receipts
Q. I have switched automatic receipts off, is it possible to print an after
transaction receipt.
A. Yes. You can print a receipt from REG mode. Press the „FUNC MENU‟ key.
Press 5. A receipt for the last transaction will be printed. If you repeat this
process then another receipt will be printed this will be a „copy‟ receipt.
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