HP xp8010 Product Sheet

HP xp8010 Product Sheet
HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series
xp8010 • xp8020
HP makes its debut in the ProAV market with three
key differentiators never before offered by any maker:
dual color wheels, instantaneous wireless and
remote access management through a standard
network connection.
Dual color wheels
Remote access management
• Absolute best color quality. The only projectors in
the world with dual, switchable color wheels, the
HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series ensures a perfect
color match for exceptional color, as well as an
excellent grayscale. The color wheels can be switched
from presentation to theater mode to present your best.
• Control all presentation aspects. Remote access
management software via a standard network
connection protects your investment and optimizes
your resources by reporting on all presentation aspects
including lamp life and connection status as well as
theft prevention.
• Brilliant anywhere. With up to 3600 lumens, the
HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series turns almost any
environment into a theater, creating vivid images that are
easy to see even in rooms that have ambient lighting.
• Onscreen display simplifies operation. The advanced
setup, management, security, presentation and
collaboration features are so intuitive that even a
first-time user can maximize all the projector’s features.
In fact, it’s so easy and intuitive, we challenge you to
try it and see for yourself if it’s not the easiest projector
you’ve ever operated!
• Superb black and white imaging. The space between
the color wheels is used for a third monochrome mode
offering 43% more lumens and unequaled grayscale for
medical imaging, black and white movies, and any
applications where detail in black and white are critical.
Instantaneous wireless
• No more frustrating delay. Many wireless units involve
a frustrating delay, leading people to assume that all
wireless presentations are problematical. HP’s compression
technology and advanced image processing algorithms
cuts the delay usually associated with wireless
technology, resulting in seamless, responsive control
with the optional wireless capability.
• Proactive management for greater productivity.
HP’s standard embedded web server and optional
remote access management software is transforming
projectors the way HP transformed printers, eventually
enabling projectors to be remotely managed by IT
departments. The result will be a more proactive and
more productive control of projector assets.
HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series
1. Focus knob
2. Infrared receiver window
3. Projection lens featuring zoom
with attachable short and long
throw lens adapter, manual zoom
4. Associated audio in
5. VGA out port
6. USB port
7. M1-AD connection
8a. S-video connection
8b. Stereo audio in
9a. Composite plug
9b. Stereo audio
HP Digital Projector xp8010 shown
10. Stereo out
11. Stereo in
12. BNC plugs (R-G-B-H-V)
18 4 17 10 5 19 9a 8a 15 20
13. AC power
14. Two 5-watt speakers
15. Component connection Y-PB-PR
16. On/off switch
17. RS232 port
18. VGA 1 and VGA 2 ports
19. RJ45 LAN port
20. Associated audio in
21. Wired remote in
14 6 1613 21 11 20 12 7 9b 8b 22 23 14
22. 12V, 2-amp control output
23. Kensington security slot
Standard connection board
(houses the RS-232 connection
and the LAN connection)
Product highlights
• Vivid color and visual clarity for the best possible
imagery—Colors have never been more vibrant,
thanks to expert color matching, enhanced color
tables, dual color wheels (a business graphics and a
theater mode wheel), XGA resolution and a high
contrast ratio. The high lumens and the special videocolor mode create bright, vivid images that are easy
to see, even in rooms that have ambient lighting.
Whether your meeting room is mid-size or large, you
can adjust the projection distance to create an image
that fits your screen perfectly, no matter where you
place the projector.
• Intuitive, easy-to-use interface—User-friendly remote
asset management software lets you know when the
lamp’s life is running out so it won’t burn out in the
middle of an important presentation. It also shows you
the network status of the projector, enabling a more
proactive management of resources. Lamp replacement
is easy, too, thanks to a conveniently accessible door.
• Rich sound for your presentations—Your audience
is more attentive and your presentation more effective
when the sound is rich and clear. That’s why the
HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series comes with stereo
5-watt speakers with a chambered design to enhance
the visual features of your projector-based presentations.
In addition to its industry-leading image quality,
the HP Digital Projector xp8000 series offers
a host of connectivity options that simplify
projector management while protecting your
investment and optimizing your resources.
Intuitive, laser-equipped remote control
Access to all projector features is automatically optimized
via an easy-to-use interface that eliminates the clutter
and confusion often characteristic of remote control.
You can move freely during presentations because
there are no cords or wires to tie you to the projector.
The projector also reacts easily to your IR-communicated
demands so that you’re never distracted from the
presentation at hand. And all video and audio options
are easy to find, easy to understand and easy to set so
that you can concentrate on your presentation and your
audience, instead of worrying about equipment.
Manage a fleet of projectors from a single source.
Once your projector is connected to a network,
you can manage its functions and maintenance over
the web. Turn it off or on, change the input, check
the lamp life and perform other functions without
physically visiting the projector. All such functions
can be password-protected so that control is available
only to those people you’ve designated to manage
the projector.
as needed. And no matter where you place it, you
can connect to it wirelessly and effortlessly.
HP management software prevents theft.
If this projector is ever disconnected from the network or
from its power source, security is instantly and
automatically notified via the optional remote asset
management software. After setting the software options
for this security feature, you can be confident that your
valuable equipment will remain safely where it belongs
and that you will be immediately alerted if it is removed.
Presentation data is protected by a wireless protocol.
Feel secure in the knowledge that data shared during
a presentation is protected. The security of the
information you present is never compromised.
Lower total cost of ownership
TCO is reduced when remote management and
regular maintenance minimize downtime and ensure
optimal performance.
A variety of mounting options to simplify maintenance
The HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series offers a variety
of mounting options for maximum flexibility in projector
placement. For long-term installation, you can mount the
projector to a rear wall or to a ceiling. For short-term
installation, you can simply position it on a tabletop.
No matter where you place the projector, the top cover
faces the user, so the lamp is easy to reach and replace
HP Digital Projector xp8000 Series
Technical specifications
HP Digital Projector xp8010 (Product number: L1575A)
Image contrast
Lamp life
Projected image size
Throw distance
Display technology
Resolutions supported through scaling
Projector lens
Keystone correction
Noise level
Video capability
Lamp type
Audio/video composite input
3100 lumens, 3750 lumens in grayscale
1024 x 768 True XGA
1000 to 1
800 to 1
1,500 hours average
13.4 lb
13.2 lb
Approximately 31 to 347 in
Approximately 3 to 37 ft
Texas Instruments DLP™
VGA (640x350) through UXGA (1600x1200)
Standard 2.0–2.4:1, optional short-throw: 1.67:1–2.0:1; long-throw: 2.4:1–2.88:1
Horizontal ±17°, vertical ±40°
32 dB(A) ± 2 dB(A) peak
S-video, composite, component, HDTV (up to 1080i)
300 watt P-VIP lamp
250 watt P-VIP lamp
Two 5-watt
Digital Graphics (M1-AD: provides VGA, DVI, component - all with USB - and SCART), two VGA input (15 D-sub), S-video input (mini-DIN),
composite video input (RCA), component video input (RCA), analog video graphics input (BNC), switched audio inputs (mini phone plug), switched audio inputs (RCA);
AV outputs: VGA output (15 D-sub), audio output (RCA); connectivity: LAN (RJ45), RS232 (9 D-sub), switched 12V power control (barrel),
wired remote (mini phone), IR-remote front and rear, steel-backed Kensington lock slot
15-pin VGA input connector, YPbPr RCA jack (green/red/blue), video RCA jack (yellow), audio RCA jack (red/white), 3.5 mm stereo mini jack, S-video connector,
UART mini-DIN 8-pin connector, output: B-type USB terminal for mouse port, 15-pin VGA output connector
Wireless remote controller with USB mouse function and laser pointer
Ceiling, tripod and tabletop mountable
80% RH max, 50 to 104° F (10 to 40° C)
17.4 x 12 x 5.5 in
HP Digital Projector xp8020; AC 3 conductor power cord, 10-foot; VGA cable;
HP Digital Projector xp8010; AC 3 conductor power cord, 10-foot; VGA cable;
cable shroud; wireless remote control with mouse function and laser pointer;
cable shroud; wireless remote control with mouse function and laser pointer;
multi-language User’s Guide (CD-ROM); multi-language Quick Start card; 2 batteries;
multi-language User’s Guide (CD-ROM); multi-language Quick Start card; 2 batteries;
hanging lens cap; warranty card
hanging lens cap; warranty card
Signal interface
Resizing of images to full screen
Detection of computer signal input
Image synchronization
Remote control
Mounting capability
Control interface
Environmental humidity
Dimensions (l x w x h)
What’s in the box
HP Digital Projector xp8020 (Product number: L1576A)
2600 lumens, 3600 lumens in grayscale
Ordering information
Environmental ranges
Operating temperatures:
Storage temperatures:
Power requirements
Power consumption
Power certification
Safety certifications:
Electromagnetic compatibility:
50 to 104° F (10 to 40° C)
-4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
100–120V, 200–240V at 50–60H
400 watts (xp8010), 450 watts (xp8020)
USA (UL950, FDA—remote controller); Canada (CSA 22.2 #60950)
USA (FCC Part 15 Class B, RF - FCC part 15 C),
Canada: (ICES-003 Class B)
3-year warranty
HP recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional for mobile computing.
Microsoft and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
© 2003, 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to
change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty
statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an
additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
For more information visit our website at www.hp.com
5982-1149ENUC, Rev. 2, 02/27/2004
Product number
HP product
HP Digital Projector xp8010
HP Digital Projector xp8020
Service and support
Web support
Phone support 1-800 HP Invent (1-800-474-6836)
Lens ultra wide angle 1:67:1 to 2.0:1
Lens long throw 2.4:1 to 2.88:1
Advanced connectivity module
250-watt comp P-VIP projector lamp (xp8010)
300-watt comp P-VIP projector lamp (xp8020)
Soft carry case
Hard carry case
Remote control, Wireless (IR) Smart (included)
Ceiling mount
802.11b Compact Flash wireless card
Cable extended IR receiver
Gyration Ultra Pro Suite
Gyration RF remote control
Remote Access management software
VGA/USB to M1-DA, 6-ft
M1-DA to DVI/USB, 6-ft
M1-DA to SCART, 6-ft
M1-DA to BNC, 6-ft
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